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You're not alone Brother. Not by near sight.


“1/1 so far with my bracket lol.” Good start.” – @Aundrea_Elise

“Brackets day 1. #Epic Fail” – @DClay83


And with that, Day one of the Madness is underway. It was everything you really expect for a first day of the Tourney to be, and nearly everything you’d never expect. It took #1 Syracuse  38 minutes to put away the #16 seeded UNC-Asheville (and even then took a bit of “striped intervention” from the zebras) and avoid making the absolute worst kind of history ever. A few bracket busters went head to head, and on the other end it last year’s small juggernaut VCA made their business as usual (“VCU is putting hands on Wichita State – @Skarface Nupe) . And there will definitely be a new champion this year, as 2011 Champs UConn got quick work made of them by Iowa State.

There was a lot at work, and in the DESCENT INTO MADNESS, the top of the board shows just how anything is possible….and the Twitter wires show that the seeds of the mania are already sprouting in our bracketeers heads with only half of round 2 done. Here’s just a few of the slides into the fever of the Madness from Day One.

“I inserted my bracket. Can you see me?” @MoDivine

“Shaka looks like a light-skinned Tupac.”@LakishaJackson

“Take the white dude off the court if he isn’t gonna hit shots.” @IDOKICKS

“Baylor gotta get the hell up outta here with these county jail roadside cleanup fits man…” – Me


Me and My Pop’s (Rampage) Tourney Convo of the Day (via IM at work)

Me: “Man, Montana? What the hell was that?”

Him: “I thought they had something in them to pull it off.”

Me: “They pulled something out on you it looks like. Now clean ya self up.”


Here’s the “Unintentional Sequence Tweet Off” of the day….

“UConn isn’t anywhere near out of that game. Second half is what counts.”@CheapSeatFan (Me)

Followed shortly by a far more appropriate comment….

Can I get a 20 ball for my Cyclones over UCONN right now!!! #ISU” – Followed by….

ISU had no business being a damn 8 seed!!!” – both courtesy of @Diggame

I think D. Frie won that point pretty clearly. Moving right along….


“I got the University of the United States winning the whole thing.”@SkarfaceNupe

I don’t know if that team made it onto my bracket, but B. Holmes pulled a lot magic out his various hats over the years, so making a squad magically appear in the tourney wouldn’t surprise me at all. Watch out for him later in the brackets for real, for real.

In a sign of the times tweet, “So Yahoo has locked me out of my account until tomorrow, so I can’t check my bracket….I got the paper version so I’ll survive.”@Kells713

I think she’ll like what she finds. But before we move on, this deserves special acknowledgment as well…

“Graphic design never fails. I picked my entire bracket based purely on logos and colors and I’ve only missed one game so far. #marchmadness”@FindingChizz

And actually, that’s true as hell. So with that, let’s take a quick glance at the leader board. As expected, there’s a 9-way at the top after Day One, with eight of those brackets all having the same maximum point potential still, so there’s so scrapping and separating to pull out this weekend still. At a certain point yesterday, the top 3 spots were all held down by the ladies that entered the tourney, which was a huge thrill to me. Now I won’t disrespect them by calling that the #16 over the #1 that UNC-Asheville couldn’t pull off yesterday, but oh man, I’d love to see the faces of the fellas if they get beat out in a few weeks in the same fashion.

And in that spirit, I bring you the DESCENT INTO MADNESS, Part Deux, tweet of the day. I poignant take on the happenings of Thursday…

“I will cherish this number 1 ranking in @CheapSeatFan’s bracket group because I don’t know if I’ll ever see it again lol.”@CHEL_seeyaa.

YOLO, young Ms. Drake, YOLO. That’s all I can really say there. You made it to the mountain top dammit.

But finally, the Tweet of the Day That Has Nothing To Do With Sports: “It is categorically impossible to take a candid picture of yourself. #petpeeve” – @FindingChizz


Enjoy Friday, and with Mizzou playing today I already know tomorrow morning’s edition will be major with the commentary game. For that and more from all of these “DESCENTORS”, follow me on Twitter at @CheapSeatFan.


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