MOST KNOWN UNKNOWN: Terrelle Pryor & the NFL Supplemental Draft

Posted: August 19, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in NCAA, NFL
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Terrelle Pryor’s plight to make the NFL is well known. However, now that he is on the way to the field, how he does from here on out is still up in the air.


Picture this: massive athletes with big personalities and unbelievable backgrounds, looking to make a big entrance before finally making it to a competition. One that by the time it actually happens has become a bit of an afterthought.

Was Vince McMahon made the commissioner of the NFL as part of the lockout settlement? Because the most recent issue surrounding the NFL and its supplemental draft has played out like something out of his world rather than Roger Goodell’s.

At the center of this whole circus has been Terrelle Pryor, formerly of Ohio State football and currently of NCAA infamy, and his standing for the NFL’s bonus draft. Already suspended for the tip of the iceberg of issues surrounding him receiving improper benefits beginning of what would have been his senior year at OSU, when the rest of the glacier came up, he lost his college eligibility. However, this all emerged after the NFL Draft was in the books, one that he never intended to be a part of. Since he didn’t declare, and was not draft eligible, free agency was not an option. However, today he was declared eligible for the NFL’s second round of entry.

Pryor is picking back up an old set of questions just as the new ones are answered.

So here enters the supplemental draft, and what exactly that is.

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