CSP’s NBA TOP 60: A Recap….

Posted: May 19, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in NBA
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Over the last month or so, I’ve done a countdown of the top 60 players in NBA history, that will conclude with the top 10 tomorrow morning. Now for all of those that have been following, you have seen my criteria and explainations on why and how I arrived at what I have. You also can probably figure out who are the 10 remaining guys on the list.

Well, if you haven’t and are late showing up to the party, you can kindly go back and read each post for numbers, explanations and info on each guy. But for a quick rundown of everybody to this point, this is how it has gone so far.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow and see how the rest of the road goes, followed by a few breakdowns on what I arrived at after the big picture, and some big challenges I had in making some of these decisions.

60. Steve Nash
59. Dennis Rodman
58. Reggie Miller
57. Alex English
56. Ray Allen
55. Dominique Wilkins
54. Nate Archibald
53. Billy Cunningham
52. Jerry Lucas
51. Dirk Nowitzki
50. Sam Jones
49. James Worthy
48. Hal Greer
47. Dave Cowens
46. Robert Parish
45. Earl Monroe
44. Dolph Schayes
43. Jason Kidd
42. Clyde Drexler
41. Bill Walton
40.Pete Maravich
39. Dwyane Wade
38. Nate Thurmond
37. Wes Unseld
36. Kevin McHale
35. Gary Payton
34. Willis Reed
33. Walt Frazier
32. Patrick Ewing
31. George Gervin
30. Allen Iverson
29. LeBron James
28. David Robinson
27. Elvin Hayes
26. George Milan
25. Isiah Thomas
24. Kevin Garnett
23. Rick Barry
22. Scottie Pippen
21. Charles Barkley
20. Moses Malone
19. John Stockton
18. John Havlicek
17. Bob Cousy
16. Karl Malone
15. Bob Pettit
14. Julius Erving
13. Elgin Baylor
12. Shaquille O’Neal
11. Hakeem Olajuwon
10. ????
9. ????
8. ????
7. ????
6. ????
5. ????
4. ????
3. ????
2. ????
1. ????

It’s on deck….who would you have in? Has a member of your top 10 already been counted? Has somebody been left off totally? Let me know, and check in for the top 10 tomorrow in the CHEAP SEATS.

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