DESCENT TO MADNESS, vol. 5: Idle Hands, Busted Brackets

Posted: March 20, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in Gaming, NCAA
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Butler's at it again...

“I’m glad I gamble for the thrill and not the money, because I would have to rob a cat after this bracket BS” – Brennan Duvall

If there is any statement that shows the Descent to Madness is well underway, this is it. And there’s not like a #1 seed falling in weekend one to push a few folks off a few ledges.

There have been a select few times in my life when I’ve looked at a scenario play out on any court, diamond, field, etc where I’ve legitimately looked at a play/moment & completely been in awe at the stupidity of it. Robby Alomar spitting in John Hirschbeck grill, Brad Miller pushing Shaq in the back, Chris Webber’s TO, Mike Tyson’s entire career. This list could go on, but these are at the pinnacle of “Mount Stupiditous”.

Well, Nasir Robinson, welcome to immortality. You felt the need to drop the hammer on Matt Howard while he heaved a shot from basically the upper deck of the Verizon Center with under ONE SECOND LEFT, you both knocked Pitt from the tournament, cause the first top 3 seed in any bracket to fall & may have got your house burned down back in Pitt.

Once again, Pittsburgh takes the early dive out the dance, and this year burns the most. They were in the easiest bracket in the tourney for a number one. It also continues the free fall of the lust affair with the Big East, once again, in the March spotlight (6 of 11 teams eliminated in the first 3 days, including their only #1 seed). Pitt has officially become the dance partner every school wants. They skeezers of the brackets that will spread the winnings early & often to the underdog who wasn’t supposed to get a win that night, so he didn’t bring any gum or a glove.

At any rate, very few brackets went uneffected by the stroke of genius that Mr. Robinson showed last night, but the top tier still is basically the same as yesterday still in the pool:

1. “@Milesfan79” (Bleek) – 32 out of 40/32 points/170 points possible left

Took it on the chin with an upset pick gone wrong in West Virginia over Kentucky, but continues to ride the Richmond train into the Sweet 16. He’s ahead by a comfortable 3 point margin, the biggest of the dance so far. He also inspired one of the funniest turns of opinion thus far in the whole tournament, but we’ll get to that in QOTD’s.

2. “Wayne’s Bracket” (Wayne) – 30 out of 40/ 30 points/ 167 points possible left

Still riding clean & went undefeated in games he had predicted yesterday. Perfect East bracket in play & the West is still in great shape. This is the Tim Duncan of brackets basically, no thrilling picks or drama, but highly effective and will be in the mix the whole way. It’s gonna be hard to overtake this one honestly without something happening that hurts every other bracket at the same time.

3. Two teams are tied here, but most importantly, I’m still posted up here in 3rd place. So all of those on Team “Let Matt Drink his own Drank in the Final Four”, stand up (but don’t bring cups).

As a sidenote, there’s some trouble lingering right outside the top 3 in the form of Mr. Nielson Chapman of the Kansas City area & his “Konz Donz”. He’s pulled 28 of 40 right so far, but most importantly has 177 points possible left, so he can make a run because of the top contenders, he is the only one who had Wisconsin in the Final Four. Yep, he benefited more from the boneheaded play of the year more than anybody & the longer the Badgers live on, the more he profits. A black guy that doesn’t play for the Packers benefitting from a Wisconsin win. Don’t see that every day.


“I think Pitt goes out & recruits the biggest, ugliest cats. So they’ll be hungry out there because bad basketball will definitely = no heauxs.” – Oates via Twitter

“Bracket busted like a $2 hooker!” – Brennan via Twitter

As for my favorite showing of the Madness setting in yesterday, we turn to our leader in the clubhouse headed into Sunday….

“Shoutout to everyone who had all #1 seeds in Final Four, that’s only happened once you silly rabbits”…..

Which was quickly followed by….

“Everyone’s Southeast bracket is destroyed.”

Which was THEN followed by….

“Damn, I spoke too soon the bracket I did at last minute had Pitt coming out of SE….” 

All quotes by our leader headed into the end of the weekend, so if anything proves the madness is real & it’s spreading, I don’t know what does.

A look at the Pittsburgh/Butler debacle, the proof of March actually bringing on Madness & how to get ahead in Wisconsin.


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