Warming Up The Stove: CSP’s Top 75 MLB Free Agents

Posted: November 19, 2013 by The Cheap Seat Fan in MLB
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The Awards have been handed out, the trophies laid down and the weather’s turned. This would seem to mean that baseball season has come to close….but everybody should know that never really happens. All the fall means is that the next season is underway, and its already getting into full swing with the free agent, Hot Stove bonanza already getting under way.

Its where the competitors get their fillings and the have-not’s look for their facelifts. Everybody (except for maybe the Marlins, Astros, Twins and of course the Cubs) has a shot still, and that is what makes Stove season so great. And while it is still mostly in the negotiations part of the year, its a prime time to shift the next season here in the CHEAP SEATS into gear.

This is not the first edition of the Free Agent rankings and countdown here this season, as that was intro’d a few months ago. But a lot has changed since then: stock rose via the playoffs, some players decided to stay home, the international kids jumped into the pool and the market began to set the value for what was available. Alas, the purpose of this list is based on how I see the crop of available free agents, based on talent, ranking in comparison to positional value, demand and age, as well a pure ranking of skill on top. It is not an exact science, but it gets the job done. Along with this, there will a breakdown of positions along the way, as well as the ‘Cut The Check’ sessions which evaluate each signing through the winter. Players such as Hunter Pence, who part of the class in the original countdown, but signed before the season ended will not be included.

And with that, here’s it is, the Top 75 players available in the free world today, via current rank. Some have signed already, but will be reflected here for purposes of showcasing the full group. In the first edition of Cut The Check, their signings will be recapped and accessed, and reranks will occur.

The teams next to the players reflect teams that are rumored or have currently expressed interest in each player, via news outlets and sourcing (not sources, I cite those)…

  1. Robinson Cano-2B: Yankees, Nationals
  2. Jacoby Ellsbury-CF: Red Sox, Cubs, Giants, Mariners
  3. Shin-Soo Choo-RF: Yankees, Rangers, Reds, Red Sox, Tigers
  4. Brian McCann-C: Rangers, Red Sox, Yankees, Angels
  5. Matt Garza-RHP: Yankees, Blue Jays, Angels, Giants, Orioles
  6. Carlos Beltran-RF/DH: Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, Royals, Mariners
  7. Ubaldo Jimenez-RHP: Yankees, Giants
  8. Nelson Cruz-RF/DH: Mariners, A’s,
  9. Mike Napoli-1B: Red Sox, Rangers, Rockies
  10. Ervin Santana-RHP: Angels, Yankees, Twins, Royals
  11. Jose Dariel Abreu-1B: Signed w/ White Sox (6 yrs/$68 million)
  12. Masahiro Tanaka-RHP: Yankees, Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Japan
  13. Stephen Drew-SS: Dodgers, Cardinals, Yankees
  14. Curtis Granderson-LF: White Sox, Yankees, Cubs, Diamondbacks, Mets
  15. Tim Lincecum-RHP: Signed w/ Giants (2 yrs/$35 million)
  16. Hiroki Kuroda-RHP: Yankees, Angels, Japan
  17. Dan Haren-RHP: Yankees, Twins, Pirates, Cubs,
  18. Joe Nathan-RHP: Tigers, Yankees, Angels
  19. Grant Balfour-RHP: Yankees, Rockies, Tigers, Rays
  20. Kendrys Morales-1B: Mariners, White Sox, Indians, Mets
  21. Ricky Nolasco-RHP: Twins, Yankees, Mets, Dodgers
  22. Jhonny Peralta-SS/3B: Mariners, Mets, Pirates, Yankees
  23. Marlon Byrd-OF: Signed w/ Phillies (2 yrs/$16 million)
  24. Fernando Rodney-RHP: Indians, Rays, Cubs
  25. Omar Infante-2B: Tigers
  26. Jarrod Saltalamacchia-C: Red Sox, White Sox, Twins
  27. Tim Hudson-RHP: Signed w/ Giants (2 yrs/$23 million)
  28. Josh Johnson-RHP: Royals, Rangers, Giants, Padres
  29. Joaquin Benoit-RHP: Phillies, Tigers
  30. Brian Wilson-RHP: Indians, Tigers, Rockies
  31. Edward Mujica-RHP: Phillies, Red Sox, Tigers, Yankees
  32. Alexander Guerrero-2B/SS: Signed w/ Dodgers (4 yrs/$28 million)
  33. Carlos Ruiz-C: Resigned w/ Phillies (3 yrs/$26 million)
  34. A.J. Burnett-RHP: Pirates
  35. Nate McLouth-LF: Orioles
  36. Bronson Arroyo-RHP: Twins, Giants, Phillies, Reds, Dodgers, Angels
  37. Bartolo Colon-RHP: Athletics, Marlins, Braves
  38. Scott Kazmir-LHP: Twins, Orioles, Mets
  39. Jesse Crain-RHP: Red Sox, Rockies, Cubs
  40. Corey Hart-1B/RF: Brewers, Mets, Pirates
  41. James Loney-1B: Rays, Rockies
  42. Chris Perez-RHP: Astros, Athletics, Tigers
  43. Raul Ibanez-DH:
  44. Boone Logan-LHP:
  45. Gavin Floyd-RHP:
  46. Jason Kubel-OF/DH:
  47. Michael Morse-OF:
  48. Joe Smith-RHP: Phillies
  49. Dioner Navarro-C: Yankees, Phillies, Mets
  50. Justin Morneau-1B: Rockies
  51. Scott Downs-LHP:
  52. A.J. Pierzynski-C: Twins, White Sox, Phillies
  53. Matt Albers-RHP:
  54. Scott Feldman-RHP: Orioles
  55. Javier Lopez-LHP: Giants, Yankees
  56. Jason Hammel-RHP: Giants,
  57. Mark Ellis-2B:
  58. Jason Vargas-LHP:
  59. J.P. Howell-LHP:
  60. Ryan Vogelsong-RHP: Giants
  61. Rafael Furcal-SS: Mets, Royals
  62. Scott Baker-RHP: Cubs
  63. Jose Veras-RHP:
  64. Kevin Gregg-RHP:
  65. Juan Uribe-3B: Dodgers
  66. LaTroy Hawkins-RHP: Signed w/ Colorado Rockies (1 yr/$2.5 million)
  67. Paul Konerko-1B: White Sox, Retirement
  68. Barry Zito-LHP:
  69. Kelly Johnson-2B: Yankees,
  70. Geovany Soto-C: Signed w/ Texas Rangers (1 yr/$3.05 million)
  71. Rajai Davis-OF:
  72. Brendan Ryan-SS: Resigned w/ Yankees (1 yr/$2 million
  73. Joba Chamberlain-RHP: Royals, Braves, Giants, Astros
  74. Chris Young-OF: Mets, Red Sox, Astros
  75. Phil Hughes-RHP: Twins, Royals, Padres, Giants

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