Suite 101: Baseball’s All-Star (M.I.A.) Team

Posted: July 15, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in MLB
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While many of baseball’s best made appearances in the 82nd All-Star Game, many big names sat out, injured. Who among them is primed to return to form soon?

Pujols wasn't the only limping omission Tuesday. How will his presence be felt from here on out?

Tuesday’s Major League Baseball All-Star game was characterized headed into it by who wasn’t in the mix as much as it was by those that took part in it. A group of Yankees (Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, CC Sabathia and Mariano Rivera) were the most noticeable invited absentees, and a group of starters on each side also were absent on both sides. However, last night’s game was just as noticeable by the how many usual suspects were out of the mix, due to a run of injury through the upper tiers of the superstar wing of both leagues.

In the National League alone, there was a completely new starting lineup from a year ago. On the American League side, only half of the lineup was the same. However, if this game happened at the end of the year, it could very much look like what would be expected, because many of the game’s top figures are either back on the diamond or nearing their return…to either health or plain out production.

So who is primed for a return to form in the second half, who is simply struggling to find their form and who could stay among the (barely) walking wounded for the rest of the year? In an uncommon year of injury, who will be beat the bug to reshape the game for the rest of the years, simply by healing up? Look no further than those old, balled up All-Star ballots from a few weeks back for the answers…

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