FIXING A HOLE: NFC Team-by-Team Free Agent Outlook

Posted: July 21, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in NFL
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With only a few signatures and press conferences left before the NFL can get back to the business of team building over business building, it’s time to take a look at what each club in the game is coming back to. It’s still impossible to get a complete grasp on what free agency could look like and all the players that could be in on the mix, but it is possible to get a look at what’s still secure about each squad’s core.

Free agency is going to look like a Black Friday sale this year, with nearly every team in the game unleashing their GMs to hand all of their affairs within a minute of calendar time to get ready for the rapidly opening training camps. As a result of the delay of business that is usually handled in March concerning free agents, the race to fill the existing holes that couldn’t get done during the draft could put any Olympic relay to shame.

Nnamdi Asomugha figures to be the most sought after and highest paid options available.

With those knowns and unknowns out there and established, let’s take a glance at what each NFC club needs to be looking to handle during the upcoming track meet through free agency, including where some the biggest FA’s to be would fit in best, and who could be likely to jump the gun and make it rain all over some these big name’s in the name of getting that big push into the rushed, yet highly anticipated run to the field.


Arizona Cardinals (5-11) – Needs: Quarterback, Offensive Tackle, Outside Linebacker

The Cardinals had their growing pains year last season with the retirement of Kurt Warner, and now for the better part of a year they have been tied to every quarterback in limbo around the league. That has to be their top priority, because Larry Fitzgerald both needs to be fed and needs to see some reason to stay put. Kevin Kolb’s name is dropped everywhere, but when Donovan McNabb enters the market, this would be the perfect spot for him to sit back and pitch at….

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