UNBREAKABLE: Albert Pujols’ Improbable Return to Action

Posted: July 7, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in MLB
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 played first base for the St. Louis Cardinals last night, and there’s never been a more welcomed 1 for 6 night at the plate in club history. Safe to say that may have a magical lamp or had credit at the North Pole to get the gift of Pujols back in such short order after such an ugly injury just two weeks. Say what you will about how much longer that could be taking place, but even the fact that he’s playing July  this is a minor miracle. For a Cardinals club that has lost its way over the last month, getting back the axis of their club could signal a major turning point back towards a consistency that is desperately needed. Getting back the game’s best player and team’s most prolific hitter since  a month early could serve as a motivator on several levels, and here are a few instant, distant impact’s he brings back with him….

Pujols wrist wasn't quite broken for him, but it definitely broke the spirits of much of Cardinal Nation


See the rest of today’s post on the amazing rebound of Pujols and how it gives the Cardinals an unmatched boost going into the second half in my column at St. Louis Sports 360 today.


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