Posted: August 10, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in NFL
Rookie quarterbacks have big expectations coming into their new gigs. Which ones will have the chance to make their respective marks first?

To call the NFL a quarterback-driven league is a major understatement; there is no great team that doesn’t have at least an above average signal caller. The most quarterback deprived teams in the game had perfect attendance towards the top of the NFL Draft back in April, and how vigorously they attacked the draft-eligible pocket presences shows their knowledge of their main problem. This year’s rookie class was ripe with potential difference makers in the pocket. Three QBs were among the first 10 picks, and six in the top 40. Of these picks, the Carolina Panthers used the first overall pick on the position, becoming the 9th time the first pick has been used on a QB in last 11 years.

Cam Newton was the first off the board, but will he make the first on impact on the field as well?

However, how does it play out for the immediate picture around these clubs? Taking a quarterback for many years was a developmental pick. An investment that was taken to have time to mature and become an asset ready to contribute in a major way on debut, not a week one starter who’s struggles are accepted…

What lays ahead for this year’s group of rookie QBs? More on the big footsteps they are walking in, as well when each could make their debut as full-time team director today in Suite 101.

Read more at Suite101: NFL Freshman Orientation |

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