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It’s a new week around the NFL, but before moving ahead, here’s a look at what was, and what a week it was in week 4. Statements were made around the League, of both the good and bad variety. The Champs flexed their muscles, the team that was crowned the kings to be got its imaginary crown knocked off its head both on the field and off and an early season juggernaut took the fight to Texas non-stop. Plus, it was a rebound week here in Fearless Predictions. After barely leaving with a winning record in week 3, several of these aforementioned games steady the ship and gave the crystal ball of football “knowledge” a much needed credibility boost.

The predicted winners included the Green Bay Packers, who showed why they are still the best team in the game a year after bringing the Lombardi Trophy home, behind five Aaron Rodgers touchdowns, including two running. Down in Dallas, the Detroit Lions proved they are the real deal without a doubt, making their second huge comeback in as many weeks when they hawked down the Cowboys after being behind 24 points at one point. In the not so positive column, the Philadelphia Eagles were knocked off by the San Francisco 49ers, and then pleaded to be held to a lower standard that reflects the 1-3 squad that they currently are.

Overall, 11 winners were picked last week, with the Ravens, Bears, Titans, Saints, Giants, Falcons, Chargers, Patriots and Buccaneers also pulling their weight.

The five losses joining the Cowboys and Eagles picks were the Bills taking their first loss of the year to the Bengals no less. The Vikings couldn’t outscore the league’s lowest scoring club in a loss in Kansas City, and the beat up Rams couldn’t hold off the Redskins.

Overall, last week’s forecasts ended up with an 11-5 mark that pulled the overall season record in Fearless Predictions to a 44-20 standing. Week 4’s 11 correct picks were decided by a combined 121 points, with the five losses totaling 20 points.

D-Jax and the Eagles have to find a way to get right soon or the critics (and soon their fans) will keep raining down on em.

Game of the Week #1 – Philadelphia Eagles (1-3) at Buffalo Bills (3-1): A month ago, you’d look at these records and say they were put on the wrong teams. But sure enough, the Bills, even after a setback in Cincinnati a week ago, sit among the league’s best, while the Eagles have lost three straight and are have even began writing themselves off. The Bills have already proven they can knock off one of the League’s most talented clubs in the Patriots, but this is a different challenge….

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