Furcal’s Signing Is A Win Three Times Over

Posted: December 10, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in MLB
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Originally & completely posted 12/10 at St. Louis Sports 360


On Saturday afternoon, the post Pujols-era gained it’s first “new” Bird on bat…albeit he was familiar face already.

The St. Louis  came to terms with   on a two-year, $7 million deal with the to return to the club. The 34 year old joined the team last August at the trade deadline from the Los Angeles Dodgers, and instantly made an impact with his glove for a team that struggled with middle infield defense the entire year. In 50 games for the Cardinals, he hit .255 and spent much of his time as the lead off hitter, a role he will very likely resume.

Furcal's signing both solves a group of problems and open up more possibilities all at once.

The signing is a winner on three levels for the team. Firstly, it answers a question that was running out of time, and options, to find an answer to: who will be the club’s shortstop. Last season, Ryan Theriot opened the year in the role, but his limited range became an issue, as well as an inconsistent bat. After him, Tyler Greene received a look, and brought speed and a glove to the equation, but was a further drop off at the plate. It wasn’t until Furcal that the club finally solved all of these issues in one player.


For the rest of  this article, including why Furcal’s return answers a group of questions that couldn’t have been any other way, read the rest of this piece at St. Louis Sports 360: http://stlouissports360.com/furcal-signing-is-a-win-three-times-over/


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