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Terrelle Pryor’s plight to make the NFL is well known. However, now that he is on the way to the field, how he does from here on out is still up in the air.


Picture this: massive athletes with big personalities and unbelievable backgrounds, looking to make a big entrance before finally making it to a competition. One that by the time it actually happens has become a bit of an afterthought.

Was Vince McMahon made the commissioner of the NFL as part of the lockout settlement? Because the most recent issue surrounding the NFL and its supplemental draft has played out like something out of his world rather than Roger Goodell’s.

At the center of this whole circus has been Terrelle Pryor, formerly of Ohio State football and currently of NCAA infamy, and his standing for the NFL’s bonus draft. Already suspended for the tip of the iceberg of issues surrounding him receiving improper benefits beginning of what would have been his senior year at OSU, when the rest of the glacier came up, he lost his college eligibility. However, this all emerged after the NFL Draft was in the books, one that he never intended to be a part of. Since he didn’t declare, and was not draft eligible, free agency was not an option. However, today he was declared eligible for the NFL’s second round of entry.

Pryor is picking back up an old set of questions just as the new ones are answered.

So here enters the supplemental draft, and what exactly that is.

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The quarterback position is the most hyped, dissected and scrutinized position in all of sports. None more so than during the NFL Draft and its lead up stages. From the time that some QB’s are sophomores in college, how they can relate to the NFL game is heavily discussed. This is a necessary process of sorts, because having a solid QB is everything in the NFL game. Very few, if any, teams make any noise in January without a solid QB. Virtually none make it to Super Bowl Sunday without an exceptional one (the 2001 Ravens with Trent Dilfer at the helm are the last victors to have a questionable QB by my evaluation, but that team had one of the great defenses of all-time).

Newton has all the skills for both the National Championship Game and Heisman, but are they enough to make him an elite NFL QB too?

Also, no position is paid more before even taking a snap than the QB position, especially at the top spot. 2010 top pick Sam Bradford, despite having proved his worth now, was automatically one of the top five highest paid players in the league due to this phenomena. All of these factors make understanding both what a young signal caller is, and can become, crucial, for both on-field and payroll successes.

Here is a look at the newest crop of youngsters being looked at as the next answer for some QB, and win, hungry NFL franchises. The 2011 class has been heralded as one of the deepest classes in sometime. While that sometimes proves to be a disastrous proclamation (see the 1999 NFL Draft), it sometimes pays off greatly, with multiple Super Bowl winning and Pro Bowl attending QBs (see both the 1983 and 2004 Drafts).

It’s a crap shoot of the highest order in the sporting universe, but if you’re going to gamble, go big or go home.

ANDREW LUCK-Sophomore-Stanford Cardinal

Measures: 6’4/245 lbs

Stats: 3,051 pass yards, 28 TDs/7 Interceptions, 70% completions; 438 rush yards

Should be picked….: As the #1 pick, no lower than 2.

Compares to: Ben Roethlisberger

Breakdown: Big time playmaker who is a horse that can deliver the ball anywhere. He’s the clear-cut choice as top QB on the board, and also top player in the draft. While he’s not a runner in the Tebow style, he can make plays with his feet and is hard to bring down. Like Bradford, he’s the type of guy a struggling franchise can rebuild around. Carolina currently has the top pick, and it will stay that way unless they trade it, but their selection of Jimmy Clausen in 2010 should not be a deteriment to taking Luck, who has the ability, like Sam Bradford before him, to turn a franchise around in short order.

RYAN MALLETT-Junior-Arkansas Razorback

Measures: 6’6/240 lbs

Stats: 3,592 pass yards, 30 TD/11 interceptions, 66.5% completions

Should be picked….: In the top 20, potentially top 10

Compares to: Joe Flacco or Carson Palmer before the knee injury.

Breakdown: A big tosser with easily the strongest arm in college football, that would already be a top 5 arm in the NFL. He can make any throw down field and would create a virtual game for many teams such as the Cardinals and Niners who have none right now. He may benefit from sitting for a little while to gain some touch on his passes and increase his awareness, but he’s the type that will be able to pick up some big yardage numbers over the course of his career.

CAM NEWTON-Junior-Auburn Tigers

Measures: 6’6/250 lbs

Stats: 2,589 pass yards, 28 TDs/6 interceptions; 1,409 rush yards, 20 TD

Should be picked….: Hard to say. Could be anywhere in round 1, but no later.

Compares to: Vince Young or Josh Freeman

Breakdown: His numbers are amazing and he seems to always find a way to make it work, with either his arm or feet, evenly. In the NFL he won’t be able to run the ball in the same order, because he’s not flat-out fast like a Michael Vick. However, he will be able to make plays on the move, and if he develops a solid intermediate passing game and puts a bit more zip on his outside ball (which he currently lacks), he will be a problem of the highest order, because on short yardage gains he will still be able to run the ball well and will force defenses to stay honest, which opens up deep options. However, he will definitely benefit from sitting for a while to gain some polish, which is why he may not be the answer for a team that is on the verge of competing right now, such as Minnesota or San Francisco.

BLAINE GABBERT-Junior-Missouri Tigers

Measures: 6’5/240 lbs

Stats: 3,186 pass yards, 16 TD/9 interceptions, 63% completions; 5 rushing TDs

Should be picked….: Late first round, perhaps to a team trading up.

Compares to: Aaron Rodgers or Tony Romo

Breakdown: He has a world of talent, and has played in a wide open system to showcase everything he can do. He isn’t a running QB, but has the mobility to make plays on the run and pick up extra yardage in the open field. With better coaching on his footwork in the pocket, he could become a very good pocket playmaker. His biggest issue is his lapses in judgement with the ball, which could become detrimental in the NFL, where he won’t be able to just lean of his natural talent. He has all the tools, but needs to be reeled in some to maximize them. Good player for a team that doesn’t need a starter right now or next year.

JAKE LOCKER-Senior-Washington Huskies

Measures: 6’3/230 lbs

Stats: 2,209 pass yards, 17 TD/9 interceptions, 56% completions; 302 rush yards, 5 TD

Should be picked….: Second round for now.

Compares to: Mark Sanchez or Matt Cassell

Breakdown: Despite being a senior, Locker is the oldest prospect here, Locker is by and far the rawest. He has all the skills to be a multi-threat trouble behind center, but he has far too many lapses in judgement still and seems to be struggling to make the transition from run first (and second) QB, to a pro style, versatile threat, which his skill set suggests he could be. He has played in a sub par program and has been leaned on quite heavily, and many scouts feel the best is yet to come when he plays with a higher standard of talent. While this could be true, and his skill set is undeniable, it’s too late in the game to commit either the future of your franchise or a huge sum of money to his continued development on potential only. He could pan out to be a true late bloomer, but it would be better served on a team where he can back up indefinitely.

Others to watch: Christian Ponder-Florida State, Pat Devlin-Delaware, Terrelle Pryor-Ohio State, Nick Foles-Arizona


The NFL season has reached its halftime, and while the picture is constantly unfolding and many teams will be moving up and down, getting better, getting worse and fall. While every college star isn’t the best pro, many of the top talents this year should translate well into the pro game.

The order is determined by record and strength of schedule to break ties, no playoff seeding is figured in.

1. Buffalo Bills: Andrew Luck-QB-Stanford // The Bills are in a similar spot that the Rams were in a year ago with this same pick, a direction-less franchise that needs a new leader to help turn its fortunes. Look at how well it turned out in St. Louis so far. Buffalo would be smart to follow suit with the tremendous Stanford talent.

Luck has grown tremendously this season and his next challenge should be savior of Buffalo.

2. Carolina Panthers: AJ Green-WR-Georgia // For years the Panthers have been searching for a compliment to Steve Smith to open up their pass game. Green is easily that and more. They need to take their future #1 option here.

3. Dallas Cowboys: DaQuan Bowers-DE-Clemson // Bowers is reaching his potential easily and leads the nation in tackles for a loss. The Cowboys are still tremendously talented and can afford to take the best available player, but need help on the line. Bowers serves both causes.

4. San Francisco: Patrick Peterson-CB-LSU // While the Niners QB position catches much of the focus with the Alex Smith era quickly ending itself, they will be better served taking Peterson, who injects an aging cornerback position with an instant boost and closes a major hole in a talented unit.

Despite a clear QB need, the Niners shouldn't pass on an impact corner like Peterson.

5. Denver Broncos: Marcell Dareus-DT-Alabama // The Broncos need help stopping the run and can use a pass rushing presence. Dareus is versatile and can serve both roles from either the tackle or end spot.

6. Cincinnati Bengals: Robert Quinn-DE-North Carolina // Quinn is bringing some baggage from Carolina’s academic dishonesty sanctions and suspensions, but is still an amazing talent and the good could outweigh the questionable. Sounds like a guy born to be a Bengal.

7. Detroit Lions: Prince Amukamara-CB-Nebraska // The Lions have the worse cornerback tandem in the league, and landing Amukamara here is a match made in heaven. Would be a starter as soon as his name is called.

8. Minnesota Vikings: Ryan Mallett-QB-Arkansas // With the Favre era ending, landing a top flight arm should be a priority and Mallett can reach the Viking receivers and stretch the field with one of the best pure arm available.

9. Arizona Cardinals: Akeem Ayers-LB-UCLA // Zona need help at every level of its defense and Ayers give them an aggressive outside rush that they need long-term from the linebacker spot.

10. Cleveland Browns: Julio Jones-WR-Alabama // This is a perfect pairing for the receiver desperate Browns, who have nothing in the downfield gamebreaker category. Jones will soar after the Combine as well.

Jones is a huge talent, who should actually become even better in the Pros.

11. San Diego Chargers: Adrian Clayborne-DE-Iowa // They have been searching for a legit pass rush since Shawne Merriman fell of the Earth a few years ago. Clayborne is a more than suitable replacement.

12. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jake Locker-QB-Washington // Locker is riding the potential train all the way to the top half of the Draft, and the Jaguars are ready to replace David Garrard much sooner than later. This seems destined to happen if he lasts until here.

13. St. Louis Rams: Stephen Paea-DT-Oregon State // They could definitely stand to land Bradford a legit threat at receiver, but Paea is a plus talent in the middle and helps them address an issue they did not by passing on Ndamukong Suh a year ago.

14. Seattle Seahawks: Nick Fairley-DT-Auburn // They are in the midst of reshaping the whole of their team, and finding an anchor in the middle of the defense is needed much sooner than later. Fairley is great talent and can help every area of the defense.

15. Washington Redskins: Ryan Kerrigan-DE-Purdue // The Redskins have a talented secondary, but it gets tested way too often and easily due to an absence of any consistent pass rush. Kerrigan will help solve both issues.

16. Houston Texans: Janoris Jenkins-CB-Florida // Once again, the offense is clicking, but the defense isn’t up to speed. They simply cannot stop the pass. Landing Jenkins and pairing him with ’10 first rounder Kareem Jackson should fix that issue much sooner than later.

17. Miami Dolphins: Mark Ingram-RB-Alabama // With both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams aging, injury prone and free agents-to-be, taking Ingram keeps the Miami running game from missing a beat.

Ingram would be used heavily in Miami and would be a both a quick fix and youth infuser for an aging backfield.

18. New England (from OAK): Von Miller-LB-Texas A&M // The Pats are thin at the pass rush and Miller is one of the best pure rushers in the college game and fits the hybrid end/linebacker that the New England scheme is best for.

19. Chicago Bears: Anthony Castonzo-OT-Boston College // The constant problem for Chicago has been protecting Jay Cutler and opening up any rushing chances. Castonzo is the best tackle available in a thin year, and an easy choice here.

20. Kansas City Chiefs: Donta Hightower-ILB-Alabama // The best athlete on a tremendously talented Bama defense, he shores up the middle for an emergent KC defense, although he is a bit of a project.

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Allen Bailey-DE-Miami // Tampa’s offense is arriving now, but the defense still is a bit inconsistent, especially in reaching the backfield. Pairing Bailey with Gerald McCoy should end the problem.

22. Tennessee Titans: Aaron Williams-CB-Texas // There’s not much to be worried about outside of Cortland Finnegan in the Titan secondary. Williams will at least make opposing QB’s think about throwing away from his side.

23. Philadelphia Eagles: Nate Solder-OT-Colorado // Philly’s line has been slowly falling apart due to age and injury. Protecting whoever ends up taking the snaps better should be a high priority, and the massive Solder is a big step towards that goal.

24. Indianapolis Colts: Gabe Carimi-OT-Wisconsin // Now is the time for Indy to start rebuilding their line, both to create some kind of rushing game and to, most importantly, protect an aging Peyton Manning. Carimi is an athletic, tough Big 10 lineman perfect for both jobs.

25. Green Bay Packers: Brandon Burton-CB-Utah // The Packers cannot afford to ignore their thinning secondary any longer, especially with Al Harris departed and Charles Woodson potentially moving to safety. Burton is a rising talent that will be a value pick within a few years.

26. New Orleans Saints: Cameron Hayward-DE-Ohio State // The Saints have depth issues in their front seven and need to put a young talent in the mix to keep it from becoming a big problem soon. Hayward is a great grab here that only falls due to the amazing depth at the DE position this year.

The son of Ironhead Hayward would be a need frontline defensive presence for the Saints.

27. New York Giants: Rodney Hudson-G/C-Florida State // The Giants have look great on both sides of the ball this year, but far too often Eli Manning is hammered while creating the pass. The versatile Hudson immediately lessens this threat on the interior line.

28. New England Patriots: Jeremy Beal-LB-Oklahoma // Despite landing another linebacker earlier, taking Beal here removes any needs in any part of the linebacking corps for years here. Also versatile enough to put a hand in the ground and rush from end as well.

29. New York Jets: Rahim Moore-S-UCLA // The free safety position is shaky in New York, and landing Moore gives a presence that adds more depth to an already premier secondary. He can cover great depth, and lets their corners gamble even more.

30. Baltimore Ravens: Derek Sherrod-OT-Mississippi State // The Ravens can use more protection up front and Sherrod is an a strong athlete who can form one of the most athletic tackle pairings in the league with Michael Oher.

31. Atlanta Falcons: Kyle Rudolph-TE-Notre Dame // Rudolph is far and away the best tight end prospect in this year’s draft and with Tony Gonzalez still productive, but picking up years, taking Rudolph ensures no drop off at the spot and provides another wrinkle in an already impressive offense.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers: Ras-I Dowling-CB-Virginia // While the Steeler defense is the best unit in the game, they still are susceptible to the pass due to an aging cornerback group. Dowling is a big, physical coverage back that fits perfectly with Pittsburgh’s attack.


On the verge: Jon Baldwin-WR-Pittsburgh, Cameron Jordan-DE-Cal, DeMarcus Love-OT-Arkansas, Drake Nevis-DT-LSU, David Thomas-RB-Kansas State, Mike Pouncey-G-Florida, Michael Floyd-WR-Notre Dame, Marvin Austin-DT, Brandon Harris-CB-Miami, Quan Sturdivant-LB


Arguments? Agreements? Don’t think your team is represented well or a guy is over/underrated? COMMENT! Let me know, lets prove why I’m right.