The Cheat Sheet: NFL Picks, Lines and Upsets – Week 10

Posted: November 7, 2013 by The Cheap Seat Fan in NFL
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It was a rough week for the Cheat Sheet in Week 9, as it went from its highest high of the year, to the lowest low. The tricky nature of the recently passed slate led to a 7-6 final mark was by far the worst showing of the season. While upsets from the Dolphins, Jets, Eagles and Browns, compounded by a solid Titans win and the loss of Aaron Rodgers sinking the Packers on Monday led to the brutal week, but its time for a bounce back campaign.

Rolling into Week 10, there are elements of another trap week here. Tough divisional tilts such as Bengals/Ravens and Lions/Bears are in store, while there are some teams such as the Dolphins, Texans and Giants could prove to either stay their new course of action or fall back into their previous form. Then there are the Packers who will start the first leg of life without Rodgers and have to take a new approach to the year, much in the way the Bears have as well.

It will be a tight week, but I feel a bounce back coming on, as well as a turn of fortune in both the Upset of the Week and Free Money buy-ins as well. And with that, it’s time to see how this week will shake out. But first, how the beans have sorted out thus far…


Free Money Picks: 2-5

Upset of the Week: 1-3

Record—Week 9: 7-6, Season: 79-38


Washington Redskins (3-5) at Minnesota Vikings (1-7) [WSH -2.5, O/U: 50]


St. Louis Rams (3-6) at Indianapolis Colts (6-2) [IND -9.5, O/U: 44]

Seattle Seahawks (8-1) at Atlanta Falcons (2-6) [SEA -6.5, O/U: 44.5] $$ Free Money of the Week #1 $$

Detroit Lions (5-3) at Chicago Bears (5-3) [DET -1.5, O/U: 52]

Philadelphia Eagles (4-5) at Green Bay Packers (5-3) [GB -1.0, O/U: 43.5]

Jacksonville Jaguars (0-8) at Tennessee Titans (4-4) [TEN -12, O/U: 41]

Oakland Raiders (3-5) at New York Giants (2-6) [NYG -7, O/U: 43.5]

Buffalo Bills (3-6) at Pittsburgh Steelers (2-6) [PIT -3, O/U: 43.5]

Cincinnati Bengals (6-3) at Baltimore Ravens (3-5) [CIN -1.5, O/U: 44]

Carolina Panthers (5-3) at San Francisco 49ers (6-2) [SF -6, O/U: 43]

Houston Texans (2-6) at Arizona Cardinals (4-4) [ARI -3, O/U: 41]

Denver Broncos (7-1) at San Diego Chargers (4-4) [DEN -7, O/U: 58]

Dallas Cowboys (5-4) at New Orleans Saints (6-2) [NO -6.5, O/U: 54] $$ Free Money of the Week #2 $$


Miami Dolphins (4-4) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-8) [MIA -2.5, O/U: 41.5] **Upset of the Week**


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