THE CENTURY CLUB: Mizzou Alumni Homecoming Weekend

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“The Originators, none greater….”

Yo, it’s time to show why all of that right there is true.

It’s that time again, time to get back to where we once belonged, and this time we gotta do it bigger than ever. Over the last few years, Mizzou Homecoming has got so big that if you’re doing this next year, you better get your spot to chill soon as you hit CoMO this time. But right now is what we’re on and it’s about to go down.

Yeah, it's nice to see all of this again, but raise your hand if your degree is STILL in that building back there (raise both hands).

Last time I checked (and I’ve been keeping score via Twitter) I’ve seen over 50 of my early-to-mid 2000’s folks talking about heading back home, and that’s not counting the folks that are riding the fence. Well, it’s time to push them over it and get as many folks back in the fold as possible, because it’s about to be the best it’s been yet.

Nobody has known or where things have been happening in the past few years, and the whole weekend hasn’t been able to max out its potential. So this year, we organized a coalition of the willing, a group focused on making the Mizzou Homecoming experience everything it can be on all levels, but also keeping it mature and up to what we are now. We aren’t college kids anymore and we don’t have to fall into joints we feel like the elderly in to kick it.

However, Homecoming should still remind you of college, and if it was anything like my time there (which many of you witnessed & participated in/became victims of), that means it’s time to kick it like you only can back at school. So let’s get to what we’ve got together….and you may wanna start getting your water in like now.


Yup, you know what this about. I bet you wanna be up in there right now.

Early Evening (7 or so): WE AT TROPS – You know what this is, and you know you’ve been needing it in your life. Hit the one off Providence on the south side, more seats…but they don’t sell food anymore.

Later On (10-ish): The VAULT (Underneath the Tiger Hotel) – You remember the parties that used to be at Tiger Columns? Well they’ve opened up a lounge with some room underneath it. You can chill, yet have room to kick too.

Later than that….: Afterset, Old School style – Check it, if you didn’t mess with STARMU or don’t know how what you can get with 7 points from Bingham, you can’t get in this joint. I’m getting a house in Columbia, and we’re gonna have a real after set for the Alums…and that’s it. (You have to get at me for location though close to the day, I’m not burnin’ the set up)


DAY TRIPPER (9:00 til the coals go out) All-Day TAILGATE (Corner of Stadium & College): We’re out there all day, and we’ve got it going. Brats, burgers, beers, hot dogs, chicken, beers, Tiger Tails, all the rest…and then some more beers too. We’re out there early and staying late, so everybody that’s getting in town late, head straight there. If you made it for Friday, after you find your soul (and any other items you may be missing…) make your way down. It will be close to the usual Homecoming stepshow and will keep going both during and after it.

Yeah, we got these too. And the more of those contributions that come in, the more we make.

But, none of us our kids anymore, and I KNOW you can bring something. So don’t be THAT GUY/GIRL, throw in and make it better. I know those degrees are paying out, you can do it.

Evening – Preset (8:00 or so): We’re getting a spot up on this, maybe a bar, may be a house, we’ll see what it is. But it’s gonna be legit, and the drinks will be on deck early.

Yeah, and you know I had to save the best for last.

Night Trip (10:00 to 1) – THE FIELDHOUSE Top Floor: I’m gonna be real, at the last few HC’s, it’s been Ratchetville at way too many parties. Long lines, hood figures, drunk kids, shootouts (literally)…basically everything we not bout anymore. So we’re heading where that’s not an issue, and also is the best spot to make the inevitable El Rancho trip from: The Fieldhouse.

We’ve talked to them, and they are opening up the upstairs part for us, so get in early and kick it where Kevlar isn’t on the dress code.

Later on…HOUSE SET – 212/485 Style: If you know these numbers, you know what it is. And there’s no way you don’t know these numbers. Details that day, but that’s where you need to be.

So that’s what it is, Mizzou 100 times coming Home. And this time, if we stay on the same path, there’s no doubt you’ll be making those hotel reservations for the next time around before you dip out. If you’ve got questions or are making a contribution (because the more money we got put towards this, the bigger it can still get), leave a comment here or hit me up the easiest way you know how to find me.

And if you’re making it out, announce that too here. The question doesn’t have to be “Who all gonna be there”, cause you’re making it known now.


  1. RVS says:


    You already know what it is!

  2. Tony Hines says:


  3. Tiara says:

    I dunno if my liver can take this weekend. Ahhh hell! M-I-Z!…..

  4. Dean says:


  5. b. brasher says:

    Definitely ready to kick it…i’m still here in school…but i won’t miss this. AN ORGANIZED HOMECOMING?!!?!?!? NICE

  6. Nikolette Bell says:

    Wow Matt sounds like a great weekend!

  7. Chris W says:

    05 will be in the building!

  8. C Lloyd says:

    Yea buddy!

  9. Nia says:

    STL alumni greeks will be down to kick it at their favorite HC Weekend in the state! CongratZ on 100 yrs of Homecoming!!!

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