REAL STARS: How Baseball’s All-Star Rosters Should REALLY Look

Posted: July 5, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in MLB
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It’s All-Star Time again in Major League Baseball, and the votes are in the rosters released. Actually, last year, this was the first baseball article I ever wrote for the CHEAP.SEATS, back in the original Tumblr format. I went on to expand that idea over here as well, picking both league’s best players for the 2010 game, which is always an experience in both “I told you so” and it’s rival reaction, “Are you serious??”

This year was no different in either league, with some varying extremes along the way. Many of the National League’s foremost players have been crippled by injuries, and are either out for the season, sidelined or just getting back into the swing of things now. So the outlook for that side of the diamond is much different by force of nature. The American League has taken on a more familiar look than it’s opponent does, however it has become far more competitive across the board in 2011 and has a raise in newly qualified players that are challenging the standard bearers at many positions.

Chase Utley has managed only 36 games due to injury this year, is one of several All-Star regulars to miss this year's contest.

So what is new and what has changed? Where did the fans get it right and where did the usual pitfalls of voting for the most familiar name, over the most production for THIS season, go wrong? For the answers to those issues and my picks for each league’s best, head over to my column on ST. Louis Sports 360 and check out my columns and analysis on how each league’s roster SHOULD look, as well as my picks for the most qualified Final Vote candidates from what’s left. As the ASG approaches, and the replacements are picked for pitching opt-outs and injuries, I’ll give my complete analysis on the biggest snubs of for this year’s Midsummer Classic (I want to at least give Bruce Bochy and Ron Washington a chance to right their wrongs).

For the National League click here


For the American League click here


Enjoy, comment and check back for more original CSP and STL 360 content from me here on the daily.


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