TOUCH ‘EM ALL: Cardinals Week in (P)Review

Posted: July 25, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in MLB
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Headed into a new week of St. Louis Cardinals , here’s a trip around the diamond with the Redbird’s week that was…and to come.

LEADING OFF – Turnabout Is Fair Play: The Cardinals pulled off a rare feat for them this weekend: they won on the road in the division. More so than that, they won a series on the road (and came within a pickoff of a sweep, which would have been their first of the season on the road). Much has been made of Pittsburgh’s turnaround, and rightfully so. However they have stalled recently…

Flipping Rasmus' for a bottom of the rotation free agent to be or relief pitcher could be a sign of panic regarding his future.

More on the Cardinals reclaiming the Central crown, The Birds find the road back home…finally, Colby Rasmus’ apparent trade value and a record setting performance of the undesirable type in this week’s spin around Cardinal Nation via St. Louis Sports 360, right now.


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