360: Cardinals Winter Wish List, Part 1: The Pujols Pact

Posted: December 5, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in Uncategorized

It’s that season again where the things you’ve either wanted all year or a deal that popped up that you just can’t walk away from. I’m not talking online or Christmas shopping here either; rather I’m talking Hot Stove. Particularly, I’m talking St. Louis  wants and needs, and what should be simmering on the stove for the club to fill in the blanks and take it to the next level going into next year (even though all the would mean is a shorter  win…still celebrating over here).

All of that aside, there are some issues that the team needs to address to completely solidify the team more. The run that the Cards concluded on was amazing, but amazing rarely happens twice in such a fashion. The need for such a run can be avoid by some smart moves this time of the year, and bringing some needed improvements and filling in the few holes that are in place from where the most recent team left off.

All eyes are on Albert for now, and nothing else can move until he does in Cardinal Nation.

Speaking of holes, we are taking meteor style crater here. Nothing creates a void quite like a once in a generation, three-time MVP, franchise all-time great being unsigned and dabbling in the . The debate about what it’s going to take to bring Albert  back is nothing new, with numbers ranging up to $300 million being rumored.

The reality of the situation is that while Albert is out there, it’s kind of like a break from your girl when you know you’re really not broken up. While it makes you a bit nervous that maybe she’s talking on the phone to another guy, you know that in the end when you call, she’ll answer and it will be back to the way it should be. That’s what’s happening here. The Cardinals are the ideal location for Pujols for multiple reasons, but….


For the rest of this and more comprehensive Cardinals coverage, head over to St. Louis Sports 360: http://stlouissports360.com/cardinals-winter-wish-list-part-1-the-pujols-pact/


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