2013 Top 75 MLB Free Agents: Volume 4 Update

Posted: December 14, 2012 by The Cheap Seat Fan in MLB
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The Greinke dice are in full tumble since our last update, and yesterday’s dealings on the other half of LA may just clear off the whole table soon. Not to be outdone, the Angels sent the second earthquake through LA baseball by inking Josh Hamilton yesterday, and now the only two candidates for massive deals are off the board.

The top of the CHEAP SEATS’ Free Agent board is cleared up, and now comes the class of where a mixture of teams that have lost out on the top targets, as well as teams who now have absolute price comparisons for the winter, will set in. The Texas Rangers are in scramble mode to steady themselves after taking three big blows in losing out on Greinke, Hamilton and losing a deal to land Justin Upton as well, as a result of the Reds/D’Backs/Indians trade earlier this week. They’ll be in the chase now for virtually every top free agent now, due to both need and financial freedom. Also, the Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies and even still, the Angels are all teams to watch.

It's now Michael Bourn's time to stand in the spotlight, leading the pack of an impressive group of compliment players.

It’s now Michael Bourn’s time to stand in the spotlight, leading the pack of an impressive group of compliment players with increased value.

Overall, it’s about to pick up, and here are the breakdown of the recent signings, before the next “Cut the Check” breakdown comes on Monday. The next update will be the top 25 free agents on Monday, which will run until the original Top 10 is all signed away.

  1. Josh Hamilton (OF)—Signed w/ Los Angeles Angels: 5 yrs/$125 million
  2. Michael Bourn (CF): Mariners, Cubs, Rangers
  3. Anibal Sanchez (RHP)–Resigned w/ Detroit Tigers: 5 yrs/$80 million
  4. Nick Swisher (RF/1B):  Rangers, Mariners, Phillies, Indians, Orioles
  5. Adam LaRoche (1B): Nationals, Red Sox, Rangers
  6. Kyle Lohse (RHP): Rangers, Angels, Tigers, Mets, Red Sox
  7. Rafael Soriano (RHR): Tigers, Blue Jays, Dodgers, Red Sox, Rockies
  8. Edwin Jackson (RHP): Angels, Rangers, Padres, Orioles
  9. Kevin Youkilis (3B)—Signed w/ New York Yankees: 1 yr/$13 million
  10. Stephen Drew (SS): Tigers, Athletics
  11. Brian Wilson (RHR): Angels, Dodgers, Red Sox, Giants
  12. AJ Pierzynski (C): White Sox, Rays, Yankees, Rangers
  13. Ryan Dempster (RHP)—Signed w/ Boston Red Sox: 2 yrs/$26 million
  14. Cody Ross (LF/RF): Yankees, Phillies, Giants
  15. Carlos Zambrano (RHP):
  16. Ichiro (CF)—Resigned w/ New York Yankees: 2 yrs/$12 million
  17. Kelly Johnson (2B):
  18. Scott Hairston (CF): Yankees, Cardinals, Indians, Mets, Giants
  19. Brett Myers (RHP): Twins, Indians, Angels, Padres, Brewers
  20. Mike Adams (RHP): Angels, Dodgers, Red Sox, Phillies, White Sox, Rockies, Blue Jays
  21. Kyle Farnsworth (RHR): Tigers, Rockies
  22. Lance Berkman (1B/DH): Astros, Phillies, Rays, Red Sox
  23. Shaun Marcum (RHP): Royals
  24. Luke Scott (1B/DH):
  25. Delmon Young (LF/DH): Mariners
  26. Colin Ballester (RHP):
  27. Casey Kotchman (1B):
  28. Carl Pavano (RHP): Red Sox, Twins, Marlins
  29. Francisco Liriano (LHP): Twins
  30. Matt Capps (RHR):
  31. Joe Saunders (LHP):
  32. Francisco Rodriguez (RHR):
  33. Ryan Theriot (2B/SS):
  34. Dallas Braden (LHP):
  35. Casey McGehee (3B):
  36. Derek Lowe (RHP):
  37. Jason Bartlett (SS): Cardinals
  38. Carlos Lee (1B):
  39. Jose Valverde (RHR):
  40. Ty Wigginton (1B/3B)–Signed w/ St. Louis Cardinals: 2 yrs/$5 million


Off The Board

1. Zack Greinke (RHP)—Signed w/ Los Angeles Dodgers: 6 yrs/$147 million

4. BJ Upton (CF)—Signed w/ Atlanta Braves: 5 yrs/$75 Million

8. Hiroki Kuroda (RHP), New York Yankees: 1 yr/$15 million

12. Mariano Rivera (RHR) –Resigned w/ New York Yankees: 1 yr/$10 Million

13. Torii Hunter (RF), Detroit Tigers: 2 yrs/$13 million

18. Mark Reynolds (1B)—Signed w/ Cleveland Indians: 1 yr/$6.5 million

20. Ryan Ludwick (LF)—Resigned w/ Cincinnati Reds: 2 yrs/$15 million

21. Melky Cabrera (LF), Toronto Blue Jays: 2 yrs/$16 million

24. Brandon McCarthy (RHP)—Signed w/ Arizona Diamondbacks: 2 yrs/$15 million

25. Andy Pettitte (LHP)—Resigned w/ New York Yankees: 1 yr/$12 Million

26. Russell Martin (C) –Signed w/ Pittsburgh Pirates: 2 yrs/$17 Million

28. Jeremy Guthrie (RHP), Kansas City Royals: 3 yrs/$25 million

29. Hisashi Iwakuma (RHP), Seattle Mariners: 2 yrs/$14 million

31. Jonathan Broxton (RHP), Cincinnati Reds: 3 yrs/$21 million

32. Jeremy Affeldt (LHP), San Francisco Giants: 3 yrs/$18 million

36. Ryan Madson (RHP), Los Angeles Angels: 3 yrs/$3.25 million

37. Sean Burnett (LHR)—Signed w/ Los Angeles Angels: 2 yrs/$8 million

46. Scott Baker (RHP), Chicago Cubs: 1 yr/$5 million

48. Randy Choate (LHR)—Signed w/ St. Louis Cardinals: 3 yrs/$7.5 million

51. Andruw Jones (OF)—Signed w/ Ratuken Eagles (Japan): 1 yr/ $3.5 million

52. Eric Chavez (3B)—Signed w/ Arizona Diamondbacks: 1 yr/$3 million

53. Jonny Gomes (LF), Boston Red Sox: 2 yrs/$10 million

56. Jeff Keppinger (3B/2B)—Signed w/ Chicago White Sox: 3 yrs/$12 million

57. Nate McLouth (CF)—Signed w/ Baltimore Orioles: 1 yr/$2 million

59. Joe Blanton (RHP)—Signed w/ Los Angeles Angels: 2 yrs/$15 million

60. Juan Pierre (LF), Miami Marlins: 1 yr/$1.6 million

For more on the free agent market as it comes together in real-time, as well as column at The Sports Fan Journal, follow me on Twitter at @CheapSeatFan


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