Cardinals Spring 12 in 12, Part 3: The Craig Quandrary

Posted: February 28, 2012 by The Cheap Seat Fan in MLB
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Among the many revelations of last fall was that the St. Louis  had a legit player in Allen . Mind you, this wasn’t breaking news of the original variety, as for a few years it was seen that he had what it took to make a play here & there, as well as be a serviceable rotation outfielder. But that was before he took the late and post seasons by the horns and made them his own. This leaves the team with an issue, albeit a rather desirable one…

What to do about Allen Craig?

It’s a question that will have a delay in being answered, due to him being likely sidelined until May after November knee surgery. But when he comes back, finding at-bats for him will be a chess match for manager. And it all goes back to the last time the third year outfielder had to make his way back from leave of absence due to injury.

Craig has played his way into a lineup that has no extra space for him in 2012.

Craig has shown a remarkable way of making up for lost time. Last summer, after tearing the stitches out the ball as the fourth/fifth outfielder to the tune of a .336 average, a knee injury kept him out of nearly all of June & July. However, he crashed the  walls when he came back in August & September, hitting .327 in the season’s final month and seven homers and seven doubles in August & September. All of which set the stage for what’s put the current situation into place, October.


For the rest of this article, including how he actually does fit in when he returns, and what former Cardinal All-Star his situation most closely resembles, head over to St. Louis Sports 360 here:


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