Bradford’s Big Debut, Outside The Numbers

Posted: August 16, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in NFL
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The St. Louis Rams beat the Indianapolis Colts on all fronts in their 2011 preseason debut, as the 33-10 score in their favor clearly indicates. More important than the score however, was the detail in the flow of the game. Some of the new blood worked its way into the mix. The projected first stringers looked sharp in limited play. The backups (and a few familiar faces as well) played with an inspired style, as they try to stay on past the new three games. Josh Brown was kicking field goals from the Edward Jones Dome across the river to East. St. Louis. Fans that left downtown rightfully had a lot to be excited about; and for a change, it didn’t involve the featured stars on the other sideline (especially since Peyton Manning made more headlines for meeting up with Tony LaRussa instead of throwing footballs; he didn’t even put a jersey on.)

Bradford didn't reach 50 yards on Saturday, but looked like a completely different man from the one that threw over 3,500 as a rookie.

However, the biggest impact on Saturday was made in a more subtle way by the home team’s biggest star. Sam Bradford took to the field with what can best be described as a new aura. The 2010 Offensive Rookie of the Year displayed a stronger presence in his little over a quarter of action on Saturday than he did at any point last season….


Read more on the clear evolution of the Rams’ crown jewel QB at St. Louis Sports 360 today:

  1. Brett says:

    What do you think about this past weeks Rams game?

    • They brought out more of their offense and tried to make bigger plays with the first string offense, but They brought out more of their offense and tried to make bigger plays with the first string offense, but Bradford took too many shots for it to be a preseason game. No reason to take risks with the franchise centerpiece like that.

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