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Welcome to CHEAP.SEATS, where the everyday debate happens everyday.

Sports at their finest have no consensus. It’s about a voice of the fan speaking to his own. Rankings, projection, “what they should have done” & “what I would have done”, it is all debated here. So I’ll bring the knowledge, you bring the hunger for more.

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  1. Terrell Whitener says:

    I can not see how Mizzou doesn’t leave the Big 12 now. They have dealt with the southern bias of the conference for years and it is only getting worse. (I’m sorry what can be worse than being passed over for Kansas in the Orange Bowl)! The ZOOMANIA that are football Saturday’s in Columbia would not be the same with the Medium * schools that would be left. Also Pinkel and our major recruits would leave so fast that the State Troopers radar guns would break! Mizzou-Michigan Sate trumps Mizzou- Iowa State to me any day. PS Strasburg Mania vs Fernando Mania? Let’s see how that plays out

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