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“They don’t call in March Madness for nothing…this shit crazy. Who’s next to bite the dust?” – @RichNUPE

Well sir, it’s funny that you ask, because a mass suicide damn near happened in just the first weekend of the Descent into Madness…

So weekend one of the NCAA’s is in the book, and boy if it wasn’t as advertised, I don’t know what is. March Madness jumped the shark like it never has before, and went well past bracket-based craziness and into straight up real-life, riot in the streets pandemonium. When you watch two, #2’s fall, and a 12 vs. 13 seed game in weekend number one, you can rest assured that there are brackets not only in trash cans, but the fiery kind that the guys from Rocky and New Jack City were singing around.

It hasn't quite gotten this bad yet...well, I can only speak for myself.

This is what you sign up for when you turn that bracket in: heartache, some excitement and even a few understandable upsets. But what happened this weekend was enough to cover the next three tournaments combined. And the results from the Descentors Twitter streams prove it….

So after the dust from the fallen monuments of both fan and bracket based hopes and dreams settled, and the first weekend’s leaderboard remained, how did it shake out? Here’s how it’s both standing now and forecasting out….

“Them fools had on Russell Athletics. Shit straight from Zayre.” – @IDOKICKS

“I need some Jameson” – @IDOKICKS

“I don’t know what to do with myself now” – @mikeb43

“I’m finally able to watch basketball again since Friday…*fights back tears*” – @simply_shani (it was Sunday)

It even got this bad…

“Leaving Twitter for a while. Sorry yall.” – @Blak2TheFuture

Hell, and he’s in sixth place still. The struggle is real out here.

As for those still chasing the grail and the free CHEAP SEATS, there’s a tie at #1 between myself and Ms. Rashida Thomas of Louisiana right now, with the meat of the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 to come. Both of us have 11 of our Sweet Sixteens still standing. We’ve both picked 35 of 48 games correct so far, and also have 162 points left to gain. However, there’s a lurker in the wings, with a still intact Final Four.

The proud owner of the “I Used a Bidet Bitches” bracket, Mike Brandon of Chicago, while in sixth place currently, is projecting to end up on top in the end, due to having Kentucky, Michigan State, Ohio State and North Carolina all alive and well still, in addition to having a crucial early exit from a nearly unanimous Final Four selection out of the Western Bracket.

He capitalized where others were deeply wounded…the game which we shall not speak of within the confines of this state. On my watch at least. See you next weekend, but before we go…if you ever needed proof that the Descent Into Madness can be had a rollercoaster straight into hell pace? Here goes…

“If Mizzou loses, I will be forced to give up sports. I’ll have all the evidence I need that I am cursed.” …

Followed the next morning by….

“Guys I’m ok. Spent the whole night drinking whiskey in my draws and singing “Rolling In The Deep”, but I’m ok.” – @DaRealMattOates

Damn, damn, damn. It gets real, but even at the darkest moments of the Descent Into Madness, there is a bright side that can be found if you look hard enough…

“I really don’t care about the NCAA tournament anymore……but is kU losing? Because that I always care about.” – @CHEL_seeyaa

Yes, yes indeed. There’s always that. However, before we go: The non-sports related Tweet of the Weekend:

“I just got caught dancing while eating a chicken wing….I am now reevaluating my life and the things I stand for.” – @CHEL_seeyaa


You are not alone there. Bring on weekend 2…at your own risk. In between catch me on Twitter at @CheapSeatFan. I’m coping, and trying to keep my grasp on reality…and first place.

MIZZOU ON THE MOVE? The Reality of An Uncertain Future

Posted: September 22, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in NCAA
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The Missouri Tigers are in the middle of a hurricane that changes paths every day.

They have an unsettled and abusive home situation, and potentially have a shiny new home waiting to save them from all of their problems. However, such as abusive relationships go, the abusers have come back home and said it’s all going to be alright again. But this time things are different. Help’s come…and it’s come from the form of the most promised of all lands, and has made the University of Missouri the biggest wild card in crazy hand being dealt around the NCAA these days.

The tables have turned for the fortunes of Mizzou, now will they make the move to seal the deal...and where does that land them.

Last summer when the conference was being picked through, there was nothing that Missouri could do but hope for the best. The Big 10 only wanted Nebraska and Colorado was a geographical benefit to the then-Pac 10 to expand its reach into the Mountain Zone area. At this point, the rumor is the rule and nobody is saying anything about a future move, which can be spun either way.

Oh, what a difference a day makes. In the course of well under 24 hours, the entire power balance that has crippled Mizzou’s progress and clouded the view of their future was lifted from over one state, and drifted to the south. When the SEC and Pac 12 simultaneously opened and closed their respective doors, the tables turned on Oklahoma, Texas and all of their neighboring dependant schools and left them to inherit the most uncomfortable space in college sports: a future in the Big 12.

Isn’t that funny? All the schools that held so many of their conference mates hostages to their decision have now had the gun turned on them. The Pac 12 isn’t interested. The SEC, while secretive about its overall intent, or goal to become an absolute Super-Conference, hasn’t said anything more than it wants a 13th and 14th team. Texas A&M’s jump is complete, and if Mizzou is to follow, then the door could be closed for any other Big 12 refugees to follow through. Oklahoma and Texas will get their wish to become the strangest bedfellows in college sports and find out how cold it is in the Midwest these days. A climate they created with their selfish power plays and attempts to get their way with no other considerations made. And the decision to latch onto the future of these two schools from Baylor, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State will send them reeling into the same uncertainty that Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State have lived in with Mizzou for the last year. Role reversal is fun, right boys?

The debate about whether Mizzou can make the switch from a division that has meddled to get over multiple humps created by their potential new conference foes on the is both relevant and not. The program has made incredible strides over the last 10 years, and has crafted a niche in its current place that isn’t a consistent champion, but is never much of an underdog either. It will take time to reestablish such a groove in another conference in all sports. The two flagships, money raking programs will have different roads back up the hill. In basketball, the program would slide into a similar place in their potential new home. Old foes Kansas and Texas would be substituted out for new ones in Kentucky and Florida in terms of powerhouse upper tier teams that provide a constant challenge to overcome. The football team however is in for a much greater, yet not completely unfamiliar challenge.

Regardless of which division they join, they would have to step up their performance to keep with the curve. SEC is as good as it gets. It’s the most dominant gathering of teams in all of sports, collegiate or professional. The East Division features the Florida Gators, and current down but strong programs such as the Tennessee Volunteers, among others. The West is where is hot and haziest, with three of the last four BCS National Champions in the Auburn Tigers, Alabama Crimson Tide and LSU Tigers. The team has never faced the upper tier programs in the SEC in recent times, but has fared well in matchups with the division, going 4-1 against the SEC under Gary Pinkel, including two bowl victories in the 2005 & 2007 seasons.

In the midst of the silence of the last few days, an unlikely voice spoke the loudest truth of all. When Pinkel, who has showcased an uncanny blend of stoic agility in dodging any and all questions about his employing institution’s future, called the Big 12 both “sad” and “embarrassing”, it spoke volumes about how bad things have become in the conference. There is no word that can put a concrete future in front of the Big 12. If the invite to the SEC is real, it’s not even a matter of when, rather its how so can we get there. The university should follow the lead of its football coach in moving again the “home” that as treated them as visitors for so long.

These decisions aren’t made in the athletic department, but within Board of Curators meetings for a reason. It’s all about money, and securing the safest yet most lucrative home possible. With all these considered, that makes this whole thing a slam dunk, with a bit of an unexpected bonus as well. Make the jump out of the fray, and while giving in some in results department on-field, but get a safe home…as well as some revenge in the process.

Sounds good over here.

The Sweet 16 is in the books & there are even more brackets that have caught the Watergate treatment. The last two nights have shattered dreams & put those “point & pick” brackets in better position than anything logical. The mighty are falling fast, from top seeds to top stars, this tourney is headed to an interesting finish fast….but not quite as fast as those brackets are headed to paper shredders around the nation.

The #1 seeds are getting ate alive, with only one left. Ohio State fell to a Kentucky club that’s looking a lot more like what last year’s John Wall club was supposed to look like than this year’s edition. Duke got kicked around by a one-man gang in Derrick Williams, who has Arizona pulling a major Bibby/Simon move all of a sudden.

In other news, North Carolina is cruising along & was the most recent benefactor of a matchup with a Big LEast club, which is looking more & more like an automatic advance (unless the Iron Men of college basketball, the UConn Huskies, are your opponent). Butler won the matchup of what looked like an intrasquad scrimage of Gene Hackman’s Hickory squad from “Hoosiers” against Wisconsin.

Jimmer Jammed

Florida hurt a few brackets (and CBS’s ratings) knocking Jimmer out of the tournament. However, I feel they should be applauded for ending the potential for any more showings of those awkward Jimmer/Hip Hop montage commercial cut-ins they were showing. Those were about as Utah as actually having fun in college. Oh, wait.

And by the why VCU beat Florida State. In March. On national television. Still. Moving right along…

The top of the leaderboard in “DUNKS AND DRANK” has been looking like a four corner tag team match. With a lot of championship picks gone, there’s a lot of lingering going on from brackets with early points, but those Duke & Ohio State brackets (such as mine) dropping quick. North Carolina & Kansas brackets are looking Halle Berry good right now, and by the end of the weekend they should be dominating the leaderboard (such as Halle on Billy Bob. Salutes). But as for now, here how it’s looking….

1) Wayne’s Bracket (Wayne): 38 out of 56/59 points/83 pts possible

Well for now, here’s the top of the pops…for at least another day or so. He’s lost 3 Final Four clubs in total now & can only win one more game for the entire tournament. If you wanna see an example of how these upsets can sink the mightiest early bracket, take a look here. (And then look at mine too, because it’s about identical now. I’m gonna go join Wayne at the paper shredder now too)

2) Bugg-A-Boo (Mark): 37 out of 56/58 pts/138 points possible

If the last bracket was an example of everything that could go wrong from the Sweet 16 happening, well here is the absolute opposite. Kentucky knocking out OSU threw him some much needed padding points, which despite being eliminated from two entire divisions, his Championship game is still alive in Carolina vs. Kansas and he’s in the best shape of anybody.

The lesson to me here: ALWAYS GO WITH YOUR HEART!!! – signed Carolina fan since ’95. *Kicks trash can with bracket in it over*

3)MZSDOT (Rashida): 36 out of 56/58 points/82 possible points

Remember what I said about the ladies in the bracket? Well, we nearly had perhaps the biggest gate crasher since George Mason in the mix here. The VCU of our little our little party here, she was in the mix to get it done until Brandon Knight knocked off the Buckeyes last night. Now she’s got Kansas left, but it’s the party is all but over here. Standing ovation though, especially for her letting me know myself that she is ahead of even me in the standings. Believe me my friend….I know. *Burns all the brackets in the trash can*


“Hey man, remember when Dook didn’t win last night? That was funny as f**k.” – DragonFlyJonez via Twitter

“Marquette needs to give up. This is embarrassing.” – @MilesFan79 via Twitter

“Marquette should have been allowed to use Dwyane Wade for the last 10 minutes. Just for honor’s sake.” – @CheapSeatFan via Twitter

“I’m coming off the top rope if Arizona wins this…” – @AsianMaven via Twitter

And in conclusion, the “Descent To Madness” equals a “Return to Sanity” for one bracketeer….

“Yeah, if San Diego State doesn’t win tonight my new hobby will be shot to s**t.” – @LumberJackNupe via Twitter

Which was shortly followed by…

“Well, that’s the end of being a sports fan.” – @LumberJackNupe via Twitter

Hilarious. The Madness is overwhelming.

I’ve seen a whole lot of Day 1 tourney ball, but yesterday was without a doubt one of the most exciting I’ve ever seen. Basically, it was everything I could ever want out of a day of NCAA hoops. Multiple upsets (I’ll get back to this shortly), about 100 buzzer beaters, a number one seed inspiring confidence they’ll hold down their end of the bracket in Pittsburgh & a few All-Americans showing why they are who they are.

Of course in the process, I got wrecked by overconfidence in three underdog’s (Utah State, Clemson & Morehead State), while striking gold on two others (Gonzaga & Richmond). But that’s the nature of game, no? I’ve drive bombed myself a whole lot worse than that before. See my NFL Preview from last year if you need to see proof of predictions gone as bad as possible (go Bengals….).

First, lets take a look at where “DRINKS & DUNKS” is after day one, as well as gather a few of my favorite quotes on the day from the field.

1. Mark (Bugg-A-Boo)-13 out of 16/13 points/187 possible left:

Played no upset picks at all, so he rode out well on day one. Lost in the Morehead State mix like (nearly) everyone else & took L’s from Vanderbilt, St. John’s & Louisville. Has another safe day as well with Georgia being his only upset pick. He’ll hang around the top of the board until the late rounds unless there is a major upset.

1. Tim (@isaiditnowwhat)-13 out of 16/13 points/175 possible left

Played a Russian Roulette of a bracket but whether he Plaxico’ed himself yet still remains to be seen. Had a ton of wins, but took some crucial long-term L’s from Mizzou, St. John’s & Louisville that could really hurt next weekend. A relatively safe Day 2 bracket, with Marquette being the only big upset pick, so he should stick around….for now.

3 (tied). DeQuiency (dq)-12 out of 16/12 points/186 possible left

Pause for the cause. This guy opened up 8-0 in the early games, and instantly became the talk of the bracket because he took MOREHEAD STATE. He says he did it thanks to their defense & having the nation’s top rebounder/shot-blocker on their squad. I don’t buy it & I’m sticking to my opinion that he’s an evil wizard or has a crystal ball. However, that’s probably disproved by the fact he fell from #1 after taking L’s from virtually the entire Southeast bracket (Utah State, Belmont, St. John’s & Michigan State). However, he could be setting us all up for another gut punch, as he’s got Oakland over Texas today….hmmm.

3 (tied). Wayne (Wayne’s Bracket)-12 out of 16/12 points/186 points

Although tied with five others for 2nd place, he is the only one tied with DQ for possible points left. Picked a safe bracket as well, and took the impact of Louisville upset (who he had in the Sweet 16), but most others did as well. Also took L’s from Vanderbilt, Michigan State & St. John’s. Has Marquette today to pull the upset & a slate board the rest of the day.

All in all, the field is wide open as it should be still, and today’s games don’t offer as many chances for gamble picks. The George Mason/Villanova, Marquette/Xavier & Georgia/Washington games offer the biggest chances to pick up little bits of ground. With Texas/Oakland having the chance to make the biggest tilt in today’s standings. But that can’t happen…Texas has to win in Tournament once, they’ve got a few years to make up for. Right?



“Could More head be the fall of Rick Pitino….again?” – Oates via Twitter (@darealmattoates)

“I already don’t care. I hope Pitt goes down faster than Kat Stacks at the Million Man March.” – Joe via Twitter (@IDOKICKS)

“Oh man, @CHELseeyaa is in the weather is like at the top of the Leaderboard #CrownBlack” – Justin via Twitter (@JTrueStayTrue)

“If both Kentucky teams go down on the same day, the Klan will rise again.” – Joe via Twitter

So day one recap features a lot of overconfidence in St. John’s, Louisville being ruined as a fashionable Kansas upsetter & Morehead, once again, being the fall of man.

More to come later as the “Descent to Madness” continues in Vol 4 at halftime of Game 1….

The tendency to look for the upset is everywhere in bracket talk, and rightfully so. From Villanova to Gonzaga to George Mason to Butler, over the years some low seeds have made some big noise that shattered some brackets (shakes fist at DQ again for ’06).

Now I’m aware of the upset, but I don’t seek them out to an extreme. You can just as easily ruin a good bracket by trying to account for too many of them. I’ll trust 23 Wisconsin wins over 30 Bucknell victories anytime. Don’t look at a bracket & lose your common sense about it all.

With that said, here are my upset picks for the day’s games, with my takes on why. I don’t consider 8/9 games true upsets, and 7/10’s (while being the most boring, yet difficult games to predict) aren’t really major upsets either, so I’ll skip those.

#12 CLEMSON over #5 WEST VIRGINIA in the East: I look at this as a bit of an overseeded WVA squad catching a Clemson team that’s showed it can play with the big teams in the ACC. West Va gets a lot of run for bringing back 9 guys from last year’s Final Four team, but the main guns both left for the NBA, and it was a team that overachieved in even getting that far. I’m going with the tough inside club in Clemson to pull it out. (Even though it’s tied at the half after a nice run from the Mountaineers.)

#12 UTAH STATE over #5 KANSAS STATE in the Southeast: I can’t see the disorganized, bad interior shooting KState team beating out Utah State, who forces teams inside to challenge the rim, which is their strength. Plus I’m hearing Jacob Pullen is sick. If he’s not in there, this may be a beating of epic proportions.

#11 GONZAGA over #6 ST. JOHN’S in the Southeast:
The rebirth of St. John’s has been real, no doubt. They ran a bunch of the best teams in the deepest conference in the country off the floor, but I see them prime for an early exit. They lost their PG that keeps it all together, and they don’t match up well on the inside against Gonzaga. It’s definitely about who establishes their game first, but GU has good guard play that can slow down the Johnnies & make them work inside to come to Gonzaga’s strength. It’s been a while since the Bulldogs have been in the spoiler role, but I see them pulling this one out.

#12 RICHMOND over #5 VANDERBILT in the Southwest: As you can see, I’ve taken 3 12’s over 5 seeds this year, and this one makes the most sense to me. Richmond has two NBA-level talents they work around on the inside & outside, while Vandy is suspect on defense & more alarmingly, effort. If there’s anything that primes you for the upset in the tourney, it’s lack of effort, because the underdog isn’t going give in. And when that underdog is more talented AND underseeded like Richmond is, that’s like signing your life on the line. Richmond takes it.

Follow me on Twitter for in-game rants, observations & takes at @CheapSeatFan

I like basketball. I also like alcohol. The impact that each has had on my life are stories that are much better told by my friends and teammates over the years, but at any rate, they aren’t usually things that should be combined. However, when it was brought to me that I should host a bracket via the site, I finally saw the light and how to have one play with the other in a way where nobody is taking a drunken Manu Ginobili-style drive at the hoop and knocking themselves cold against a gym wall afterwards.

I believe that if you win something, you should get a prize that you can use. I don’t have the money to call up Jostens and have a ring made, nor do I want to insult anybody by buying a trophy to sit around in your house and give you something else to not dust. No, I took more interest in the champagne parties of the Bulls back in my youth (which should have been the ultimate in foreshadowing now that I think back on it), so I decided to incorporate such an event into my show I’m hosting here.

So to the spoils of the victor here, I’m sending a bottle of the best new-to-me drink I’ve had this year, Crown Royal Black. We drank half a bottle of this on accident about a month ago, and now I’m in love with it like when you land the number one player in the country (if your school/team is good enough, you recognize the joy of this moment…unless he plays like Harrison Barnes did for 3 months, but we’re cool again now).

Pick responsibly my you drink is at your discretion though.

In the process of intertwining the road to the Final Four with the road to the liquor store, I also decided to make this bracket an ongoing blog/diary type of thing as well, where I’ll be taking your picks and your takes on how your bracket is going, and making it into a really, really easy, yet entertaining way for me to a) cover the Tournament, b) give differing bracket insights and c) get a really easy column for the next two to three weeks, where the perils and struggles of all us can be easily relayed into some big time smack talk from everybody. Win/win scenario.

The link to the bracket is right here, and it is hosted through Yahoo! The password is “crownblack”. It’s their standard scoring and all that, so I can’t interfere or be held accountable for any shortcomings that may happen (like everybody else except for me having 16 seeds winning at least two games and me getting to get drunk by the end of this weekend off the winnings. Ooops!) The articles will continue on after each round of play, with the first one starting before the actual Field of 64 breaks into play on Thursday.

One bracket per player as well, can’t have anybody wearing two jerseys, but playing for one team. It’s open to any and everybody, so send em the link and let’s get ready for the best Playoffs in all of sports (and the number one reason to slack off at work annually).

Follow me on Twitter at @CheapSeatFan for more updates on everything I’m seeing from my view in the world of sports…and everything else.

This weekend the opening of controversy season got under way for college football, with the initial Bowl Championship Series polls were displayed to the public. While these are always open for debate, along with various interpretations of the BCS abbreviation (in many cases I ignore the “C” and switch words on the B and S, but I digress).

While the formula for this poll is up for debate between purists and statisticians, it is indisputable that it gives teams something to play towards. It also gives me something to answer on opinion on my texts, Twitter and even dinner with family time. To bring all of that to the middle, I sat down with the two main pure polls (AP and USA Today), along with the BCS poll, each teams schedules and the most reliable of all these methods, my opinion. Here is my interpretation of how it should look now and what’s going to weigh into where it ends up.

1. Oregon Ducks (6-0, #2 BCS, #1 USA Today, #1 AP)

Profile: Pac 10; 54.3 PPG, 16 PAG

Key wins: @ Tennessee (48-13), Stanford (57-31)

Lowdown: They are blowing teams out right now and are in a conference where they only have to play one more ranked team in Arizona, and that’s at home. They are a track meet of a running team, and have yet to be able to be held under 40 points yet.

2. Oklahoma Sooners (6-0, #1 BCS, #3 USA Today, #3 AP)

Profile: Big 12; 36 PPG, 19 PAG

Key wins: Florida State (47-17), Texas (28-20)

Lowdown: Oklahoma is moving ahead by staying undefeated in a power conference, despite having many close calls. They destroyed Florida State early and survived a down year Texas team in the River River Shootout. Somehow these slight wins were enough to boost them to #1 in BCS minds, despite being the consensus #3 otherwise. They feature an immediate test to this throne, going into Columbia, Missouri against a tough Mizzou defense.

3. Boise State (6-0, #3 BCS, #2 USA Today, #2 AP)

Profile: WAC; 47.5 PPG, 12.3 PAG

Key Wins: Virginia Tech (33-30), Oregon State (37-24)

Lowdown: They beat a top 15 team in Virginia Tech to open the season to prove they can play under the bright lights. Many critics say they don’t play on an even level with other Top 10 teams. I say don’t put them automatically in the Top 2, which could walk them into the BCS Championship and let them continue to play, and if they win out, be the first team to move into the Top 2 if one of the team loses. They deserve a shot.

4. Auburn Tigers (7-0, #4 BCS, #5 USA Today, #5 AP)

Profile: SEC; 40 PPG, 24.4 PAG

Key Wins: South Carolina (35-27), Arkansas (65-43)

Lowdown: Auburn has steadily rose up the standings all year and have beaten several quality teams convincingly, including three currently ranked foes. However, they’re fate is destined with Alabama, who they face in the season closing rivalry game. However, both of their signature wins have come against teams that have pushed Alabama, including the Gamecocks, who knocked them from number one.

5. LSU (7-0, #6 BCS, #6 USA Today, #6 AP)

Profile: SEC; 26.7 PPG, 14.4 PAG

Key Wins: North Carolina (30-24), West Virginia (20-14), @ Florida (33-29)

Lowdown: LSU has had a bit of a rabbit’s foot and have had a lot of things work out perfectly so far, as they have won several very close games to maintain their undefeated record. With back-to-back match ups with Auburn and Alabama, it will be shown very soon if they are legit or not.

6. Michigan State (7-0, #7 BCS, #8 USA Today, #8 AP)

Profile: Big 10; 34 PPG, 16 PAG

Key Wins: Wisconsin (34-24), @ Michigan (34-17)

Lowdown: They have played several close games and have simply out-toughed all of their opponents and beating Wisconsin and Michigan consecutively have proven them as the  class of the Big 10 early on.

7. Alabama (6-1, #8 BCS, #7 USA Today, #7 AP)

Profile: SEC; 33 PPG, 12.9 PAG

Key Wins: Penn State (24-3), @ Arkansas (24-20)

Key Loss: South Carolina (35-31)

Lowdown: Everybody’s #1 coming into the season has hit some tough speed bumps, with Arkansas and South Carolina pushing them as far as they can go, with South Carolina finally knocking them off. Even with the L, they still are the best of any one loss team and if they keep winning deserve to move up first, even before other undefeated clubs, because they still are plain better.

8. TCU (7-0, #5 BCS, #4 USA Today, #4 AP)

Profile: Mountain West; 40 PPG, 9.3 PAG

Key Win: Oregon State (30-21)

Lowdown: This is the team that has just moved along all season and are over ranked for what they have done. They did beat a quality Oregon State team, but otherwise there is nothing here that says they deserve to be high ranked than a BCS conference undefeated or even some one lose clubs. While they are top 5 in all major polls, I can’t give them that credit unless they beat Utah in two weeks.

9. Ohio State (6-1, #10 BCS, #10 USA Today, #11 AP)

Profile: Big 10; 39.6 PPG, 13 PAG

Key Wins: Miami (36-24)

Key Loss: Wisconsin (31-28)

Lowdown: The Buckeyes easily moved along beating every team convincingly in route to ascending to #1 for a week, just to never take the fight to Wisconsin in their first tough road game of the season. They are still a quality team, and can easily move back up towards the top 5 with a strong finish.

10. Utah Utes (6-0, #9 BCS, #9 USA Today, #9 AP)

Profile: Mountain West; 45.8 PPG, 14 PAG

Key Win: Pittsburgh (27-24)

Lowdown: Similar to conference mate TCU, they’re road to the a high BCS vote has been dictated against impressive wins versus underwhelming opponents. They’re match up for the MWC crown versus TCU is what they’re entire season is built around. For now, this is about where they should be placed.

11. Stanford Cardinal (5-1, #12 BCS, #14 USA Today, #12 AP)

Profile: Pac 10; 43 PPG, 23 PAG

Key Wins: @ Notre Dame (37-14), USC (37-35)

Key Loss: @ Oregon (52-31)

Lowdown: Stanford has played an impressive early schedule and has been solid every week, but a blowout versus Oregon pushes them down the poll. They have played well every week otherwise and could have a seat in the Rose Bowl if Oregon shoots above it in to the BCS Championship game.

12. Wisconsin Badgers (6-1, #13 BCS, #11 USA Today, #10 AP)

Profile: Big 10; 36 PPG, 18 PAG

Key Wins: Ohio State (31-28)

Key Loss: @ Michigan State (34-24)

Lowdown: Wisconsin is one of the teams that can play the biggest part in the Big 10, and by default BCS, picture. They fell to Michigan State, yet came back and knocked Ohio State from the top spot. They have been competitive all year, and because of this, they will be able to move up freely if they beat Iowa and win out.

13. Missouri Tigers (6-0; #11 BCS, #16 USA Today, #18 AP)

Profile: Big 12, 34.5 PPG, 10.8 PAG

Key Wins: Illinois (23-13), Texas A&M (30-9)

Lowdown: The Tigers take this position as the top representative of the Big 12 North, but they have yet to face a big name opponent on the season for a truly signature win. They have only traveled once outside Missouri, yet won convincingly. They have ascended to this spot by doing what they are supposed to do, but the show-and-prove part of their season is coming up and most of it is on the road. Mizzou will either shoot up the standings or settle out rather quickly.

13. Iowa Hawkeyes (5-1; #15 BCS, #12 USA Today, #13 AP)

Profile: Big 10; 34 PPG, 13.2 PAG

Key Wins: Penn State (24-3), @ Michigan (38-28)

Key Loss: @ Arizona (34-27)

Lowdown: They have played tough matchups all season, and save for a bad second half versus Arizona, they would be undefeated to this point. A gritty win in Ann Arbor versus Michigan and a convincing defeat of Penn State cement them as a solid contender for the Big 10 title. With back-to-back matchups with Michigan State and Wisconsin it remains to be seen how big of a player Iowa is in the season’s events.

15. Nebraska Cornhuskers (5-1 #16 BCS, #13 USA Today, #14 AP)

Profile: Big 12; 36 PPG, 14 PAG

Key Wins: @ Kansas State (48-13), @ Washington (56-21)

Key Loss: Texas (20-13)

Lowdown: The Huskers were one of the most dynamic teams in the season, reaching half way up the Top 10 until falling to Texas last weekend. For them to fall out of the Top 15 BCS teams is odd to me, because while Texas has been inconsistent they are a solid team that was the #6 team in the nation at a point, so they shouldn’t be severely punished for falling to them. The bottom line is that they have looked better winning five games than they were in losing one by seven points, and they have plenty of chances of to climb again.

With the first week of revealed BCS standings about to start up, it remains to be seen how long these stand revelevant. However, it is clear there are some teams being slighted, while others are being given a bit too much credit. But as always, all they can do is take it to the field and let the B(C)S take care of the rest, for better or worse.