The Quiet Storm Is Over….Barry Bonds is Back

Posted: May 31, 2012 by The Cheap Seat Fan in MLB
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Originally posted on The Sports Fan Journal, May 30th.


It’s storm season, and a familiar forecast is on the horizon. Barry Bonds is looking for a way back into baseball. Now stop for a second and think about that: how oddly correct it is…because he never really was officially kicked out. But in all truth, the all-time home run king was all but thrown out the Major Leagues with a style that only Uncle Phil and Jazz could really appreciate. Since the end of 2007 when he became an unceremoniously unoffered free agent, despite coming off a season that was still far from the norm of an average ballplayer, there’s always been an air of excommunication around Bonds and the MLB.

Now he’s looking to rebuild the bridge that was broken apart while he was standing on it. With the meat of his legal trials for obstruction of justice behind him, he’s looking to repair his place in baseball; a place that is one of the most enigmatic of any ever established in sports, overall.

Barry’s back…and business has picked up right where it left off around him. Will he finally step out of the game’s shadows though?

It is truly an amazingly complicated scenario. Despite never being charged with violating the policy, Bonds sits at the head of the “guilty by public opinion” table of steroids violators from the last decade of baseball. This is an era that has had ramifications of the past, present and immediate future. Perhaps more than anybody else, Bonds has been the most hotly pursued of all, because he was the game’s ultimate villain, and has kept the role long after he took his elbow armor off for the last time. Not since Ty Cobb nearly 100 years before him had a player been so seemingly universally loathed, yet undeniably dominant. Despite always being one of the best players in the game since first arriving, he went on a tear like no other player in history, and took the record book by its throat. While many other alleged, and revealed, performance enhancement users fell by the wayside over time, Bonds pushed on higher and higher.


For more on what’s in store for Bonds, and baseball’s moral future, check out the rest of this piece at The Sports Fan Journal here:


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