Posted: November 30, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in NFL
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It’s no secret or understatement to say this is a busted season for the St. Louis Rams. Following up a season that they made huge strides from the cellar of the league to being a game away from the playoffs, the expectations coming into this season were justified in thinking another slight step forward could happen. All of the good parts of the team were back, quarterback was poised to take another step forward in his development and they were in a division that was wide open for the taking.

At this point, Bradford's preservation may be taking the lead over his development

Yet, they didn’t account for one thing that’s become apparanet: Murphy bought season tickets to the Rams this year, and applied his law non-stop from day one.

None of these elements have taken effect in pushing the team forward. As a matter of fact, no part of the team that was intact on week one has taken a step forward. There are bright spots, and some individuals are showing promise, but overall looking at this team as a project that can still be added to in certain places to get better again would be terrible mistake. A facelift is needed in a “Thriller” vs. “Bad” Michael Jackson style. Because once again, the spirit of the team is back to where it was from 2005-2009, and that played out like prolonged horror flick, that actually got scarier with each sequel.

It’s not an impossible job, but there is no part of this team that should be safe….


To read more, head over to St. Louis Sports 360 and see why if the Rams return anywhere close to resembling this team next season, they should be kicked out of the city:

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