The LINEUP #4: MLB Free Agents-To-Be

Posted: April 2, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in MLB, The Lineup
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The first big story of this baseball season started before Spring Training even got into full swing, with Albert Pujols, the uncontested greatest player in the universe, contract negotiations (and their lack of success) It’s never too early to take a look at the next season, as these names will be the hot topic on the trade market, as well as well into the up coming winter.

Pujols' uncertain future is biggest contract topic in the game, but he isn't the only coveted first baseman on the market.

First base is outstandingly deep this year, with 3 of the top 10 at the position poised to be available. Adrian Gonzalez was the biggest trade name of the past Hot Stove go around this winter, the Red Sox still haven’t extended his deal beyond this year, although it’s a 99.99% chance that he’ll never see free agency anyways. Prince Fielder could be the biggest name that is floated around the trade deadline if the Brewers are out of the race, as they will not be retaining him due to the price tag he’ll demand. One guy that won’t be getting moved regardless of what happens is Pujols, as he has stated that he will not waive his no-trade clause. Whether he returns or not, St. Louis will get another 162 from him, and then enter an all or nothing winter, that will shape the future of the franchise entirely.
Other positions of depth are closer, shortstop and outfield, with starting pitching being very thin this year, unless a certain former Cy Young winner in New York decides to re-enter the market early, but more on that below.
Here are the top 40 MLB Free Agents-to-be, with their age in 2012 next to them in (brackets).
  1. Albert Pujols (Cardinals): First Baseman (32)
  2. Adrian Gonzalez (Red Sox): First Baseman (30)
  3. Prince Fielder (Brewers): First Baseman (28)
  4. Heath Bell (Padres): Right Handed Pitcher/Closer (34)
  5. Jose Reyes (Mets): Shortstop (29)
  6. Jonathan Papelbon (Red Sox): Right Handed Pitcher/Closer (31)
  7. Grady Sizemore (Indians): Center Fielder (29)
  8. Jimmy Rollins (Phillies): Shortstop (33)
  9. David Ortiz (Red Sox): Designated Hitter (36)
  10. Juan Pierre (White Sox): Left Fielder (34)
  11. C.J. Wilson (Rangers): Left Handed Pitcher/Starter (31)
  12. David DeJesus (A’s): Outfielder (32)
  13. Edwin Jackson (White Sox): Right Handed Pitcher/Starter (28)
  14. Omar Infante (Marlins): Infielder (30)
  15. Magglio Ordonez (Tigers): Right Fielder (38)
  16. Vladimir Guerrero (Orioles): Designated Hitter (37)
  17. Manny Ramirez (Rays): Designated Hitter (40)
  18. Kelly Johnson (Diamondbacks): Second Baseman (30)
  19. Carlos Pena (Cubs): First Baseman (34)
  20. Aramis Ramirez (Cubs): Third Baseman (34)
  21. Jonathan Broxton (Dodgers): Right-Handed Pitcher/Closer (28)
  22. Josh Willingham (A’s): Left Fielder (33)
  23. Mark Buerhle (White Sox): Left Handed Pitcher/Starter (33)
  24. Michael Cuddyer (Twins): Right Fielder (33)
  25. Cody Ross (Giants): Right Fielder (31)
  26. Jonny Gomes (Reds): Left Fielder (31)
  27. Matt Capps (Twins): Right Handed Pitcher/Reliever (28)
  28. Derrek Lee (Orioles): First Baseman (36)
  29. Lance Berkman (Cardinals): Right Fielder/First Baseman (36)
  30. Miguel Tejada (Giants): Shortstop (38)
  31. Ryan Ludwick (Padres): Right Fielder (33)
  32. Kerry Wood (Cubs): Right Handed Pitcher (35)
  33. Joel Pineiro (Angels): Right Handed Pitcher/Starter (33)
  34. Carlos Beltran (Mets): Outfielder (35)
  35. Javier Vazquez (Marlins): Right Handed Pitcher/Starter (35)
  36. Hideki Matsui (A’s): Designated Hitter (38)
  37. Johnny Damon (Rays): Left Fielder (37)
  38. Carlos Guillen (Tigers): Second Baseman/Outfielder (36)
  39. Raul Ibanez (Phillies): Left Fielder (40)
  40. Alex Gonzalez (Braves): Shortstop (34)

Then there are “potential” free agents, that have opt out clauses or team options that are yet to be exercised. In many cases, most of these guys will never see any parts of free agency, but you never know, so here they are as well, with several All-Star caliber talents that make this list look like an early round of a fantasy baseball draft.

Just 3 years after landing the biggest pitching contract ever, CC has sole power over if he wants to try to do it again.

Lingo Note: “Option” = Choice of renewing contract for another year. There are basically three types: Club (team), Player (duh) and Mutual (both have to agree to terms for it to enact)

  1. CC Sabathia (Yankees): Left-Handed Pitcher/Starter  (Has an opt-out clause in contract that would void final 4 years)
  2. Adam Wainwright (Cardinals): Right-Handed Pitcher/Starter (Has a 2-year option that must be guaranteed. Injury issue looms)
  3. Robinson Cano (Yankees): Second Baseman ($14 million club option)
  4. Chris Carpenter (Cardinals): Right-Handed Pitcher/Starter ($15 million club option)
  5. Roy Oswalt (Phillies): Right-Handed Pitcher/Starter ($16 million mutual player/club option)
  6. Brandon Phillips (Reds): Second Baseman ($12 million club option)
  7. Yadier Molina (Cardinals): Catcher ($7 million club option)
  8. Rafael Soriano (Yankees): Right-Handed Pitcher/Reliever ($11 million player option)
  9. Francisco Rodriguez (Mets): Right-Handed Pitcher/Closer ($17.5 million club option)
  10. Rafael Furcal (Dodgers): Shortstop ($12 million club option)
  11. Joe Nathan (Twins): Right-Handed Pitcher/Closer ($12.5 million club option)
  12. Bobby Abreu (Angels): Designated Hitter/Right Fielder ($9 million club option, sticks with 550 2011 at-bats)
  13. Nick Swisher (Yankees): Right Fielder/First Baseman ($10.2 million club option)
  14. Aaron Hill (Blue Jays): Second Baseman ($8 million long-term club option declined already past 2012, can still renew for ’12)
  15. Jose Valverde (Tigers): Right-Handed Pitcher/Closer ($9 million club option)
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