DESCENT TO MADNESS, vol 4: The Come Up

Posted: March 19, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in Gaming, NCAA
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The round of 64 is over, and the now the majority of the wild & crazy, “I’ve never seen em, but their style of play and mascot just screams upset” games are over. (However, if this is your method, such as “By Logos & Colors” aka Ted bka Tearrance unabashedly said, you’re given a exception and the CHEAP SEATS Medal of Freedom for your bravery). Some boats are on the way down, summed up best here:

“Laughing at my brackets thus far…one is very well and one is blowing….the art of guessing…LOL” – Kelli via Twitter

You gotta love the ladies. But that says it all for a lot of those that believed in the upset as the road to the promised land. Basically, they are cool to pick, but are one point games. A well placed one is good to show your “genius” mostly gets evened back out today & it’s no surprise that the best brackets in the mix so far have some of the highest seeded picks. Before I get to the updated top 3, lets look at the BOTTOM three for why a lot of little holes & slow leaks in your boat can sink you just quickly as hitting a major glacier, a la Louisville….

“I Squoze It Myself” (Mike B.): His bracket is looking like Officer Alex Murphy in the first 10 minutes of RoboCop right now. Memphis, Belmont & Mizzou were early upset tragedies, with later upset picks Texas A&M & St. John’s sealing his fate. Speaking of RoboCop, this bracket is kinda looking like Detroit right about now….yeah, that bad.

“Baracka Flocka Flame” (Brennan): An aptly named bracket now, that features some failures that are on par with Waka Flocka’s grasp on the English language & Obama’s approval with the Muslim conspiracy theory community. With the exception of Kansas, he got the ENTIRE Southwest bracket wrong & over half of the Southeast. “I f**ked my money up”, may be a more appropriate tagline for this bracket now (and would still keep the same Flocka/Obama inspired ties, who’d have thought it…)

“Akummodation” (I have no idea): I’m not sure who’s bracket this is, but since they have UConn & Pitt in the Championship game, I think that says more than enough about what you need to know about this one. The hyjinxs should continue for some time.

And now that that’s over, lets move up the updated penthouse of “DUNKS AND DRANK”….

1. “@milesfan79” (Bleek)-26 out of 32/26 points/186 possible left

The title of today’s first DIM is a credit to this bracket, because he moved up really easy from 3rd place into the champagne room yesterday, and by a comfortable margin as well. This happens when you pick a perfect bracket (the East), only pick one L in another (the West) AND make the smart homer upset pick for your alma mater (VCU). Has a safe bracket today, save for the Gonzaga/BYU upset pick (which may actually not be that at all). Well played sir.

2. “Wayne’s Bracket” (Wayne)-25 out of 32/25 points/183 possible

More of the same as above. Perfect East, one wrong West. Only wrong pick being VCU which keep it out of first. Took tough L’s from Texas A&M and fell on the 30 point hull-out of Tennessee. However, no of them were going far & he’s intact for a good set up weekend.

At number 3 there is a five-way tie currently, however there is one bracket that made moves yesterday that I feel needs some spotlight shined on it a bit…..


3 (tied): “The CHEAP SEAT FAN” (me): 24 out of 32/24 points/180 possible points left

Yesterday I started off my day to the theme from Rocky & some eggs (scrambled though, never in a glass. I stopped pledging looooong ago) in order to inspire my bracket to greatness, and they responded by going 12 for 15 yesterday and shooting me into the top 3. Only one loss in the East & West and today I’ll probably be the biggest Jimmer fan in the country outside of the “No Skins in the Dorm Room” community aka the “Driest Campus in the Land”.

But finally, the QOTD:

“The @CheapSeatFan draft really has me caring about basketball. I still don’t care to watch the game, but I care about the outcome.” – Tearrance (@LumberJackNupe) via Twitter

Excellent. Bring all comers in the CHEAP SEATS. Lets get it in.

Follow me on Twitter @CheapSeatFan for my on going tournament takes and outtakes….and anything else that strikes me at the moment.



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