LET’S MAKE A DEAL: MLB Trade Deadline Ranks

Posted: August 4, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in MLB
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This week I began contributing on a weekly basis to Baseball Reflections, a site hosted by Peter Schiller, who has an impressive track record of hosting and contributing to blogs online. Today’s link is from my debut column over there, and for all of my baseball heads it’s a must follow site. Enjoy and thanks Peter.


The non-waiver trade deadline ended on Sunday afternoon, and there was no shortage of teams looking to make some sort of move. With nearly every division being within the grasp of a strong run within the last two months of the season, perhaps no trade season in recent memory has had the potential impact this one could carry on review.

Many contenders realized this and made aggressive moves to either secure their spot, or to try to find the final piece to make a conclusive run to get to the top of their division. Only two second place team in either league (surprisingly, the deep pocketed Los Angeles Angels and New York Yankees) didn’t make a move at all…albeit for different reasons.

The Giants made a power move in landing Carlos Beltran. Was it the biggest deadline showing of all?

If this hyper-competitive racing around the deadline continues on the field, this season’s plotlines won’t get sorted out until much closer to the end of September than the beginning. Here is a breakdown of how each Major League club emerges from the passing of open trading this season; who made the most of it, as well as who took a few too many swings for the fence.


30. Los Angeles Angels – Their terrible year on the personnel front continues, first taking on the burden of Vernon Wells’ contract last winter, and now within striking range of the Rangers (who were far from quiet) they failed to make any upgrades to either their anemic offense or back end of their bullpen.

29. Cincinnati Reds – Declared as “definite buyers” by GM Walt Jocketty, the only move they mustered was grabbing some minor prospects for Jonny Gomes. In a very much still to be decided NL Central, this failure to act could guarantee them to be onlookers the rest of the way…


To check out the winners, losers and undecideds countdown from 28 to 1 in the deadline wars, and how they set themselves up going forward, head to Baseball Reflections for the rest of today’s post: http://baseballreflections.com/2011/08/02/2011-team-by-team-trade-deadline-rankings/


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