DESCENT TO MADNESS, vol 3. Day 1 Airballs And Overdrafts

Posted: March 18, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in Gaming, NCAA
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I’ve seen a whole lot of Day 1 tourney ball, but yesterday was without a doubt one of the most exciting I’ve ever seen. Basically, it was everything I could ever want out of a day of NCAA hoops. Multiple upsets (I’ll get back to this shortly), about 100 buzzer beaters, a number one seed inspiring confidence they’ll hold down their end of the bracket in Pittsburgh & a few All-Americans showing why they are who they are.

Of course in the process, I got wrecked by overconfidence in three underdog’s (Utah State, Clemson & Morehead State), while striking gold on two others (Gonzaga & Richmond). But that’s the nature of game, no? I’ve drive bombed myself a whole lot worse than that before. See my NFL Preview from last year if you need to see proof of predictions gone as bad as possible (go Bengals….).

First, lets take a look at where “DRINKS & DUNKS” is after day one, as well as gather a few of my favorite quotes on the day from the field.

1. Mark (Bugg-A-Boo)-13 out of 16/13 points/187 possible left:

Played no upset picks at all, so he rode out well on day one. Lost in the Morehead State mix like (nearly) everyone else & took L’s from Vanderbilt, St. John’s & Louisville. Has another safe day as well with Georgia being his only upset pick. He’ll hang around the top of the board until the late rounds unless there is a major upset.

1. Tim (@isaiditnowwhat)-13 out of 16/13 points/175 possible left

Played a Russian Roulette of a bracket but whether he Plaxico’ed himself yet still remains to be seen. Had a ton of wins, but took some crucial long-term L’s from Mizzou, St. John’s & Louisville that could really hurt next weekend. A relatively safe Day 2 bracket, with Marquette being the only big upset pick, so he should stick around….for now.

3 (tied). DeQuiency (dq)-12 out of 16/12 points/186 possible left

Pause for the cause. This guy opened up 8-0 in the early games, and instantly became the talk of the bracket because he took MOREHEAD STATE. He says he did it thanks to their defense & having the nation’s top rebounder/shot-blocker on their squad. I don’t buy it & I’m sticking to my opinion that he’s an evil wizard or has a crystal ball. However, that’s probably disproved by the fact he fell from #1 after taking L’s from virtually the entire Southeast bracket (Utah State, Belmont, St. John’s & Michigan State). However, he could be setting us all up for another gut punch, as he’s got Oakland over Texas today….hmmm.

3 (tied). Wayne (Wayne’s Bracket)-12 out of 16/12 points/186 points

Although tied with five others for 2nd place, he is the only one tied with DQ for possible points left. Picked a safe bracket as well, and took the impact of Louisville upset (who he had in the Sweet 16), but most others did as well. Also took L’s from Vanderbilt, Michigan State & St. John’s. Has Marquette today to pull the upset & a slate board the rest of the day.

All in all, the field is wide open as it should be still, and today’s games don’t offer as many chances for gamble picks. The George Mason/Villanova, Marquette/Xavier & Georgia/Washington games offer the biggest chances to pick up little bits of ground. With Texas/Oakland having the chance to make the biggest tilt in today’s standings. But that can’t happen…Texas has to win in Tournament once, they’ve got a few years to make up for. Right?



“Could More head be the fall of Rick Pitino….again?” – Oates via Twitter (@darealmattoates)

“I already don’t care. I hope Pitt goes down faster than Kat Stacks at the Million Man March.” – Joe via Twitter (@IDOKICKS)

“Oh man, @CHELseeyaa is in the weather is like at the top of the Leaderboard #CrownBlack” – Justin via Twitter (@JTrueStayTrue)

“If both Kentucky teams go down on the same day, the Klan will rise again.” – Joe via Twitter

So day one recap features a lot of overconfidence in St. John’s, Louisville being ruined as a fashionable Kansas upsetter & Morehead, once again, being the fall of man.

More to come later as the “Descent to Madness” continues in Vol 4 at halftime of Game 1….

  1. Dan says:

    Vandy laid an egg! The only bigger joke is their mascot:

  2. DeQuiency Dangerfield says:

    Great post, Even though Oakland let me down I am still confident on the rest of my bracket.

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