Halfway Home: Looking Ahead At The Cardinals 2nd Half

Posted: July 14, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in MLB
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The St. Louis Cardinals had a much stronger debut to 2011 than many could have guessed, and despite a rash of injuries and bouts with inconsistency, they are still in the drivers seat in the . However, the playing field is far from level and they are in the middle of the tightest race in the League.

What will it take for the Cardinals to finish as strong, or stronger, than they began. What parts of the roster must be addressed if they are going to keep up with rest of the N.L. elite. And can they finally find some luck in the health department and field their full team at once? Those issues and more in a look ahead at what faces the club as the  of the season looms.

Carp having a bounce back 2nd half showing is one of several stories that will play into the rest of 2011.


For the rest of this article, include when the Birds golden goose prospect could make his debut (which could be well before next spring) click here and head over the St. Louis Sports 360 for this and much more my Cardinals coverage for the 360 Network.


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