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Wednesday night was my time in the rotation for the United Cardinal Bloggers Radio Hour once again, with Tara Wellman. In addition to covering the end of the Cardinals 4-2 victory over the New York Mets, we touched on a spread of topics around the Cardinals currently.

On yesterday’s show, we discussed riches and roles of the young Cardinals pitchers, who are currently beginning to push their way onto the big league club. Also in the same neighborhood of topics, we touched on the potential returns to the club, including what Mitchell Boggs, Marc Rzepczynski, and even Chris Carpenter. What could each mean to the team and how it progress across the season.

In addition to these, check out our word on why Shelby Miller is having such quick success, what’s the real difference in Adam Wainwright from ever before and the indispensable impact of Matt Carpenter as well.

These topics along, along with plenty more made the UCB Radio Hour what it was, and the podcast is available for download here:

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Stan Musial

The loss of Stan Musial has brought on a steady stream of tributes and reflections on his career, life and overall impact across his life. As a part of this, the United Cardinal Bloggers put together a special edition of the UCB Radio Hour dedicated to Stan, and it debuted this week.

I features several members of the UCB providing perspective and commentary on the career of Stan, and the events surrounding his passing. I had the pleasure of contributing to this effort, by offering up some perspective on the take of players and dignataries from the Cardinals team, past and present, at the Winter Warm-Up. I also added comments on him in context of the history of the game and growing up, knowing of his legend.

Take some time to have a listen, and enjoy more on The Man. Not just in passing, but forever.


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