MLB HITS and MISSES, Week of August 1

Posted: August 1, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in MLB
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Welcome back to the CHEAP.SEATS’ week that was around the MLB. As usual, the lineup reads as power poll (with comparison to last week’s poll), the THREE UP/DOWN of the news around the each league, followed by a brief look at the best, the new and a bit of the worst in the around the game headed into the new week.


THE MLB 1-30 POWER POLL (Division Leaders in Bold)

Chase Utley and the Phillies are getting healthier...while already having the league's best mark.

1. Philadelphia Phillies (same)

2. Boston Red Sox (same)

3. New York Yankees (same)

4. Texas Rangers (same)

5. Atlanta Braves (6)

6. Milwaukee Brewers (9)

7. San Francisco Giants (5)

8. Los Angeles Angels (13)

9. Arizona D’Backs (11)

10. Detroit Tigers (7)

11. St. Louis Cardinals (8)

12. Tampa Bay Rays (10)

13. New York Mets (17)

14. Toronto Blue Jays (16)

15. Pittsburgh Pirates (12)

16. Cleveland Indians (14)

17. Cincinnati Reds (15)

18. Florida Marlins (19)

19. Chicago White Sox (18)

20. Colorado Rockies (22)

21. Washington Nationals (20)

22. Minnesota Twins (21)

23. Los Angeles Dodgers (same)

24. Oakland A’s (same)

25. San Diego Padres (same)

26. Kansas City Royals (27)

27. Chicago Cubs (26)

28. Baltimore Orioles (same)

29. Seattle Mariners (same)

30. Houston Astros (same)


This week in THREE UP/THREE DOWN, the biggest winners and losers among the playoff contenders are singled out for what they walked away from the trade deadline with. Who made the moves to play catch up or to further protect their spot, as well as who wasted opportunities to get stronger for a push over the last two months of the year.


Pence is a the perfect example of the rich getting richer and the Phils intent to go for it all.

1. Philadelphia Phillies – The rich continue to get richer. In adding Hunter Pence to their outfield, the Phillies now start a current or former All-Star at seven of their eight starting spots, and put a dangerous right handed bat behind Ryan Howard, a season-long need after the departure of Jayson Werth. This acquisition just makes their lineup potentially just as dangerous as their pitching, and furthers their standing as the games most complete team.

2. Texas Rangers – The club was committed to digging into the Padres treasure chest of relievers, and especially at Heath Bell. In the end they landed his former setup man, and arguably, the more desirable target. Mike Adams was stated as being off the trade block earlier in the week, but the Rangers upped the ante as the deadline drew closer and netted what could be their closer of the future. Along with the acquisition of Koji Uehara to the end of games, the Rangers are now a six inning proposition if they are ahead.

3. Cleveland Indians – The Indians said they were going to go for it during the deadline, and nobody going in expected them to be as serious as they came out being. Landing Ubaldo Jimenez to add a frontline starter to their rotation and Kosuke Fukodome for outfield depth shows that they were more ready to stay in the race than any other club that has lost ground over the last month. In the process, they kept both of their top two young talents in Jason Kepnis and Lonnie Chisenhall as well.



Verlander narrowly missed his second no-hitter of the season on Sunday.

1. Los Angeles Angels – Their terrible year on the personnel front continues, first taking on the burden of Vernon Wells’ contract last winter, and now within striking range of the Rangers (who were far from quiet) they failed to make any upgrades to either their anemic offense or back end of their bullpen.

2. Cincinnati Reds – Declared as “definite buyers” by GM Walt Jocketty, the only move they mustered was grabbing some minor prospects for Jonny Gomes. In a very much still to be decided NL Central, this failure to act could guarantee them to be onlookers the rest of the way.

3. Arizona Diamondbacks – They are still very much in the picture in the NL West race, but only managing to land Jason Marquis and Brad Zeigler aren’t exact moves that scream “takeover coming soon.”




Biggest Lead: Phillies – 6 games, NL East

Smallest Lead: 3 teams tied at 2

Leading Hitter: Adrian Gonzalez, Red Sox (.357)

Top 3 Sluggers: Jose Bautista –Blue Jays (31), Mark Teixeira –Yankees (29), Lance Berkman –Cardinals, Curtis Granderson –Yankees (28)

Most Wins: Justin Verlander –Tigers & CC Sabathia –Yankees (15)

Top Stopper: Brian Wilson –Giants (33)

Biggest Debut: Jacob Turner –Tigers (July 30th)

Best/Worst Record: Phillies (68-39, .636%)/Astros (35-75, .324%)


For more on the day-to-day hit and misses on the MLB, follow me on Twitter at @CheapSeatFan and @STLSport 360.

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