Kalling All Athlete Nupes: YOUR Journal Needs You

Posted: September 24, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in Uncategorized


Currently we are looking to expand the Kappa Alpha Psi Journal’s impact and content. In order to achieve this, the goal is to include much more of what is happening currently in fraternity on many levels. The sports section of the Journal is no exception to this effort, and it will be undergoing some aggressive changes in content and depth of features on what brothers are involved in on all levels. In order to effectively do this, we need to have an idea of the activities that Brothers are participating in, especially at the undergraduate level. This is where we need for individuals to step up and make themselves known.

Any brothers that are either currently varsity athletes at their undergraduate institutions, in a coaching capacity at any level (high school, collegiate or professional) or have recently turned professional in their given sport, we need you to let us know about you!

For athletes, please submit your name, school, class standing, when you were initiated & position.

For coaches, please submit your all of thee above info as applies to you.

For professionals, please submit name of the league, team, location, position, college attended & when you were initiated.

Also, any additional information such as awards, championships and any other honors received would be appreciated as well. Pictures are definitely welcomed as well. Finally, any online information and links to websites where you are featured is a big help too.

Please send all information to Bro. Matt Whitener at WhitenerCSP@gmail.com. The sooner the better for this info to be sent in, as we are currently looking to feature Brother’s accomplishments for the December issue of The Journal, as well as get a complete roll call of athletically involved Brothers published in the very near future as well.

Thank you in advance, and I look forward to seeing all that is being achieved across the Bond in as many arenas as possible.

(Remember, please do NOT submit here. Emails only)


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