Who Hurt You?? I guarantee it wasn’t Tebow himself.

Posted: November 28, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in NFL
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For all of the either/or situations I’ve ever seen I’ve never seen one as pointed as the Tim Tebow situation around the NFL this year. And before I go into this, let me stick this in here first so that’s its clear: I don’t think the Tim Tebow experiment is going to work. It’s far too one-dimensional and gimmicky.

But I also don’t get the personal vigor he is chased down with. The man has done nothing but play (win 83% of the time), yet he’s struck out against personally with a vigor that would make you think he’s dating everybody’s Mom in a Ving Rhames/Baby Boy style.

Tebow is at the center of a lot of issues...that have nothing to do with "him".

Nobody tells you what to believe in this here sports universe. That is completely on you. If you read/watch/digest all of the opinions on your favorite ESPN broadcast or Twitter feed, and then deem them to be laws and absolute trust that you must adhere to, you’re creating a whole lot of misery for yourself.

So, I want to know, what is it? Why is it that when the Broncos win, it’s either the defense’s glory, bad play by the other squad or “divine influence” (which I seriously think some folks are starting to believe). Let’s walk this down some:

Was it college? He won games, trophies and titles non-stop. And it does get tiring hearing about the same story over and over again. You can say it was due to everybody else on the team around him from Percy Harvin to Urban Meyer to Albert the Gator, but I doubt they would agree with you. But I never remember hearing any story that explicitly stated that I had no choice in having to like the guy. If somebody’s got a You Tube clip on that, toss it in the comments below so I can check it out. Happy hunting.

Is it his personality? Because if it is, there’s you’ve got a much bigger issue than I can help you with in my humble little sports blog here. But there are a few words for that, and one starts with a “B” and the other an “H”. Last time I checked, there’s absolutely nothing that the man has forced on anybody in that regard, and while we defend folks in the same situation as him that have done some outright terrible things. Consider him cocky if you want to, but in light of what he could be with the self-defense he has to put out just for doing his job, he could be Ric Flair in each interview and it wouldn’t bother me.

Is it his style of play? It isn’t pretty and it doesn’t have legs, but there are a lot of worse quarterbacks that are playing a much more textbook style. So why can’t this go for a while? The Broncos were in the toilet before he took over and now they are winning. The point of playing is to win, not look good doing it.

Is it a race issue? Is he getting a shot he wouldn’t get if he was another race? Well, that could be true, but it could also be what he did before he got here maybe actually convinced the Broncos he could be a good quarterback in the NFL. The SEC is supposed to be the Holy Grail (no pun, trust me) of college football, yet he basically made it his playground for four years. If anything, this could help some of the black quarterbacks that have been wrongly overlooked over the years by seeing that this can work. It may not be the breakthrough messenger of that word, but hey I’ll take it if it gets the end achieved.

Or is it the hype? Because if that’s the case, you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself. Tebow’s relevance is created just as much by you as it is anybody else. The entire issue around him is that he “isn’t worthy” of the praise he receives. All the while, what makes him so relevant is the backlash that he receives, not the praise. He’s never said anything that puts him over anybody else, nor done much on the field that says you HAVE to pay attention to him with such intensity.

Or is it that he’s not failing? After all of the idea of him being unworthy, not good or being handed credit that “he isn’t due”, is it just the burn that he’s not losing? Losers never get shade thrown on their day in the sun, mainly because nobody’s being proven wrong. But Tebow has been the most effective quarterback in the NFL this year not named Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning (for completely different reasons). The simple word on it is that the Broncos were ass before he took over, and now they aren’t. He may be the brown bag worthiest QB in the league, but it’s working.

No matter what it may be, the real issue is that you have a problem with the system that you feed into. So be mad at ESPN, be mad at an announcer or somebody you socialize with on the internet most likely just to disagree with (I’ll never understand that), but don’t blame the man. He’s done absolutely nothing on any level to have any detractors other than be unorthodox compared to every other standard that is desired at the quarterback spot. Instead, blame yourself for completely missing the point of opinionated commentary; which has never added a single-letter into any rule book of play.

So “rejoice”. The very beast you’re fighting against, you’re also feeding and making the issue bigger and stronger with each week. But I’m not telling you what you “have to” believe. No, I’ve got no such delusions of such grandeur. But if you choose to add me into the parade of other personal lawmakers you adhere to and rebel against, just know up front I’m not telling you have to like Tim Tebow. Rather I’m pointing out why it is that you are so upset at his success. Sounds like a problem that could be solved to me with an adjustment in perspective, but I’m not God, the head of ESPN or the landlord of your remote control, so I don’t make the rules.

But neither does Tim.

I usually say you can get more from me on whatever I wrote about over on Twitter, but on this subject I’m done with it. I just want to sit back and laugh. But you can still follow me at @CheapSeatFan

  1. Matthew says:

    Not a Tebow hater, I’m just not sure how anyone on that offense gets credit for the Broncos late surge. They’ve scored 4 TDs in 3 games! Their offense is almost inept as the Chiefs, their defense has just played better.

    *Side steps lightning bolt*

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