The Asterik (Not) Heard Round the World

Posted: October 4, 2012 by The Cheap Seat Fan in MLB
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Cabrera’s post-selfishness “unselfishness” has opened up a Pandora’s Box on dilemma’s on the MLB.


Major League Baseball made a pretty big decision about a week ago that’s gone without much fanfare. However, the implied statement that was made by the decision to remove Melky Cabrera from the upcoming awarding of National League batting champion is huge. It is the first time that an official statistic and categorical league champion will not receive recognition due to a positive result for performance-enhancing drugs.

By this being allowed, it could knock down the first domino of an entire game of revisionist Domino Rally in regards to the steroid era, its offenders and the place in history having a precedent of changing recognition for offenders. Cabrera will not return this season due to a 50-game suspension, but his .346 batting average still sits atop the leader boards coming into the last week of the season. Due to the fact that he has enough at-bats and games played still despite his last game being August 14, he is in line to win the National League batting title.

The issue with his winning is clear; it flat looks bad for a caught and convicted rule breaker to walk away with any type of honor for his efforts. It’s the black eye that has plagued baseball for well over a decade, and what it is working the hardest to distance itself from. However, there was no official answer on what to do about when the inevitable end came to reality. The only word being that since the batting champion is not an officially recognized award winner of the MLB, there would be no official decision required on how to handle it. But everybody knows that’s the ultimate cop-out, especially for such an image-conscious league. Something had to be done, somehow.


For the rest of the reason on why this verdict was most Mighty Casey of all the swings and misses in recent baseball history, head over to The CHEAP SEATS at The Sports Fan Journal here:


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