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The NFL moves on from Day After Tomorrow, also known as Week 14, where half the games around the league looked like Tony Montana’s face in the last 5 minutes of his lifetime.  And now as Week 15 comes up the playoff picture continues to get more and more important, and the games continue to get unpredictable.

But looking at the picks, and picture is trending upwards again for the CHEAT SHEET. While the top upset picks continue to disappoint, the money locks are coming through. This week looks to be a much safer week to get some low risk payouts in, as well as some strong upset chances as well. Sunday in both Tennessee and Dallas could get interesting, and the while the week doesn’t start off with much of a challenge game in Denver, it does provide a chance to bet a pretty safe over/under either way.

Regardless of how you pick, it is bound to be an entertaining week, with Seahawks out for vengeance against the turnover prone Giants, the Redskins QB carousel going into soap opera levels of ridiculous and a certain #18 in the orange and blue looking to break a record that seemed pretty far out just a few months ago tonight.

Here is how it’s all playing out this week….


Free Money Picks: 5-7

Upset of the Week: 2-6-1

RECORD—Week 15: 10-6, SEASON: 122-69-1


San Diego Chargers (6-7) at Denver Broncos (11-2) [DEN -11, Over/Under 56.5]


Washington Redskins (3-10) at Atlanta Falcons (3-10) [ATL -7, Over/Under 50.5]

Chicago Bears (7-6) at Cleveland Browns (4-9) [CHI -2, Over/Under 45]

Houston Texans (2-11) at Indianapolis Colts (8-5) [IND -5, Over/Under 45.5]

New England Patriots (10-3) at Miami Dolphins (7-6) [NE -2, Over/Under 45.5]

Philadelphia Eagles (8-5) at Minnesota Vikings (3-9-1) [PHI -5, Over/Under 51.5]

Seattle Seahawks (11-2) at New York Giants (5-8) [SEA -7, Over/Under 41.5]

San Francisco 49ers (9-4) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-9) [SF -5, Over/Under 41]

Buffalo Bills (4-9) at Jacksonville Jaguars (4-9) [BUF -1, Over/Under 43]

Kansas City Chiefs (10-3) at Oakland Raiders (4-9) [KC -5, Over/Under 41]

New York Jets (6-7) at Carolina Panthers (9-4) [CAR -11, Over/Under 40.5]

Green Bay Packers (6-6-1) at Dallas Cowboys (7-6) [DAL -7, Over/Under 49]

Arizona Cardinals (8-5) at Tennessee Titans (5-8) [ARI -3, Over/Under 41.5]

New Orleans Saints (10-3) at St. Louis Rams (5-8) [NO -6, Over/Under 47.5]

Cincinnati Bengals (9-4) at Pittsburgh Steelers (5-8) [CIN -3, Over/Under 41]


Baltimore Ravens (7-6) at Detroit Lions (7-6) [DET -6, Over/Under 48.5]

THE CHEAT SHEET: NFL Picks, Lines and Upsets – Week 14

Posted: December 5, 2013 by The Cheap Seat Fan in NFL
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Fresh of the first double-digit win week within the last few, as well as those Fantasy playoffs about to get under way, the CHEAT SHEET is revved back up and feeling good. Despite an NFL Week 14 that’s starting off with a brutal 5-19 shared record between the Thursday matchup, it brightens up from there. Big time divisional matchups between the Saints/Panthers and 49ers/Seahawks highlight the best of the NFC pitted against each other. Crossover to the AFC and the Colts/Bengals showcases two squads that are at the top of their respective divisions. Basically, at this point, there are no weeks off.

On the bet side of it, there is some easy money to be made with Denver (per usual) and the Pats as well. But there are some deceptive matchups in Washington, New York and San Diego, which could see the right confidence work into a nice pay out.

But with that said, it’s time to take a look at the slate for the week, and how the beginning of the last month of the regular season will shake out.


Free Money Picks: 4-6

Upset of the Week Picks: 2-5-1

Record—Week 13: 11-5, Season: 112-63-1


Houston Texans (2-10) at Jacksonville Jaguars (3-9) [HOU -3, Over/Under 43]


Oakland Raiders (4-8) at New York Jets (5-7) [NYJ -2.5, Over/Under 40.5] 

Indianapolis Colts (8-4) at Cincinnati Bengals (8-4) [CIN -6, Over/Under 43]

Atlanta Falcons (3-9) at Green Bay Packers (5-6-1) [EVEN, Not Set Yet]

Cleveland Browns (4-8) at New England Patriots (9-3) [NE -11.5, Over/Under: 44.5] $$ Free Money of the Week #1 $$

Detroit Lions (7-5) at Philadelphia Eagles (7-5) [PHI -2.5, Over/Under 54] **Upset of the Week**

Miami Dolphins (6-6) at Pittsburgh Steelers (5-7) [PIT -3, Over/Under: 40.5]

Buffalo Bills (4-8) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-9) [TB -2.5, Over/Under: 42.5]

Kansas City Chiefs (9-3) at Washington Redskins (3-9) [KC -3, Over/Under: 45]

Minnesota Vikings (3-8-1) at Baltimore Ravens (6-6) [BAL -7, Over/Under: 42.5] 

Tennessee Titans (5-7) at Denver Broncos (10-2) [DEN -11, Over/Under: 49] $$ Free Money of the Week #2 $$

St. Louis Rams (5-7) at Arizona Cardinals (7-5) [ARI -3, Over/Under 41.5]

New York Giants (5-7) at San Diego Chargers (5-7) [SD -3, Over/Under: 47]

Seattle Seahawks (11-1) at San Francisco 49ers (8-4) [SF -3, Over/Under 40.5]

Carolina Panthers (9-3) at New Orleans Saints (9-3) [NO -3.5, Over/Under: 45.5]


Dallas Cowboys (7-5) at Chicago Bears (6-6) [EVEN, Over/Under: 49.5]

The Cheat Sheet: NFL Picks, Lines and Upsets – Week 13

Posted: November 28, 2013 by The Cheap Seat Fan in NFL
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One of the most successful, stable and thriving relationships alive is the one between football and Thanksgiving. It is a cornerstone of the holiday and a turning point in the NFL season. It’s the precursor to the stretch run of the season, and this 13th time around the NFL will see a few of the most meaningful games of the year.

Between the round 2 of the Broncos/Chiefs and the showdown for top billing in the NFC between the Seahawks and Saints, the week is sure to end on a high note. But it all begins with the traditional slate in Detroit and Dallas, and then a nightcap with the Black and Blue Division in Baltimore. And for the CHEAT SHEET, it represents and easy day to get the ball rolling back up the mountain of picks.

Week 12 represented a third consecutive week that saw the picks take a roller coaster ride around the town. Hell, there was even a tie thrown in there for the second straight year, which is the equivalent of seeing your brother and ex-girlfriend show up for dinner tonight. It’s just weird, and with six games featuring matchups of teams within one game of each other. Those are the tough calls, there are only two games (Tampa Bay at Carolina and New England in Houston) that could be call as legit safe calls.

It will be a tough week to make a safe bet, but a great one for football. And in the end, that is one thing that is close to top of every sports fan’s things to be thankful for, yet again.



UPSET of the WEEK: 2-4-1

Record—Last Week: 7-6-1, Season: 101-58-1



Green Bay Packers (5-5-1) at Detroit Lions (6-5) [DET -6.0, Over/Under: 48.5] $$ Free Money of the Week $$

Oakland Raiders (4-7) at Dallas Cowboys (6-5) [DAL -9.5, Over/Under: 48]

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-6) at Baltimore Ravens (5-6) [BAL -2.5, Over/Under: 40.5] **UPSET of the WEEK**


St. Louis Rams (5-6) at San Francisco 49ers (7-4) [SF -8.0, Over/Under: 42]

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-9) at Cleveland Browns (4-7) [CLE -7.0, Over/Under: 40]

Tennessee Titans (5-6) at Indianapolis Colts (7-4) [IND -4.0, Over/Under: 45]

Chicago Bears (6-5) at Minnesota Vikings (2-8-1) [EVEN, Over/Under: 49.5]

Miami Dolphins (5-6) at New York Jets (5-6) [NYJ -2.0, Over/Under: 39.5]

Arizona Cardinals (7-4) at Philadelphia Eagles (6-5) [PHI -3.0, Over/Under: 48.5]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-8) at Carolina Panthers (8-3) [CAR -8.0, Over/Under: 41.5] $$ Free Money of the Week #1 $$

New England Patriots (8-3) at Houston Texans (2-9) [NE -9.0, Over/Under: 47.0]

Atlanta Falcons (2-9) at Buffalo Bills (4-7) [BUF -3.0, Over/Under: 46.5]

Denver Broncos (9-2) at Kansas City Chiefs (9-2) [DEN -5.5, Over/Under: 48.5]

Cincinnati Bengals (7-4) at San Diego Chargers (5-6) [EVEN, Over/Under: 48.5]

New York Giants (4-7) at Washington Redskins (3-8) [EVEN, Over/Under: 45.5]


New Orleans Saints (9-2) at Seattle Seahawks (10-1) [SEA -4.5, Over/Under: 47]

The Cheat Sheet: NFL Picks, Lines and Upsets – Week 12

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The playoff picture is beginning to take shape, as regular season NFL is nearly down its final quarter of the year. And with that, the levels of the league are sorting out as well. The elite are who they are, the bums are likewise. Yet as always, its the middle that complicates things, as well as collisions at the top, as there are the teams that have proven they are better than we thought they are.

Chief among those teams are the Panthers, who upset the pick sheet for the second week in a row. They’re the top of the list of risers in the league, and are looking like this season’s version of the Seahawks rise from late last year. The smart money is with them, in the same way that life is returning to the Giants and Steelers, who brought L’s to the Sheet last week.

Looking to Week 12, there a few blow outs that will likely take place (starting with tonight in Atlanta and carrying right through to Monday), but there are some tight games that wreak of upset as well.  The road team could rule the week as well, and its a good chance to place the smart money not on the records, but on the situation (look no further than New York and Green Bay for proof of this).

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have a date on Sunday Night. Hell of a week ahead, and after the worst week of the year on the picks sheet, it time to have one here too again.


Free Money Picks: 5-6

Upset of the Week: 2-4

Record—Week 11: 7-8, Season: 94-52




New Orleans Saints (8-2) at Atlanta Falcons (2-8): [NO -9, Over/Under: 53] **Free Money of the Week #1**


Chicago Bears (6-4) at St. Louis Rams (4-6): [EVEN, Over/Under 45]

Pittsburgh Steelers (4-6) at Cleveland Browns (4-6): [CLE -1, Over/Under: 40]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-8) at Detroit Lions (6-4) [DET -9.5, Over/Under: 48]

Minnesota Vikings (2-8) at Green Bay Packers (5-5): [GB -4.5, Over/Under: 43.5] **Upset of the Week**

San Diego Chargers (4-6) at Kansas City Chiefs (9-1): [KC -5, Over/Under: 41.5]

Carolina Panthers (7-3) at Miami Dolphins (5-5): [CAR -4.5, Over/Under: 41.5]

New York Jets (5-5) at Baltimore Ravens (4-6): [BAL -3.5, Over/Under: 39]

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9) at Houston Texans (2-8): [HOU -10, Over/Under: 43.5]

Tennessee Titans (4-6) at Oakland Raiders (4-6): [EVEN, Over/Under: 41.5]

Indianapolis Colts (7-3) at Arizona Cardinals (6-4): [ARI: -2.5, Over/Under: 45]

Dallas Cowboys (5-5) at New York Giants (4-6): [NYG: -2.5, Over/Under: 44.5]

Denver Broncos (9-1) at New England Patriots (7-3): [DEN: -2.5, Over/Under: 54] **Free Money of the Week #2**


San Francisco 49ers (6-4) at Washington Redskins (3-7): [SF -6, Over/Under: 47]




It’s late this week, so no intro and no recap. Just straight the straight dope…


Free Money Picks: 4-5

Upset of the Week: 2-3

Record—Week 10: 8-6; Season: 87-44


Indianapolis Colts (6-3) at Tennessee Titans (4-5) [IND -3.0, Over/Under: 42.5]


New York Jets (5-4) at Buffalo Bills (3-7) [NYJ -1.5, Over/Under: 39]

Baltimore Ravens (4-5) at Chicago Bears (5-4) [CHI -3.0, Over/Under: 40.5]  **Upset of the Week**

Cleveland Brown (4-5) at Cincinnati Bengals (6-4) [CIN -4.5, Over/Under: 40.5] **Free Money Pick #1**

Washington Redskins (3-6) at Philadelphia Eagles (5-5) [PHI -4.5, Over/Under: 54.5]

Detroit Lions (6-3) at Pittsburgh Steelers (3-6) [DET -3.0, Over/Under: 45]

Atlanta Falcons (2-7) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-8) [TB -2.0, Over/Under: 43.5]

Arizona Cardinals (5-4) at Jacksonville Jaguars (1-8) [ARI -9.0, Over/Under: 40.5]

Oakland Raiders (3-6) at Houston Texans (2-7) [HOU -10.5, Over/Under: 40.5]

San Diego Chargers (4-5) at Miami Dolphins (4-5) [SD -2.5, Over/Under: 45] **Free Money Pick #2**

Green Bay Packers (5-4) at New York Giants (3-6) [NYG -3.0, Over/Under: 41]

Minnesota Vikings (2-7) at Seattle Seahawks (9-1) [SEA -13.0, Over/Under: 45.5] **

San Francisco 49ers (6-3) at New Orleans Saints (7-2) [NO -3.0, Over/Under: 50]

Kansas City Chiefs (9-0) at Denver Broncos (8-1) [DEN -2.5, Over/Under: 49]


New England Patriots (7-2) at Carolina Panthers (6-3) [CAR -2.5, Over/Under: 46]


It was a rough week for the Cheat Sheet in Week 9, as it went from its highest high of the year, to the lowest low. The tricky nature of the recently passed slate led to a 7-6 final mark was by far the worst showing of the season. While upsets from the Dolphins, Jets, Eagles and Browns, compounded by a solid Titans win and the loss of Aaron Rodgers sinking the Packers on Monday led to the brutal week, but its time for a bounce back campaign.

Rolling into Week 10, there are elements of another trap week here. Tough divisional tilts such as Bengals/Ravens and Lions/Bears are in store, while there are some teams such as the Dolphins, Texans and Giants could prove to either stay their new course of action or fall back into their previous form. Then there are the Packers who will start the first leg of life without Rodgers and have to take a new approach to the year, much in the way the Bears have as well.

It will be a tight week, but I feel a bounce back coming on, as well as a turn of fortune in both the Upset of the Week and Free Money buy-ins as well. And with that, it’s time to see how this week will shake out. But first, how the beans have sorted out thus far…


Free Money Picks: 2-5

Upset of the Week: 1-3

Record—Week 9: 7-6, Season: 79-38


Washington Redskins (3-5) at Minnesota Vikings (1-7) [WSH -2.5, O/U: 50]


St. Louis Rams (3-6) at Indianapolis Colts (6-2) [IND -9.5, O/U: 44]

Seattle Seahawks (8-1) at Atlanta Falcons (2-6) [SEA -6.5, O/U: 44.5] $$ Free Money of the Week #1 $$

Detroit Lions (5-3) at Chicago Bears (5-3) [DET -1.5, O/U: 52]

Philadelphia Eagles (4-5) at Green Bay Packers (5-3) [GB -1.0, O/U: 43.5]

Jacksonville Jaguars (0-8) at Tennessee Titans (4-4) [TEN -12, O/U: 41]

Oakland Raiders (3-5) at New York Giants (2-6) [NYG -7, O/U: 43.5]

Buffalo Bills (3-6) at Pittsburgh Steelers (2-6) [PIT -3, O/U: 43.5]

Cincinnati Bengals (6-3) at Baltimore Ravens (3-5) [CIN -1.5, O/U: 44]

Carolina Panthers (5-3) at San Francisco 49ers (6-2) [SF -6, O/U: 43]

Houston Texans (2-6) at Arizona Cardinals (4-4) [ARI -3, O/U: 41]

Denver Broncos (7-1) at San Diego Chargers (4-4) [DEN -7, O/U: 58]

Dallas Cowboys (5-4) at New Orleans Saints (6-2) [NO -6.5, O/U: 54] $$ Free Money of the Week #2 $$


Miami Dolphins (4-4) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-8) [MIA -2.5, O/U: 41.5] **Upset of the Week**

The Cheat Sheet: NFL Picks, Lines and Upsets – Week 9

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Hard to believe it’s the ninth week of the NFL season already, but has the second half of the season gets underway, the Cheat Sheet is looking to keep the magic moving on the year. Coming off of the best week of picks of the season (10-3), it is time to try to pick it up and go to the next level.

Last week, the Steelers, Falcons and Giants sprung the upset, with two blowing up the Upset of the Week and Free Money picks their ears. In the line toeing business, the Seahawks killed the second Free Money selection of the week in its surprisingly tough Monday Night matchup in St. Louis. All things considered though, the week worked well.

After a slate that was the easiest to pick of the year, with a clear divide between the players and the played, this week is tough. It’s time to put the challenge on a few name brands that have been sliding, such as the Falcons, Redskins, Ravens and Steelers, and see if they can salvage their seasons. Meanwhile, the Chiefs and Jets have proving ground weeks in matchups that could play out much differently than they show on face value.


Free Money Picks: 0-5

Upset of the Week: 1-2

Record – Week 8: 10-3, Season Record: 72-32


Cincinnati Bengals (6-2) at Miami Dolphins (4-4) [CIN -3.0, Over/Under: 42.5]


Tennessee Titans (3-4) at St. Louis Rams (3-4) [TEN -3.0, Over/Under: 40] **UPSET OF THE WEEK**

Kansas City Chiefs (8-0) at Buffalo Bills (3-5) [KC -4.0, Over/Under 39.5]

Minnesota Vikings (1-6) at Dallas Cowboys (4-4) [DAL -9.5, Over/Under: 49.5]

New Orleans Saints (6-1) at New York Jets (4-4) [NO -6.5, Over/Under: 46.5]

San Diego Chargers (4-3) at Washington Redskins (2-5) [EVEN, Over/Under: 51]

Atlanta Falcons (2-5) at Carolina Panthers (4-3) [CAR -7.5, Over/Under: 46.5]

Philadelphia Eagles (3-5) at Oakland Raiders (3-4) [OAK -1.5, Over/Under: 44.5]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-7) at Seattle Seahawks (7-1) [SEA -15.0, Over/Under: 41]

Baltimore Ravens (3-4) at Cleveland Browns (3-5) [BAL -1.0, Over/Under: 41.5]

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-5) at New England Patriots (6-2) [NE -6.0, Over/Under: 43.5] $$ Free Money Pick #1 $$

Indianapolis Colts (5-2) at Houston Texans (2-5) [IND -1.0, Over/Under: 44] $$ Free Money Pick #2 $$


Chicago Bears (4-3) at Green Bay Packers (5-2) [GB -10.5, Over/Under: 51]

For the week that’s to come in real time, via my laptop and Redzone marrying together for the afternoon, follow me on Twitter at @CheapSeatFan