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“They don’t call in March Madness for nothing…this shit crazy. Who’s next to bite the dust?” – @RichNUPE

Well sir, it’s funny that you ask, because a mass suicide damn near happened in just the first weekend of the Descent into Madness…

So weekend one of the NCAA’s is in the book, and boy if it wasn’t as advertised, I don’t know what is. March Madness jumped the shark like it never has before, and went well past bracket-based craziness and into straight up real-life, riot in the streets pandemonium. When you watch two, #2’s fall, and a 12 vs. 13 seed game in weekend number one, you can rest assured that there are brackets not only in trash cans, but the fiery kind that the guys from Rocky and New Jack City were singing around.

It hasn't quite gotten this bad yet...well, I can only speak for myself.

This is what you sign up for when you turn that bracket in: heartache, some excitement and even a few understandable upsets. But what happened this weekend was enough to cover the next three tournaments combined. And the results from the Descentors Twitter streams prove it….

So after the dust from the fallen monuments of both fan and bracket based hopes and dreams settled, and the first weekend’s leaderboard remained, how did it shake out? Here’s how it’s both standing now and forecasting out….

“Them fools had on Russell Athletics. Shit straight from Zayre.” – @IDOKICKS

“I need some Jameson” – @IDOKICKS

“I don’t know what to do with myself now” – @mikeb43

“I’m finally able to watch basketball again since Friday…*fights back tears*” – @simply_shani (it was Sunday)

It even got this bad…

“Leaving Twitter for a while. Sorry yall.” – @Blak2TheFuture

Hell, and he’s in sixth place still. The struggle is real out here.

As for those still chasing the grail and the free CHEAP SEATS, there’s a tie at #1 between myself and Ms. Rashida Thomas of Louisiana right now, with the meat of the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 to come. Both of us have 11 of our Sweet Sixteens still standing. We’ve both picked 35 of 48 games correct so far, and also have 162 points left to gain. However, there’s a lurker in the wings, with a still intact Final Four.

The proud owner of the “I Used a Bidet Bitches” bracket, Mike Brandon of Chicago, while in sixth place currently, is projecting to end up on top in the end, due to having Kentucky, Michigan State, Ohio State and North Carolina all alive and well still, in addition to having a crucial early exit from a nearly unanimous Final Four selection out of the Western Bracket.

He capitalized where others were deeply wounded…the game which we shall not speak of within the confines of this state. On my watch at least. See you next weekend, but before we go…if you ever needed proof that the Descent Into Madness can be had a rollercoaster straight into hell pace? Here goes…

“If Mizzou loses, I will be forced to give up sports. I’ll have all the evidence I need that I am cursed.” …

Followed the next morning by….

“Guys I’m ok. Spent the whole night drinking whiskey in my draws and singing “Rolling In The Deep”, but I’m ok.” – @DaRealMattOates

Damn, damn, damn. It gets real, but even at the darkest moments of the Descent Into Madness, there is a bright side that can be found if you look hard enough…

“I really don’t care about the NCAA tournament anymore……but is kU losing? Because that I always care about.” – @CHEL_seeyaa

Yes, yes indeed. There’s always that. However, before we go: The non-sports related Tweet of the Weekend:

“I just got caught dancing while eating a chicken wing….I am now reevaluating my life and the things I stand for.” – @CHEL_seeyaa


You are not alone there. Bring on weekend 2…at your own risk. In between catch me on Twitter at @CheapSeatFan. I’m coping, and trying to keep my grasp on reality…and first place.


You're not alone Brother. Not by near sight.


“1/1 so far with my bracket lol.” Good start.” – @Aundrea_Elise

“Brackets day 1. #Epic Fail” – @DClay83


And with that, Day one of the Madness is underway. It was everything you really expect for a first day of the Tourney to be, and nearly everything you’d never expect. It took #1 Syracuse  38 minutes to put away the #16 seeded UNC-Asheville (and even then took a bit of “striped intervention” from the zebras) and avoid making the absolute worst kind of history ever. A few bracket busters went head to head, and on the other end it last year’s small juggernaut VCA made their business as usual (“VCU is putting hands on Wichita State – @Skarface Nupe) . And there will definitely be a new champion this year, as 2011 Champs UConn got quick work made of them by Iowa State.

There was a lot at work, and in the DESCENT INTO MADNESS, the top of the board shows just how anything is possible….and the Twitter wires show that the seeds of the mania are already sprouting in our bracketeers heads with only half of round 2 done. Here’s just a few of the slides into the fever of the Madness from Day One.

“I inserted my bracket. Can you see me?” @MoDivine

“Shaka looks like a light-skinned Tupac.”@LakishaJackson

“Take the white dude off the court if he isn’t gonna hit shots.” @IDOKICKS

“Baylor gotta get the hell up outta here with these county jail roadside cleanup fits man…” – Me


Me and My Pop’s (Rampage) Tourney Convo of the Day (via IM at work)

Me: “Man, Montana? What the hell was that?”

Him: “I thought they had something in them to pull it off.”

Me: “They pulled something out on you it looks like. Now clean ya self up.”


Here’s the “Unintentional Sequence Tweet Off” of the day….

“UConn isn’t anywhere near out of that game. Second half is what counts.”@CheapSeatFan (Me)

Followed shortly by a far more appropriate comment….

Can I get a 20 ball for my Cyclones over UCONN right now!!! #ISU” – Followed by….

ISU had no business being a damn 8 seed!!!” – both courtesy of @Diggame

I think D. Frie won that point pretty clearly. Moving right along….


“I got the University of the United States winning the whole thing.”@SkarfaceNupe

I don’t know if that team made it onto my bracket, but B. Holmes pulled a lot magic out his various hats over the years, so making a squad magically appear in the tourney wouldn’t surprise me at all. Watch out for him later in the brackets for real, for real.

In a sign of the times tweet, “So Yahoo has locked me out of my account until tomorrow, so I can’t check my bracket….I got the paper version so I’ll survive.”@Kells713

I think she’ll like what she finds. But before we move on, this deserves special acknowledgment as well…

“Graphic design never fails. I picked my entire bracket based purely on logos and colors and I’ve only missed one game so far. #marchmadness”@FindingChizz

And actually, that’s true as hell. So with that, let’s take a quick glance at the leader board. As expected, there’s a 9-way at the top after Day One, with eight of those brackets all having the same maximum point potential still, so there’s so scrapping and separating to pull out this weekend still. At a certain point yesterday, the top 3 spots were all held down by the ladies that entered the tourney, which was a huge thrill to me. Now I won’t disrespect them by calling that the #16 over the #1 that UNC-Asheville couldn’t pull off yesterday, but oh man, I’d love to see the faces of the fellas if they get beat out in a few weeks in the same fashion.

And in that spirit, I bring you the DESCENT INTO MADNESS, Part Deux, tweet of the day. I poignant take on the happenings of Thursday…

“I will cherish this number 1 ranking in @CheapSeatFan’s bracket group because I don’t know if I’ll ever see it again lol.”@CHEL_seeyaa.

YOLO, young Ms. Drake, YOLO. That’s all I can really say there. You made it to the mountain top dammit.

But finally, the Tweet of the Day That Has Nothing To Do With Sports: “It is categorically impossible to take a candid picture of yourself. #petpeeve” – @FindingChizz


Enjoy Friday, and with Mizzou playing today I already know tomorrow morning’s edition will be major with the commentary game. For that and more from all of these “DESCENTORS”, follow me on Twitter at @CheapSeatFan.

There’s no better weekend of sports than the first weekend of March Madness. And because the Lord is kind, he has brought this weekend back to us all again. Here in the CHEAP.SEATS, the NCAA Tournament is also something bigger: it’s my annual open house. It’s when I invite everybody that frequents the area here, partake in bar convo with me or just follow my misadventures on Twitter to come on over and feel the burn here.

And with that I present to you the second annual bracket challenge here at CSP – DESCENT TO MADNESS, PART DEUX.

The title explains it all and there’s no more aptly named event than March MADNESS, because before too long it removes rational thought from most folks that take part in. The mania starts early, with the pick making process. Whether you’re making your choices by strategically breaking down every inch or every team that you’ve either watched for months….or didn’t know existed until today. Or if you’re looking for every little upset or just running with the powerhouse. Or if you’re picking squads by strongest mascot, best logo or baddest cheerleaders, it doesn’t matter. The craziness is taking you in.

By Sunday, some part of your well thought out or barely attention paid method will be ruined, and the slowly the madness will seep in, and then it can only get worse from there. And all along the way, I’ll be watching and documenting it here’s. That’s the point of DESCENT INTO MADNESS, for each participant’s fall into the pit of bracket-induced despair to be chronicled each day in a daily recap here.

But there are a couple of twists here: you’re the one that writes this. Via your Tweets, Facebook posts or even having random convo with me, I’m taking notes and reposting each high, low and WTF moment you choose to share with the world each day, the next morning. I’ll be watching down over your output like a Gargoyle in Gotham  City, so be careful….you might make yourself play the fool, or the genius.

The next twist: I’M GIVING AWAY FREE STUFF AGAIN. To this year’s winner, I’m giving away TWO free “Cheap Seats” to the game of your choice. It’s the best place to watch a game, so I want to share my world with you, on my tab*. Everyone (except for me) is eligible for this, but there’s a twist: In order to win the prize you have to log into CSP and check, then comment on at least one post of DESCENT TO MADNESS after each round. It’s an open house, so come through and check yourself out. You do that, then hit the comment box, and follow through with a win? I gotta give you something for that, and it’s all up to you.

Time is getting short if you haven’t signed up yet, but don’t fear, registration is still open and here’s the link:

It’s the best sports Tournament in the world, so get into it here and watch yourself lose your mind over it…or whatever you had left in the first place. Cheers.


To watch the mania sweep over me as well, follow me on Twitter at @CheapSeatFan.


*Terms & Conditions: Ticket winner is eligible for up to two tickets totaling $60 dollars combined. Will not be honored as an individual ticket price, a) because that’s selfish as hell, b) that’s not a cheap seat anymore and this sit isn’t called “MediumToExpensiveSeatsPlease.Com”, & c) because I said so. Please give at the least a two week window before requesting prize and there is a 6 month window to make claim of prize.

As I struggled my way through the second half of the college “basketball” (I use that loosely due to the fact that both teams acted like they were allergic to the actual “basket”), I took a trip down memory lane for myself. Now this was not a comfortable journey reliving some of the most amazing performances I’ve ever seen, like Jordan in Utah or basically every inning of Mariano Rivera’s post-September career. No this was something far worse, I was trying to actually think of it I had ever seen anything worse than this to determine the champion of anything.

While the clock ticked down, and started to run short on memories of worse showings, I started to realize that anything worse than that (that wasn’t Soul Plane or any Tyrese movie that didn’t involve amazing robots from my childhood trying to kill him) just wouldn’t come to my mind, and I’d probably blocked them out years ago. So I went to Wikipedia, the source of all my random knowledge (along with my girlfriend), and pulled up several championship lists to remind myself of how they were determined. All at once, a ton of memories blew back in my mind of terrible nights wasted hoping to see a fitting end to entire seasons I’d bled, sweat and maybe cried through time-to-time. It was like the “Butterfly Effect”, only with middle-aged announcers instead of Demi Moore’s boy toy.


A lot of folks were covering their noses due to the smell coming from their TV's on Monday night.


So I bring to you the worst of the worst I can recall, the 10 worst championship performances of my life/that I suffered through, in order from terrible to terriblest (sorry there wasn’t a word terriblest enough for me to describe these displays below, so I had to create one….and use it twice).

10. Ohio State Buckeyes, 2007: The Buckeyes have no shortage of BCS letdowns over the years, but this remains the worst of the lot. It was plain terrible all the way through here, and Florida made sure it they won on style points as well. QB Troy Smith turned in one of the worst nights I’ve ever seen, and got the Heisman curse started early, completing only four passes for 35 yards on the night, and leading (or maybe backing in) the Buckeyes to 82 total yards on the night. They didn’t score after the second quarter, gave up 34 points in the first half, finally falling 41-14.

9. San Diego Padres, 1998: Around this time nobody wanted to see the Yankees, who were assured World Series like the sky was assured to kick it with the sun every morning. However, they never got ushered to one like this huge mismatch. In game one, a Tino Martinez grand slam cued a seven-run seventh inning comeback, which crushed the Pads momentum for the rest of the series. To close it out, they got shut out at home in game four (with Mariano Rivera closing it with his third save of the series), and the series was brought to a decisive end. The Yanks were executioners in this one, outscoring the Padres 26-13, including 14-4 in the 7th, 8th and 9th innings.

8. New Jersey Nets, 2002: This was a nice story of Jason Kidd coming out east and helping a franchise that hadn’t played a meaningful game in about thirty years in a different league and with a completely different type of star (the ABA & Dr. J), but the Lakers weren’t too impressed. This was back when Shaq was like a tank with agility and Kobe was like Clark Kent when he just realized “Hey, I can do a lot really cool stuff I didn’t even know about!”. Shaq opened up with 76 points in the first two games, and by the time the series headed to Jersey, the funeral bugle was already getting tuned up, and the celebratory brooms were being unwrapped, as the Lake Show swept its way to its 14th championship.


The only real contest in the '02 Finals was what got bigger quicker: Shaq's point total or J-Kidd's son's head.


7. Los Angeles Lakers, 2004: And on that note, two years later the Lakers played the stooge in one of the most unexplainable upsets ever. By this time, Kobe and Shaq hated each other in a fashion that even Batman and Joker would be impressed by, and the Pistons exploited this quickly. A dynasty has never crumbled so quick and so decisively with its pieces still in place (hell, they even added graying All-Stars Karl Malone and Gary Payton who were trying to vulture a championship). The Pistons didn’t care about this and thoroughly ended the Lakers run behind a band of misfits that featured basically every talented cast off in the League under the biggest rolling stone of a coach ever, Larry Brown. I’m still confused on how this happened.

6. Cleveland Cavaliers, 2007: Bad year in Ohio here, with the aforementioned Buckeye boofout, and now the best thing they had going in their prodigal son and future pariah, LeBron James, finally doing the unthinkable: putting the Cleveland CAVS in the NBA Finals. Just five years before, this is the same franchise that had Ricky Davis throwing the ball at the rim to try to get himself a triple-double, in what was the highlight of the year during their 17-win tank job to land Judas Iscariot…er…LeBron.


Dave, you could've just gave the Spurs the trophy after the West 'Ships if you knew this would happen.


Well, this club played like Bobby Sura and Ricky Davis still were running the show, as they got whipped into the ground by Tim Duncan and the Spurs, who landed by and far the easiest of their four rings to date. This series was a quick beating, of the sweep variety, but what made it worse was it was ugly (especially the 75-72 crapfest of game 3) because the Cavs were like the guy that keeps getting punch, but keeps getting back up when the whole crowd has seen enough. If you’re gonna get swept, with the most exciting player in the game, at least crack 90 each game.

5. Buffalo Bills, 1993-94: You would think that getting a third consecutive shot at winning ONE Super Bowl would be a gift that showed much favor from the football gods, but after you blow that one, you get a FOURTH too??? You’ve gotta take that one right? Not if you play for the early nineties Bills, who lost their final two shots at salvaging their big game choke reputation at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys by a total score of 82-30.

4. St. Louis Cardinals, 2004: I’m putting this one here because it was the first time my heart was broken by sporting event. I waited 21 years to see my beloved Cardinals play in the Series at an age where I’d remember (’87 is hazy, I was four). The Birds had won 105 games and were playing a team that hadn’t won a World Series since 1918 AND just had to come back from a 3-0 hole to even reach us, the Red Sox. No way we lose this one, pop the bottles my newly 21-year-old self can rightfully purchase now!!!

Well, four games later, the curse was lifted, Ted Williams soul smiled and all the worst accents in the universe were celebrating inside of MY Busch Stadium, as the Red Sox won the Series finally over my Cardinals. My Mother even called me just after last out to console me, and I hung up on her. Me and my Dad sat on the phone in silence for about an hour the next day. Matter of fact, just last year, I saw the final out of that series for the first time since ’04 and a single tear fell out the corner of my eye.


I could've written something that put "808's" to shame in October 2004....


Whoever said “It’s better to get there and lose” has never been there and seen that actually happen. When God smiled on me two years later with my first Series, it helped, but this still burns.

3. UConn Huskies, 2011: Oh, wait…they won. Well there’s no column for “surviving” in the standings, but that’s what happened on Monday night. Butler played so bad that they let a team that scored fewer points than minutes in the first half (19) beat them 53-41. FIFTY-THREE POINTS “SURVIVED” THE GAME. The last time that total would’ve won a National Championship game: 1949 vs. Kentucky, before the shot clock existed. And it would have only won that one by one. Jeez…

2. Butler Bulldogs, 2011: I’m gonna keep this simple, since I’m sure there’s still a few folks in shock from watching this happen: 12 of 64 shots on the night for a 18% shooting night from the field and 41 points total. Butler doesn’t have a football team anymore, but I’m pretty sure they could’ve outscored their hoops counterpart on Monday (by not even existing…think about it).

1. Florida State Seminoles, 2000: I had this one in the books before it started, however I am still convinced that Bobby Bowden did too…the books in Las Vegas that is. There is NO WAY this should have ever happened, and I rank it up among the Kennedy Assassination and Area 51 as one of the greatest conspiracies ever. This may be the greatest understatement I ever write on this blog, but the Florida State Seminoles of the mid-to-late 90’s TOOK NO PRISONERS.

So a team with nine guys that would go to the NFL, averaged 42 points a game & a Heisman Trophy winner that finds a way to score a grand total of TWO points against a Oklahoma squad that had a QB that looked like Ron Howard from his days as Richie Cunningham (Josh Heupel) is still about as big of a choke act as I’ve ever seen. Period.




I don’t care if we never find out about aliens, 9/11 or the Illumanti, I want to know what happened with the 2000 Florida State Seminoles, still.

The Sweet 16 is in the books & there are even more brackets that have caught the Watergate treatment. The last two nights have shattered dreams & put those “point & pick” brackets in better position than anything logical. The mighty are falling fast, from top seeds to top stars, this tourney is headed to an interesting finish fast….but not quite as fast as those brackets are headed to paper shredders around the nation.

The #1 seeds are getting ate alive, with only one left. Ohio State fell to a Kentucky club that’s looking a lot more like what last year’s John Wall club was supposed to look like than this year’s edition. Duke got kicked around by a one-man gang in Derrick Williams, who has Arizona pulling a major Bibby/Simon move all of a sudden.

In other news, North Carolina is cruising along & was the most recent benefactor of a matchup with a Big LEast club, which is looking more & more like an automatic advance (unless the Iron Men of college basketball, the UConn Huskies, are your opponent). Butler won the matchup of what looked like an intrasquad scrimage of Gene Hackman’s Hickory squad from “Hoosiers” against Wisconsin.

Jimmer Jammed

Florida hurt a few brackets (and CBS’s ratings) knocking Jimmer out of the tournament. However, I feel they should be applauded for ending the potential for any more showings of those awkward Jimmer/Hip Hop montage commercial cut-ins they were showing. Those were about as Utah as actually having fun in college. Oh, wait.

And by the why VCU beat Florida State. In March. On national television. Still. Moving right along…

The top of the leaderboard in “DUNKS AND DRANK” has been looking like a four corner tag team match. With a lot of championship picks gone, there’s a lot of lingering going on from brackets with early points, but those Duke & Ohio State brackets (such as mine) dropping quick. North Carolina & Kansas brackets are looking Halle Berry good right now, and by the end of the weekend they should be dominating the leaderboard (such as Halle on Billy Bob. Salutes). But as for now, here how it’s looking….

1) Wayne’s Bracket (Wayne): 38 out of 56/59 points/83 pts possible

Well for now, here’s the top of the pops…for at least another day or so. He’s lost 3 Final Four clubs in total now & can only win one more game for the entire tournament. If you wanna see an example of how these upsets can sink the mightiest early bracket, take a look here. (And then look at mine too, because it’s about identical now. I’m gonna go join Wayne at the paper shredder now too)

2) Bugg-A-Boo (Mark): 37 out of 56/58 pts/138 points possible

If the last bracket was an example of everything that could go wrong from the Sweet 16 happening, well here is the absolute opposite. Kentucky knocking out OSU threw him some much needed padding points, which despite being eliminated from two entire divisions, his Championship game is still alive in Carolina vs. Kansas and he’s in the best shape of anybody.

The lesson to me here: ALWAYS GO WITH YOUR HEART!!! – signed Carolina fan since ’95. *Kicks trash can with bracket in it over*

3)MZSDOT (Rashida): 36 out of 56/58 points/82 possible points

Remember what I said about the ladies in the bracket? Well, we nearly had perhaps the biggest gate crasher since George Mason in the mix here. The VCU of our little our little party here, she was in the mix to get it done until Brandon Knight knocked off the Buckeyes last night. Now she’s got Kansas left, but it’s the party is all but over here. Standing ovation though, especially for her letting me know myself that she is ahead of even me in the standings. Believe me my friend….I know. *Burns all the brackets in the trash can*


“Hey man, remember when Dook didn’t win last night? That was funny as f**k.” – DragonFlyJonez via Twitter

“Marquette needs to give up. This is embarrassing.” – @MilesFan79 via Twitter

“Marquette should have been allowed to use Dwyane Wade for the last 10 minutes. Just for honor’s sake.” – @CheapSeatFan via Twitter

“I’m coming off the top rope if Arizona wins this…” – @AsianMaven via Twitter

And in conclusion, the “Descent To Madness” equals a “Return to Sanity” for one bracketeer….

“Yeah, if San Diego State doesn’t win tonight my new hobby will be shot to s**t.” – @LumberJackNupe via Twitter

Which was shortly followed by…

“Well, that’s the end of being a sports fan.” – @LumberJackNupe via Twitter

Hilarious. The Madness is overwhelming.

Butler's at it again...

“I’m glad I gamble for the thrill and not the money, because I would have to rob a cat after this bracket BS” – Brennan Duvall

If there is any statement that shows the Descent to Madness is well underway, this is it. And there’s not like a #1 seed falling in weekend one to push a few folks off a few ledges.

There have been a select few times in my life when I’ve looked at a scenario play out on any court, diamond, field, etc where I’ve legitimately looked at a play/moment & completely been in awe at the stupidity of it. Robby Alomar spitting in John Hirschbeck grill, Brad Miller pushing Shaq in the back, Chris Webber’s TO, Mike Tyson’s entire career. This list could go on, but these are at the pinnacle of “Mount Stupiditous”.

Well, Nasir Robinson, welcome to immortality. You felt the need to drop the hammer on Matt Howard while he heaved a shot from basically the upper deck of the Verizon Center with under ONE SECOND LEFT, you both knocked Pitt from the tournament, cause the first top 3 seed in any bracket to fall & may have got your house burned down back in Pitt.

Once again, Pittsburgh takes the early dive out the dance, and this year burns the most. They were in the easiest bracket in the tourney for a number one. It also continues the free fall of the lust affair with the Big East, once again, in the March spotlight (6 of 11 teams eliminated in the first 3 days, including their only #1 seed). Pitt has officially become the dance partner every school wants. They skeezers of the brackets that will spread the winnings early & often to the underdog who wasn’t supposed to get a win that night, so he didn’t bring any gum or a glove.

At any rate, very few brackets went uneffected by the stroke of genius that Mr. Robinson showed last night, but the top tier still is basically the same as yesterday still in the pool:

1. “@Milesfan79” (Bleek) – 32 out of 40/32 points/170 points possible left

Took it on the chin with an upset pick gone wrong in West Virginia over Kentucky, but continues to ride the Richmond train into the Sweet 16. He’s ahead by a comfortable 3 point margin, the biggest of the dance so far. He also inspired one of the funniest turns of opinion thus far in the whole tournament, but we’ll get to that in QOTD’s.

2. “Wayne’s Bracket” (Wayne) – 30 out of 40/ 30 points/ 167 points possible left

Still riding clean & went undefeated in games he had predicted yesterday. Perfect East bracket in play & the West is still in great shape. This is the Tim Duncan of brackets basically, no thrilling picks or drama, but highly effective and will be in the mix the whole way. It’s gonna be hard to overtake this one honestly without something happening that hurts every other bracket at the same time.

3. Two teams are tied here, but most importantly, I’m still posted up here in 3rd place. So all of those on Team “Let Matt Drink his own Drank in the Final Four”, stand up (but don’t bring cups).

As a sidenote, there’s some trouble lingering right outside the top 3 in the form of Mr. Nielson Chapman of the Kansas City area & his “Konz Donz”. He’s pulled 28 of 40 right so far, but most importantly has 177 points possible left, so he can make a run because of the top contenders, he is the only one who had Wisconsin in the Final Four. Yep, he benefited more from the boneheaded play of the year more than anybody & the longer the Badgers live on, the more he profits. A black guy that doesn’t play for the Packers benefitting from a Wisconsin win. Don’t see that every day.


“I think Pitt goes out & recruits the biggest, ugliest cats. So they’ll be hungry out there because bad basketball will definitely = no heauxs.” – Oates via Twitter

“Bracket busted like a $2 hooker!” – Brennan via Twitter

As for my favorite showing of the Madness setting in yesterday, we turn to our leader in the clubhouse headed into Sunday….

“Shoutout to everyone who had all #1 seeds in Final Four, that’s only happened once you silly rabbits”…..

Which was quickly followed by….

“Everyone’s Southeast bracket is destroyed.”

Which was THEN followed by….

“Damn, I spoke too soon the bracket I did at last minute had Pitt coming out of SE….” 

All quotes by our leader headed into the end of the weekend, so if anything proves the madness is real & it’s spreading, I don’t know what does.


DESCENT TO MADNESS, vol 4: The Come Up

Posted: March 19, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in Gaming, NCAA
Tags: , , , ,

The round of 64 is over, and the now the majority of the wild & crazy, “I’ve never seen em, but their style of play and mascot just screams upset” games are over. (However, if this is your method, such as “By Logos & Colors” aka Ted bka Tearrance unabashedly said, you’re given a exception and the CHEAP SEATS Medal of Freedom for your bravery). Some boats are on the way down, summed up best here:

“Laughing at my brackets thus far…one is very well and one is blowing….the art of guessing…LOL” – Kelli via Twitter

You gotta love the ladies. But that says it all for a lot of those that believed in the upset as the road to the promised land. Basically, they are cool to pick, but are one point games. A well placed one is good to show your “genius” mostly gets evened back out today & it’s no surprise that the best brackets in the mix so far have some of the highest seeded picks. Before I get to the updated top 3, lets look at the BOTTOM three for why a lot of little holes & slow leaks in your boat can sink you just quickly as hitting a major glacier, a la Louisville….

“I Squoze It Myself” (Mike B.): His bracket is looking like Officer Alex Murphy in the first 10 minutes of RoboCop right now. Memphis, Belmont & Mizzou were early upset tragedies, with later upset picks Texas A&M & St. John’s sealing his fate. Speaking of RoboCop, this bracket is kinda looking like Detroit right about now….yeah, that bad.

“Baracka Flocka Flame” (Brennan): An aptly named bracket now, that features some failures that are on par with Waka Flocka’s grasp on the English language & Obama’s approval with the Muslim conspiracy theory community. With the exception of Kansas, he got the ENTIRE Southwest bracket wrong & over half of the Southeast. “I f**ked my money up”, may be a more appropriate tagline for this bracket now (and would still keep the same Flocka/Obama inspired ties, who’d have thought it…)

“Akummodation” (I have no idea): I’m not sure who’s bracket this is, but since they have UConn & Pitt in the Championship game, I think that says more than enough about what you need to know about this one. The hyjinxs should continue for some time.

And now that that’s over, lets move up the updated penthouse of “DUNKS AND DRANK”….

1. “@milesfan79” (Bleek)-26 out of 32/26 points/186 possible left

The title of today’s first DIM is a credit to this bracket, because he moved up really easy from 3rd place into the champagne room yesterday, and by a comfortable margin as well. This happens when you pick a perfect bracket (the East), only pick one L in another (the West) AND make the smart homer upset pick for your alma mater (VCU). Has a safe bracket today, save for the Gonzaga/BYU upset pick (which may actually not be that at all). Well played sir.

2. “Wayne’s Bracket” (Wayne)-25 out of 32/25 points/183 possible

More of the same as above. Perfect East, one wrong West. Only wrong pick being VCU which keep it out of first. Took tough L’s from Texas A&M and fell on the 30 point hull-out of Tennessee. However, no of them were going far & he’s intact for a good set up weekend.

At number 3 there is a five-way tie currently, however there is one bracket that made moves yesterday that I feel needs some spotlight shined on it a bit…..


3 (tied): “The CHEAP SEAT FAN” (me): 24 out of 32/24 points/180 possible points left

Yesterday I started off my day to the theme from Rocky & some eggs (scrambled though, never in a glass. I stopped pledging looooong ago) in order to inspire my bracket to greatness, and they responded by going 12 for 15 yesterday and shooting me into the top 3. Only one loss in the East & West and today I’ll probably be the biggest Jimmer fan in the country outside of the “No Skins in the Dorm Room” community aka the “Driest Campus in the Land”.

But finally, the QOTD:

“The @CheapSeatFan draft really has me caring about basketball. I still don’t care to watch the game, but I care about the outcome.” – Tearrance (@LumberJackNupe) via Twitter

Excellent. Bring all comers in the CHEAP SEATS. Lets get it in.

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