I Don’t Believe What I Just Saw

Posted: October 28, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in Uncategorized

What happened last night?

Although I didn’t have even a corner of alcohol, I woke up today feeling like I had a wild ride last night that even Harold & Kumar would’ve been proud of. The St. Louis Cardinals have taken baseball out of just the realm of September magic, and turned it into a WrestleMania-level run of drama over the last month. However, it seems apparently that the best is being saved for nearly last. All I know is that I’m nearly spent, and there’s still 27 outs left before there is a king of the baseball hill for 2011.

Maybe I can’t really remember what happened because it was so unlikely. There’s no way that a guy that had struggled to even get 3 pitches deep into at-bats for most of the series (David Freese) would step up to the plate and not only live out one of the biggest backyard dreams that a kid can have (World Series…bottom of the 9th…two strikes…etc.), but then deliver on it, and come back two innings later AND DO IT AGAIN!!! No way, that didn’t happen.

Maybe it’s because the Cardinals as a team broke basically every rule you can in winning a game, yet still no only lived to fight another day, but have taken a definite swing to snatch control of not only the series, but the entire city of St. Louis. Over the course of about an hour, an entire fan base died slow and cancerous death sponsored in part by back-to-back Adrian Beltre and Nelson Cruz home runs, the joy of the Freese “Oh my God, did that really happen” triple & then a Kirk Gibson-like Josh Hamilton homer. The Hamilton homer snatch the life out of my chest like how I only imagine getting tapped on the shoulder and shot with a bazooka as soon as I woke up in the morning would. All of that before the shot that damn near had to get Busch Stadium’s wall rebuilt by Freese went down. This all happen in the course of one hour tops. Wow.

The Hometown hero Freese basically told every kid that has baseball's biggest dreams that they are possible last night...all at once.

Or maybe it’s the fact that a damn near knocked myself out cold celebrating the Freese hit. After the double by Albert Pujols in yet another of his now ritual “Last at-bats as a St. Louis Cardinal”, followed by Lance Berkman continuing to be greatest bargain in Cardinal history, I was about as nervous as I’d ever been watching anything. I was literally shaking when he hit that ball into right field and it crashed off the wall. I jumped up in my living room, yelled like the Ultimate Warrior and then it got interesting.

Next is the reason it’s always good to watch sports with other fans:

Due to the lack of anybody to high five, hug or just yell with in my house, I decided to party with the 8 foot wooden door that’s at the front of my house. For some reason, I decided to bash my head into it full speed as a way to get all of the

Me in my living room, last night. It was so worth it though.

“Hell Yeah” out of me that had just got created. I was so pumped up from this moment of pure, raw fanhood, that I didn’t even feel that fact I’d split my forehead up like Ric Flair from his NWA days. I sat there and watched the entire next at-bat before I realized I’d done this, and instead of getting up to look into it, I just tweeted the details of it because I couldn’t imagine missing a pitch. Good thing I was in a different room when the game winner was hit, because this wouldn’t be getting written I’d imagine if I’d tried that stunt again.

But things like this don’t happen right? Teams don’t go from 10.5 games out of being the last team in (and making me want to smack my head against a door for a completely different reason) to being 27 outs away from the most unbelievable feeling in the world? This is all a dream and it’s not real.

There’s a lot that’s going on. Chris Carpenter taking the hill mostly likely for the third time in the series, looking for a second masterful performance to close out a series this October. A charged up lineup, stadium and city taking on a Rangers club that is never out of it either. I would be remise to not acknowledge the continuing parade of “Pujols last at-bats”, so ceremonially & annoyingly introduced by Grand Marshall Joe Buck. The drama that is Allen Craig, Jason Motte and Freese and the other all or nothing nature of the young Redbirds. The struggle of Matt Holliday to make due in the field and at the plate could have another nine innings to grimace through as well. Me making sure I don’t randomly pass out…there’s a lot going on tonight.

But if I’m actually unconscious from last night right now, and none of this REALLY happened, let me chill for a while longer…at least until flag number 11 is on its way to the sky above Busch. That’s all I want…and an Aspirin.

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  1. Dallas Long says:

    Love to see that your passion for Cardinal baseball has continued to grow to delirious levels. It doesn’t wane either so enjoy for life. If the frat house on Vivacite was still up an operational our first conversation after Game 6 is working through the past trying to figure out where this game lands in our rich baseball history. We would talk about it until TW falls in and out of sleep. I’ve been lucky enough to see two Series clinchers for my birds but those games pale in comparision to what i witnessed Thursday night. Insane. Highest of highs and lowest of lows. Is this the best World Series game ever? I’m going to go with a yes and ready to hear the debate start with Kirby and Fisk. Is the 2011 collection of games top 10 best series ever? We will be batting this one around for a while. Give TW a hey for me and enjoy yet another world championship for the St. Louis Cardinals!

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