Posted: March 15, 2012 by The Cheap Seat Fan in NCAA
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There’s no better weekend of sports than the first weekend of March Madness. And because the Lord is kind, he has brought this weekend back to us all again. Here in the CHEAP.SEATS, the NCAA Tournament is also something bigger: it’s my annual open house. It’s when I invite everybody that frequents the area here, partake in bar convo with me or just follow my misadventures on Twitter to come on over and feel the burn here.

And with that I present to you the second annual bracket challenge here at CSP – DESCENT TO MADNESS, PART DEUX.

The title explains it all and there’s no more aptly named event than March MADNESS, because before too long it removes rational thought from most folks that take part in. The mania starts early, with the pick making process. Whether you’re making your choices by strategically breaking down every inch or every team that you’ve either watched for months….or didn’t know existed until today. Or if you’re looking for every little upset or just running with the powerhouse. Or if you’re picking squads by strongest mascot, best logo or baddest cheerleaders, it doesn’t matter. The craziness is taking you in.

By Sunday, some part of your well thought out or barely attention paid method will be ruined, and the slowly the madness will seep in, and then it can only get worse from there. And all along the way, I’ll be watching and documenting it here’s. That’s the point of DESCENT INTO MADNESS, for each participant’s fall into the pit of bracket-induced despair to be chronicled each day in a daily recap here.

But there are a couple of twists here: you’re the one that writes this. Via your Tweets, Facebook posts or even having random convo with me, I’m taking notes and reposting each high, low and WTF moment you choose to share with the world each day, the next morning. I’ll be watching down over your output like a Gargoyle in Gotham  City, so be careful….you might make yourself play the fool, or the genius.

The next twist: I’M GIVING AWAY FREE STUFF AGAIN. To this year’s winner, I’m giving away TWO free “Cheap Seats” to the game of your choice. It’s the best place to watch a game, so I want to share my world with you, on my tab*. Everyone (except for me) is eligible for this, but there’s a twist: In order to win the prize you have to log into CSP and check, then comment on at least one post of DESCENT TO MADNESS after each round. It’s an open house, so come through and check yourself out. You do that, then hit the comment box, and follow through with a win? I gotta give you something for that, and it’s all up to you.

Time is getting short if you haven’t signed up yet, but don’t fear, registration is still open and here’s the link: http://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/group/34766/invitation?key=c4017429fa8d3068

It’s the best sports Tournament in the world, so get into it here and watch yourself lose your mind over it…or whatever you had left in the first place. Cheers.


To watch the mania sweep over me as well, follow me on Twitter at @CheapSeatFan.


*Terms & Conditions: Ticket winner is eligible for up to two tickets totaling $60 dollars combined. Will not be honored as an individual ticket price, a) because that’s selfish as hell, b) that’s not a cheap seat anymore and this sit isn’t called “MediumToExpensiveSeatsPlease.Com”, & c) because I said so. Please give at the least a two week window before requesting prize and there is a 6 month window to make claim of prize.


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