Catch The CHEAP SEAT FAN on his Radio Rounds…

Posted: December 13, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in Gaming, Lost and Found Sports
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Be sure to check me out tonight live on “The Exchange” on Blog Talk Radio with Jason Clinckscales & Sumit Dasgupta. Jason is a freelance writer in the New York area who currently provides high quality insight in the New York Giants (firsthand) weekly. However, when the show hits the air, anything and everything is in play.

As for me, I’ll be discussing the Albert Pujols fallout & what happens from here with the St. Louis Cardinals. Also, I’ll be talking NBA and shedding a bit of light on what is proving to be the most pointless lockout ever.

The show kicks off at 10 EST/9 CST, and be sure to check them out every week, as it truly brings together the best of both of many worlds of the expanding sports commentary universe. Be sure to follow Jason on Twitter at @asportsscribe for more on what’s going on & live links to follow the show and topics.

To catch the show, reach the chat room and to be able to hit the line to leave your mark on the air, be sure to log on to tonight.

To learn more about the show hit here:


Check back tomorrow here in the CHEAP SEATS, and get information about where you can catch me in part 2 of my radio rounds this week when I get really deep into Cardinal Nation with the guys over with C70 At Bat & the United Cardinal Bloggers side of the game.


In the in-between time, follow me & the cold I’m fighting off with two fists at @CheapSeatFan over on Twitter.

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