The Invisible Superman: Matt Cain Throws A Perfect Game

Posted: June 14, 2012 by The Cheap Seat Fan in MLB
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Orginially posted today at The Sports Fan Journal:

Is this loud enough for you? Probably not…

Let me tell you a story about the invisible man, an invisible man that has it all. This is a guy that’s been to the mountain tops of the game, both early and late, yet somehow he still slides beneath the radar. No matter what he does, no matter how big of a boom he makes, it never seems to register. Maybe that will change with his latest feat, but I wouldn’t be surprised if somehow it doesn’t…because he’s invisible, you know? Well no matter if you can’t see or speak to it or not, let me at least make the plea here for the best pitcher nobody acknowledges. Let me speak on behalf of Matt Cain.

See, last night he threw the 22nd perfect game in baseball’s 150+ year history, so that will get the wagon rolling about how great he was. The problem is how great he’s been the entire time he’s been in the game has been next to ignored. How does this happen? How can somebody with such a rare combination of talents and accomplishments be so easily ignored? Let’s play a bit of “Where’s Waldo” here and sort out why a lot of folks need to get on the horn with their optometrists immediately.

Who is he? He’s in his 8th season, working on his third All-Star game in the last four years. His rookie year he had a run of 42 inning pitched while giving up only one run, good for a 0.21 ERA. He’s the same guy that already notched a one-hitter this year, as well as a two-hitter in a nine-inning no decision. That’s alright I suppose, but there’s more…


For the rest of this piece, including why Cain is the biggest neglect victim in all of baseball, head over to my new column at The Sports Fan Journal here:


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