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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Detroit Lions

NFL Week 8 takes to the field tonight in Tampa, and the Cheat Sheet resumes after a third straight week of reaching double-digit wins. And has the eighth time around the 2013 NFL takes shape, this may be the most straight-forward week of the season thus far on the picks sheet.

There is big time landslide potential in the London Jaguars/49ers matchup, as there is plenty of space between the Seahawks/Rams, Chiefs/Browns, Saints/Bills and Broncos/Redskins. A few clubs that had underwhelming starts see them come back to life in recent weeks, such as the Steelers, Panthers and Falcons have a chance to continue their resurrection as well. Yet the week also holds some neck-to-neck faceoffs in Detroit and Cincinnati, as well as a few chances for the favorite to fall as well.

Time to get into it again shortly, and to see if the season remains charitable to the Cheat Sheet as well.


Upset of the Week: 1-1

SEASON RECAP: Week 7: 11-4, Season: 62-29


Carolina Panthers (3-3) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-6) [CAR -6.0, Over/Under: 40]


San Francisco 49ers (5-2) at Jacksonville Jaguars (0-6) in London [SF -16.5, Over/Under: 40.5]

Dallas Cowboys (4-3) at Detroit Lions (4-3) [DET -3.0, Over/Under: 51]

Cleveland Browns (3-4) at Kansas City Chiefs (7-0) [KC -7.5, Over/Under: 39.5]

Miami Dolphins (3-3) at New England Patriots (5-2) [NE -7.0, Over/Under: 45]

Buffalo Bills (3-4) at New Orleans Saints (5-1) [NO -12.0, Over/Under: 49]

New York Giants (1-6) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-4) [PHI -6.0, Over/Under: 52.5] **$$ Free Money Pick #1 $$**

New York Jets (4-3) at Cincinnati Bengals (5-2) [CIN -6.5, Over/Under: 41]

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-4) at Oakland Raiders (2-4) [PIT -1.5, Over/Under: 40.5]

Washington Redskins (2-4) at Denver Broncos (6-1) [DEN -13.0, Over/Under: 58.0]

Atlanta Falcons (2-4) at Arizona Cardinals (3-4) [ARI -2.5, Over/Under: 44.0] **Upset of the week**

Green Bay Packers (4-2) at Minnesota Vikings (1-5) [GB -10.0, Over/Under: 46.5]


Seattle Seahawks (6-1) at St. Louis Rams (3-4) [SEA -11.0, Over/Under 42.0] **$$ Free Money Pick #2 $$**


With only one series left in the 2013 MLB season, the attention will soon turn towards the 2014 campaign, and the changes to come for it. The first wave is free agency, and who will be available on the open market in under a month.

The rebuilding process has already begun in several towns, that are making changes on the bench via the manager chair, but what team they’ll bring back is yet to be seen. Even the Cardinals and Red Sox will still have work to tend to shortly, with critical parts of their championship teams becoming available for the free-for-all spree that the December Hot Stove holds.

But all of that is to come, and for the time being, here is the complete picture for each team facing free agent season.

The key: *= 2014 team option, ** = 2014 player option, *** = mutual team/player option, **** = 2013 achievement vesting option

Either declared or notably rumored retirees noted by (R).

National League East

1. Atlanta Braves (9): Brian McCann-C, Paul Maholm-LHP, Tim Hudson-RHP, Scott Downs-LHP, Freddy Garcia-RHP, Eric O’Flaherty-LHP, Luis Ayala-RHP, Kameron Loe-RHP, Reed Johnson-OF*

2. Washington Nationals (2): Dan Haren-RHP, Chad Tracy-1B

3. Philadelphia Phillies (2): Carlos Ruiz-C, Roy Halladay-RHP****

4. New York Mets (8): LaTroy Hawkins-RHP, Johan Santana-LHP*, Aaron Harang-RHP, Tim Byrdak-LHP, Pedro Feliciano-LHP, David Aardsma-RHP, Frank Francisco-RHP, Daisuke Matsuzaka-RHP

5. Miami Marlins (5): Juan Pierre-OF, Placido Polanco-3B, Chad Qualls-RHP, Matt Diaz-OF, Austin Kearns-OF

National League Central

1. St. Louis Cardinals (5): Carlos Beltran-OF, Edward Mujica-RHP, Rafael Furcal-SS, Jake Westbrook-RHP*, Chris Carpenter-RHP (R)

2. Pittsburgh Pirates (9): A.J. Burnett-RHP, Justin Morneau-1B, Marlon Byrd-OF, John Buck-C, Clint Barmes-SS, Jeff Karstens-RHP, Kyle Farnsworth-RHP, Francisco Liriano-LHP*#, Wandy Rodriguez-LHP**

3. Cincinnati Reds (6): Shin-Soo Choo-OF, Bronson Arroyo-RHP, Nick Masset-RHP, Ceasar Izturis-SS, Zach Duke-LHP, Manny Parra-LHP

4. Milwaukee Brewers (3): Corey Hart-1B, Yuniesky Betancourt-UTL, Mike Gonzalez-LHP

5. Chicago Cubs (4): Kevin Gregg-RHP, Dioneer Navarro-C, Matt Guerrier-RHP, Scott Baker-RHP,

National League West

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (12): Ricky Nolasco-RHP, Brian Wilson-RHP, Chris Capuano-LHP, Michael Young-3B, Juan Uribe-3B, Mark Ellis-2B, Jerry Hairston-2B, JP Howell-LHP, Edison Volquez-RHP, Carlos Marmol-RHP, Skip Schumaker-OF, Nick Punto-SS

2. Arizona Diamondbacks (3): Willie Bloomquist-SS/2B, Eric Chavez-3B, Wil Nieves-C

3. San Diego Padres (3): Jason Marquis-RHP, Ronny Cedeno-SS, Mark Kotsay-OF (R)

4. San Francisco Giants (6): Tim Lincecum-RHP, Javier Lopez-LHP, Andres Torres-OF, Chad Gaudin-RHP, Ryan Vogelsong-RHP*, Barry Zito-LHP**

5. Colorado Rockies (7): Matt Belisle-RHP, Jeff Francis-LHP, Roy Oswalt-RHP, Yorvit Torrealba-C, Jorge De La Rosa-LHP*, Rafael Betancourt-RHP*** (R), Todd Helton-1B (R)

American League East

1. Boston Red Sox (8): Jacoby Ellsbury-OF, Mike Napoli-1B, Jarrod Saltalamacchia-C, Stephen Drew-SS, Joel Hanahran-RHP, Matt Thornton-LHP, John McDonald-SS, Jon Lester-LHP*

2. Tampa Bay Rays (13): Fernando Rodney-RHP, James Loney-1B, Jesse Crain-RHP, Delmon Young-OF, Kelly Johnson-2B, Roberto Hernandez-RHP, Jose Molina-C, Luke Scott-DH, Jamey Wright-RHP, Ben Zobrist-2B*, David DeJesus-OF*, Yunel Escobar-SS*, Juan Oviedo-RHP*

3. New York Yankees (14): Robinson Cano-2B, Hiroki Kuroda-RHP, Curtis Granderson-OF, Brendan Ryan-SS, Phil Hughes-RHP, Boone Logan-LHP, Joba Chamberlain-RHP, Kevin Youkilis-3B, Travis Hafner-DH, Lyle Overbay-1B, Mark Reynolds-1B, Derek Jeter-SS**, Andy Pettitte-LHP (R), Mariano Rivera-RHP (R)

4. Baltimore Orioles (8): Nate McLouth-OF, Scott Feldman-RHP, Michael Morse-OF, Jason Hammel-RHP, Francisco Rodriguez-RHP, Brian Roberts-2B, Chris Snyder-C, Alexi Castilla-3B*,

5. Toronto Blue Jays (8): Josh Johnson-RHP, Rajai Davis-OF, Darren Oliver-LHP, Ramon Ortiz-RHP, Casey Janssen-RHP*, Adam Lind-1B*, Munenori Kawasaki-SS*, Mark DeRosa-2B*,

American League Central

1. Detroit Tigers (8): Joaquin Benoit-RHP, Jhonny Peralta-SS, Omar Infante-2B, Brayan Pena-C, Octavio Dotel-RHP, Ramon Santiago-SS, Jeremy Bonderman-RHP, Jose Veras-RHP*

2. Cleveland Indians (8): Scott Kazmir-LHP, Joe Smith-RHP, Matt Albers-RHP, Jason Giambi-DH, Rich Hill-LHP, Kelly Shoppach-C, Ubaldo Jimenez-RHP***, Jason Kubel-OF***,

3. Kansas City Royals (5): Ervin Santana-RHP, Bruce Chen-LHP, Carlos Pena-1B, Jamey Carroll-2B, James Shields-RHP*

4. Minnesota Twins (1): Mike Pelfrey-RHP

5. Chicago White Sox (3): Gavin Floyd-RHP, Paul Konerko-1B, Matt Lindstrom-LHP*

American League West

1. Oakland Athletics (5): Grant Balfour-RHP, Bartolo Colon-RHP, Coco Crisp-OF*, Kurt Suzuki-C*, Chris Young-OF*

2. Texas Rangers (8): Matt Garza-RHP, Nelson Cruz-OF, David Murphy-OF, AJ Pierzynski-C, Colby Lewis-RHP, Geovany Soto-C, Joe Nathan-RHP*, Lance Berkman-DH*,

3. Los Angeles Angels (1): Jason Vargas-LHP

4. Seattle Seahawks (7): Kendrys Morales-1B, Raul Ibanez-DH, Oliver Perez-LHP, Endy Chavez-OF, Humberto Quintero-C, Franklin Gutierrez-OF*, Joe Saunders-LHP***

5. Houston Astros (1): Erik Bedard-LHP


Week 7 of the NFL is ready to take off, and the Cheat Sheet returns in good condition yet again. Week 6 was a kind one, with double-digit wins once again being hit on. And it hit just in time, because Week 7 is shaping up as one with some tough home/road shots in it.

The letdown of the week last time around came from the Texans, who fell at home to the Rams. Also, the first “Upset of the Week” pick failed, as the Browns three-game winning streak came to an end at home to the Lions. Add in losses at home for the Vikings and Panthers, as well as a loss on Monday for the Colts, and a solid 10-5 mark was met overall.

In week seven, there are a handful of very tough matchups, with five matchups sharing spreads of three points or fewer to open up the week. There are close matchups that could come out of Bengals/Lions, Patriots/Jets, Cowboys/Eagles, Redskins/Bears & Ravens/Steelers, making for a risky week on the picks. But while last week was pulled by the road, this week, the confidence feels closer to home.

And with that, here’s the recap of the year as it’s been, and finally, what’s to come…

Free Money Picks (Cover spread & Over/Under): 0-2

Upset of the Week: 0-1

SEASON RECAP—Week 6: 10-5, Season: 51-25


Seattle Seahawks (5-1) at Arizona Cardinals (2-3) [SEA -6.0, Over/Under: 40]


St. Louis Rams (3-3) at Carolina Panthers (2-3): [CAR -6.0, Over/Under: 42]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-5) at Atlanta Falcons (1-4): [ATL -7.0, Over/Under: 43]

Cincinnati Bengals (4-2) at Detroit Lions (4-2): [DET -1.0, Over/Under: 47] **Upset of the Week**

Buffalo Bills (2-4) at Miami Dolphins (3-2): [MIA -7.5, Over/Under: -7.5]

New England Patriots (5-1) at New York Jets (3-3): [NE -3.5, Over/Under: 43.5]

Dallas Cowboys (3-3) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-3): [PHI -2.5, Over/Under: 55]

Chicago Bears (4-2) at Washington Redskins (1-4): [EVEN, Over/Under: 50]

San Diego Chargers (3-3) at Jacksonville Jaguars (0-6): [SD -7.5, Over/Under: 45]**$$ Free Money #1 $$**

San Francisco 49ers (4-2) at Tennessee Titans (3-3) [SF -4.0, Over/Under: 39.5]

Cleveland Browns (3-3) at Green Bay Packers (3-2): [GB -10.0, Over/Under: 46]

Houston Texans (2-4) at Kansas City Chiefs (6-0): [KC -6.5, Over/Under: 40]

Baltimore Ravens (3-3) at Pittsburgh Steelers (1-4): [PIT -1.0, Over/Under: 40.5]

Denver Broncos (6-0) at Indianapolis Colts (4-2) [DEN -6.5, Over/Under: 56] **$$ Free Money #2 $$**


Minnesota Vikings (1-4) at New York Giants (0-6) [NYG -3.0, Over/Under: 46.5]


For more on the NFL has the picks and flops of the week work out, follow me on Twitter at @CheapSeatFan

THE CHEAT SHEET: NFL Picks & Lines, Week 6

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Week 6 in the NFL is ready to take place, and the Cheat Sheet finds itself in between a rock and hard place. After a major breakout to start the year, I’ve stumbled down the picks mountain two consecutive weeks, finishing with a 9-5 mark for week five. Not so bad considering that its starting to become the revelation point in the season, where name value is getting thrown out the window, and what a club really is begins to show itself.

A few of the prime losses from a week ago were due to that, and none bigger than in Atlanta falling the Jets on Monday Night. Toss in an L at home from the Giants, and there are two teams that failed hold home turf and have one win to show between them, despite carrying a much bigger rep into the year. Two more losses came from the Titans and Bears that failed to defend the home turf, while the shocker of the week is beginning to show that it should be anything but that. The Colts proved that their trouncing of the San Francisco 49ers was not a fluke, as they out-toughed the Seahawks at home to improve to 4-1.

This week doesn’t have too many close nods, but the games to watch with a chance to turn the week on its head are in Cleveland, Tampa Bay, New England, San Diego and the rivalry of the week in down in Dallas on Sunday night.

SEASON RECAP–Last Week: 9-5, On the Year: 41-20

(Sunday lines & over/unders to be updated within day of game time)


New York Giants (0-5) at Chicago Bears (3-2) [CHI -7.5, Over/Under: 47]


St. Louis Rams (2-3) at Houston Texans (2-3): [HOU -7.0, Over/Under: 42.5]

Oakland Raiders (2-3) at Kansas City Chiefs (5-0): [KC -7.0, Over/Under: 41]

Cinncinati Bengals (3-2) at Buffalo Bills (2-3): [CIN -6.0, Over/Under: 41.5]

Detroit Lions (3-2) at Cleveland Browns (3-2): [DET -1.5, Over/Under: 43] – *Upset Pick of the Day*

Carolina Panters (1-3) at Minnesota Vikings (1-3): [MIN -2.5, Over/Under: 45]

Pittsburgh Steelers (0-4) at New York Jets (3-2): [EVEN, Over/Under: 41]

Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-4): [PHI -2.5, Over/Under: 45]

Green Bay Packers (2-2) at Baltimore Ravens (3-2): [GB -2.5, Over/Under: 49]

Jacksonville Jaguars (0-5) at Denver Broncos (5-0): [DEN -27, Over/Under: 53] *$$ Free Money* $$ #1*

Tennessee Titans (3-2) at Seattle Seahawks (4-1): [SEA -11.5, Over/Under: 41] *$$ Free Money $$ #2*

Arizona Cardinals (3-2) at San Francisco 49ers (3-2): [SF -10.0, Over/Under: 40.5]

New Orleans Saints (5-0) at New England Patriots (4-1): [NE -1.0, Over/Under: 50.5]

Washington Redskins (1-3) at Dallas Cowboys (2-3): [DAL -5.5, Over/Under: 52]


Indianapolis Colts (4-1) at San Diego Chargers (2-3): [IND -1.0, Over/Under: 50]

The CHEAT SHEET: NFL Picks, Week 5

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Week 4 was a return to reality week of sorts for the Cheat Sheet. After a 13-3 week 2 and an unintentional bye week in week 3, the picks broke out to only five games above .500 for the last go around. The Lions showed they may really be legit after all as they thoroughly trounced the Bears, and there were a few toss up L’s taken with the Patriots and Texans too. The big shockers of the week were the Bills bossing up over the Ravens, and the Browns continuing their improbable run too.

This week got off to a start with those two teams coming off their improbable wins facing off, and I had to default back to my original picks in the season preview section for it. Worked out in my favor, because it was the Browns, but now the full week is on deck, and it’s a chance to push 20 games over .500, although there are some really tough matchups this week, including three that are breaking out with an even line headed into Sunday.

Season Recap: Last Week: 10-5, Season: 32-15



Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns (CLE -4.0, Over/Under: 40.5)


Jacksonville Jaguars (0-4) at St. Louis Rams (1-3) (STL -11.0, Over/Under: 41.5)

New Orleans Saints (4-0) at Chicago Bears (3-1) (EVEN, Over/Under: 50)

New England Patriots (4-0) at Cincinnati Bengals (2-2) (EVEN, Over/Under: 45)

Detroit Lions (3-1) at Green Bay Packers (1-2) (GB -7.5, Over/Under: 53.5)

Kansas City Chiefs (4-0) at Tennessee Titans (3-1) (KC -2.5, Over/Under: 38.5)

Seattle Seahawks (4-0) at Indianapolis Colts (3-1) (SEA -1.0, Over/Under: 43.5)

Baltimore Ravens (2-2) at Miami Dolphins (1-3) (MIA -2.5, Over/Under: 43)

Philadelphia Eagles (1-3) at New York Giants (0-4) (EVEN, Over/Under: 53.5)

Carolina Panthers (1-2) at Arizona Cardinals (2-2) (CAR -1.5, Over/Under: 41.5)

Denver Broncos (4-0) at Dallas Cowboys (2-2) (DEN -7.0, Over/Under: 56)

Houston Texans (2-2) at San Francisco 49ers (2-2) (SF -6.0, Over/Under: 41.5)

San Diego Chargers (2-2) at Oakland Raiders (1-3) (SD -4.5, Over/Under: 44.5)


New York Jets (2-2) at Atlanta Falcons (1-3) (ATL -9.5, Over/Under: 43.5)


Every season, there is a player that blows up on the scene out of seemingly nowhere. And while the focus hits the rookie class of the year, there is always a class of players that takes the step up from “good” contributor to game changer, seemingly out of nowhere.

Here at the end of the year, most of these names have become regulars on the highlight reels and Fantasy leaderboards, but before awards season pulls some permanently to the mention among the league’s elite, here my take on those that made the farthest leap forward in the year that was.

9. Edward Mujica: While he curbed down badly at the end of the season, the fact that he was able to save the Cardinals rapidly defaulting bullpen early in the season was impressive and a huge reason the club rebounded into the race early in the first half. He finished with 37 saves in his first year anchoring the ninth inning in his career and made his first All-Star team.

8. Chris Johnson: He went from a throw in portion of the deal that brought Justin Upton to Atlanta, to the most consistent part of the deal in Atlanta. Johnson hit a career-best .321, good for second in the NL this year and added some fire to the team that could have easily gotten detached from the race while running away and hiding in their dominant NL East Championship run.

7. Justin Masterson: The up and down Masterson reached a new peak for the Tribe in their heist of the AL Wild Card upper-hand. His mastery of his sinker/fastball saw him run up 14 wins and a career-best 195 strikeouts, and more importantly, become a legit number one arm for a team in need of one.

6.  Andrelton Simmons: A sneaky WAR impacter, the Braves young shortstop stepped into his own last year, and became a force in the field. He had the large range factor (4.92) and his defensive WAR was an absurd 5.4, which breaks out to 3.2 more games saved with his glove than any other shortstop in baseball. Add in his 17 home runs and 59 RBI, all things considered, he changed 12.1 games in the Braves favor.

5.  Josh Donaldson: The A’s third baseman is the perfect presence for the perennially underrated A’s. Donaldson flew beneath the radar all year, and didn’t even get an All-Star nod, but went on to hit .301, drove in 93 and doubled 37 times in route to becoming the leader in A’s run to defend their AL West title.

4.  Matt Harvey: His 7-2, 2.35 ERA and 147 strikeout first half earned him an All-Star start in his first full season as pro. And while a torn UCL in his elbow ended his second half early and will keep him out until 2015, this year was a revelation on what could be: a top shelf arm of the highest degree.

3. Matt Carpenter: The Cardinals biggest catalyst went from utility man trying his hand at a new position, to becoming an All-Star second baseman that would go on to lead the National League in hits (199), runs scored (126) and doubles (55). And to cap off his transition story, he also led the NL in double plays turned as well.

2. Paul Goldschmidt: The next step in the career of Goldschmidt found him tied atop the National League in home runs (36) and sole leader in RBI (125). However, the third year first baseman was far from just a power conduit, as he hit .302 and stole over 15 bases for the second consecutive year. Add in leading the NL in slugging percentage, on-base + slugging percentage and total bases, and he’s on par to remain an overall force for years.

1. Chris Davis: How can it not be him? Davis did not exactly come out of nowhere; he hit 33 home runs and drove in 85 RBI in 2012, and had two other previous seasons of topping 17 long balls. But he broke out in rare air this year, topping the Majors with 55 homers this summer, becoming the first player since Jose Bautista in 2010 to do so. He also led the MLB in RBI, with 138 and ran direct interference with what was a very solid effort at a repeat Triple Crown for Miguel Cabrera.

What’s even more is how he did it. He had 37 first half home runs, and was on pace to run past 60 for over half of the year, and before hand and wrist injuries slowed his pace in August, he was creating a true debate about if he had the chance to be the “real” (read as non-Bonds) home run king.


For more on the postseason as it unravels and all other sorts of great things, such as what I’m thinking about eating for breakfast right now, follow me on Twitter at @CheapSeatFan.


It’s that time again.

The time to get back to where so much of it started at. To what may or may not have been the best days of your life, but what for certain are some of the most unforgettable…while making some new days to not forget again. The end of October, so its time to get back to where you once belonged.

It’s Homecoming, got dammit.

And not just any, but it’s Mizzou Homecoming, and if you have been in the last few years, you know something big is in store. From Friday, October 25 and Saturday, October 26 we need Black Mizzou of all ages to come and takeover Columbia. If you’ve missed out, it’s time to finally quit saying “next time”, because you are missing out. Homecoming has become about as big of a deal as can be imagined, and for the Black Mizzou, Homecoming has become an event that’s worth calling off on Monday for, a year early.

So make it down early, stay as long as you can handle it. The numbers have grown each year, as have the events. The tailgate grew so much last year, new rules are going into place to work it out this time (see below), but it still is what it always has been: a weekend of pure partying and being a real Tiger back in the jungle. Whether you’re 10 years gone or barely one, this is what Black Mizzou Homecoming is all about…


Straight off the highway, Into the Fryer—TROPS on the Southside (Happy Hours): It’s a whole new type of experience, but it’s still where to get started off at (as well as about half the reason you came in the first place, don’t lie). Stop by, meet up with who you’re coming to see and get ready for the rest of the night.

Greek Alumni Happy Hour—Missouri Theater (4-7): For our returning Greeks, the department of Greek Life is hosting a happy hour event on the roof of the Missouri Theater and wants for all returning NPHC members to come out and be represented. Enjoy cut prices on drinks and food, as well as a view of downtown Columbia that’s all-new.

The Nightscene—Bangkok Gardens (811 Cherry Street, Columbia MO 65201 – 11:00 to 1:30): It got so big last year, that we had to add an extra floor this year. Get there early to eat, stay after to party. Enjoy happy hour drinks and a two floor party experience that’s everything you’ll need in one event.

The Hampton Inn & Suites on the corner of College & Stadium, where the tailgate will be located on the corner of.


BLACK ALUMNI TAILGATE PART III –All Day, Corner of College & Stadium (by the Hampton Inn & Suites) 8:00 until the coals go out: It’s the main event, made early. The biggest event of the weekend for Black Alums starts with breakfast on corner and ends when we say it does.

We’ll be out there early, and advise you follow suit. The Keg and Eggs brunch is out early, and then its full into the brats, burgers, chicken and whatever else finds its way to the pit. Offerings are accepted, and the more that comes in, the more there is to go around.

If you’re in town already, pull yourself up. If you’re coming in early, head straight to the spot. Space is limited, and due to the growing nature of the tailgate, we are telling everybody to come out as early as possible and set up your plot. Whether it’s just backing your car in next to the tailgate area, or setting up a tent and stretching it out, the earlier you make it out, the better chance you have of getting your own space.

Black Homecoming Festivities and Yard Show—Stotler Lounge, Memorial Union (1-3 pm): Get back into the school spirit with the showing of the undergrad homecoming activities and a NPHC Step/Stroll off. Taking place between the Law Library and Alumni Center, between Stankowski Field and Jesse Hall, more details as this develops, but it’s a must see part of the weekend experience.

Your BCS #5 Missouri Tigers vs. South Carolina Gamecocks (6:00): MIzzou is riding a high and is the biggest surprise of the college football season. At six, they take to the field to prove that numbers don’t lie and have a chance to take a step closer to locking up and SEC East championship. The game will be live at Faurot, on the radio at the tailgate and on the screens at the Sports Zone bar that will neighbor the tailgate grounds. The night kicks off with yet another SEC win for our Tigers.

Rounding It Out—The Blue Fugue (9:00-1:00; 120 S. 9th Street, Columbia MO, 65201): The last move of the weekend should be the best, and that’s what the move down to The Blue Fugue is. Bringing back those vibes of Athena, Silhouette and Dali’s, all in one, this is the final spot for the alumni weekend. Whether you’re there to get your party in or to just catch a table with some drinks, this is where to be. There will be a small cover, but the age is restricted to 23 and up so it will stay true to the Alumni culture.

Here you have it, Black Alumni Homecoming Weekend. And while the events are where we’ll be at, the experience of the old town is something to see. If you’ve got questions, ask them, but don’t drag your feet because it has become the must attended event of the year at the Alma Mater.

Hotel rooms are still available, and will be opening up regularly over the next few weeks. Watch as many outlets as you can (Priceline, Orbitz, etc) to find availability, and if you have rooms you are releasing, please leave the info here in the comments section below.

For more info as it develops, follow me on Twitter @CheapSeatFan, as well as contact @FranchICE06, @DaRealMattOates, @B_Wash5, @Twend_Setter or @GatorBell, as well as follow the hashtag #MIZHC on Twitter.

More Info

As for the Mizzou vs. South Carolina game on Saturday, here are ticket outlets with plenty of seats remaining:


Vivid Seats: