Mizzou Alumni Homecoming Weekend 101: Back to Basics

Posted: September 25, 2012 by The Cheap Seat Fan in Misc.
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Last year was about selling it; this year is about affirming it. And make no doubt about it, Mizzou Homecoming is legit as it gets now. Last year we rang in the 100th in a major way, as anybody that made their way over to the corner of College and Stadium knows. Now it’s time for 101, and to find a way to take it up another notch.

The point was made last year: you make it to Homecoming early and you’re still running behind in the kickin it. From as early as Thursday night, it’s going down. It’s college the way it was meant to be: sans all those annoying books and telephone support jobs. It is pure partying, survival to party again and then the push to make it to home for work….on Tuesday. That’s HC at both its finest and most aspirin and Gatorade infused.

It’s time again to bring the mainstays back and push the folks on the fence off it towards CoMO. Last year, we had at rough count, about 100 folks come out throughout Friday night and all of Saturday for the official, unofficial Homecoming movement. For the old vets coming back, you already know what it’s going to be (and there’s a refresher below for our more mileage n’ alcohol run down minds). For our younger and first time Alums, this is what you need to be checking for.



Straight off the Highway, Into the Fryer – WE AT TROPS (Downtown, 5-8): You know what this is, so get your first one in early. I know the one on the south is more popular, but we’re at the one downtown so the night can be close for the night’s events….

Checking out the scene – Downtown Pub Crawl (8 – until): A lot has changed in CoMO, but one good thing is there’s never been more places to get it in at. We’re going to be getting space at a few of the new and old spots downtown, and make some short appearances in all of em. Catch up and keep up if you can.

Late Night Shift – Eats: I don’t care if it’s Pickleman’s, Gumby’s or La Siesta, nourishment is on deck by then. We’re taking over a late night eats spot (you can catch me in the almighty El Rancho), and seeing how and where the night ends up (afterset is strong possibility, but the set isn’t getting burned up this early).


DAY TRIPPER PART II – All-Day Tailgate (9 AM until the Coals go out, Corner of College and Stadium): The school may be new to the SEC, but the tailgate game been on its level (and way before the team decides if they want to be too).

We out there, early, and if you know what’s best for you, you’ll be right behind us. The ribs, fish, wings and brisket coming out first, with the hot dogs, brats and chips next, so meet the feasting horn first, and let the beers and vibe carry the rest of the way. There’s a new twist coming out this year, in pure throwback style: a daytime Battle of the Punches running all-day as well.

So if you’re in town already, be up and early. If you’re pulling into town on Saturday, head straight to the gate. We’re taking over the whole corner, right in front of the Hampton on the edge of campus. But, since this is an Alumni gathering, and I know for a fact that our college years are treating some of well, don’t be to put in! All contributions are accepted, and needed, in order to max out the event.

Night Trip – The Vault (9:00 to 1:30): Last year, the surprise of the weekend was the kamikaze move of the weekend. The Vault, underneath the old Tiger Hotel on 8th Street, turned up so much, it damn near stole the spotlight of HC weekend, so much so we gotta take the party back there to end this one right. Wind the weekend down in spot you can catch a table with your folks, get a dance if you got the legs for it or even hold the bar down if somehow you still have it in you. This time around, we’ll turn the music up, without having our shoes stuck to the floor in the process.

The Vault is UNDERNEATH the Tiger Hotel, on 8th Street downtown.


So there it is, Homecoming 101. We got up for 100 like never before, so why fall off the next time around? If you’ve got a hotel, I guarantee you won’t want to see much of it. If you don’t have one, you won’t need one. If you’ve got questions about what to expect, ask somebody who did it and you’ll know right away that college was great, but the after party is just as good.

If you’ve got any questions, follow @CheapSeatFan, @FranchICE06, @DaRealMattOates, @Tweet_on_Deez, @IDOKICKS @Gator_Bell and @B_Wash5 for the immediate word. And if you’re going to be there, make it known below in the comments. Get the movement going early!


For game tickets vs. Kentucky, check out Stubhub here: http://www.stubhub.com/search/doSearch?searchStr=Faurot+Field+Memorial+Stadium&pageNumber=1&resultsPerPage=50&searchMode=event&start=0&rows=50&geo_exp=1

For a hotel info, check back regularly with Priceline and Hotwire. Rooms open up even as late as the week of Homecoming (I landed one for $77 two days before last year).

Send contributions for the Alumni Tailgate via Paypal to Whitener.Matt@gmail.com


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