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It is finally here, the greatest four day stretch in all of sports, and arguably life. Some people go for Super Bowl week; others dig the entire five month stretch of the seven games of the NBA Finals (thanks to ABC only wanting to show games on every other Friday it seems now). However, while I enjoy all of those events, none of them stack up to the excitement of watching every single score along the bottom of the screen on CBS during the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament. This is due to no other sporting event creates more bi-partially and overall interest in the entire event than the NCAA tournament and the bracket pools. The pools, the constant element of the upset and the mixture of school pride/rivalries makes this the perfect storm of sports interest, whether you watched no games or 100, everybody’s in.

That’s what brings me to this column, the inaugural “DUNKS AND DRANK” bracket pool here in the CHEAP SEATS.  The bottle of Crown Black is on the table, and to the victor goes the spoils The other day I described why I was kicking this off, and if there is any event that is truer to the entire point of this site then March Madness, I haven’t seen it yet. There are now over 30 brackets (and characters) in this mix now, and now the point of it all can begin.

*(That point was this me being an abnormally attentive sports fan that just happens to have a strong opinion/insanely high amount of knowledge on all things sports related and wants my friends to join in so I can prove them wrong. Thanks for showing up guys. *Steps off soapbox*)

This bracket will surround an ongoing article/diary hybrid, entitled “Decent to Madness”, for everybody in this pool…and pretty much anybody else that visits as well. I’ll be explaining my picks and chronicling my decent into the cursing and self-diagnosed alcohol counseling after some George Mason BS kicks off (more on that shortly…).

Nothing keeps more folks glued to phones, while slacking off of work, class, relationship hood and all other responsibilities than keeping up with the tournament and seeing how not only your picks are going, but how they are stacking up against the rest of your pool. So with that, let’s introduce everybody to everybody (or at least everybody I know that is here, what’s happening new folks. Come on in and get in on the hate being spread here).

If you're smart, and don't want to get eliminated from your own job before the Sweet 16, download this desktop decoy screen between watching scores at work.

Here’s the kicker: I’m always watching and your comments. Whether it’s a conversation, text, tweet, Facebook status or even an angry smoke signal after an upset, I’m watching and YOU are contributing to this. A lot of you know each other already, and a lot don’t. If you’re on Twitter, you should follow each other so you can see, in real time, who throws in the towel and who is riding to victory. There’s sure to be some quality hate thrown as well, don’t miss out on that. So, here are some of the characters that are in play here (via bracket name and description):

THE CHEAP SEAT FAN (@CheapSeatFan): Well that’s the obvious one, isn’t it? I, Matt Whitener, won my first bracket at the age of 14 when Mike Bibby and Zona knocked off Kentucky. It was in my Pop’s pool at his job and I took the winnings and bought the first Jumpmans and a Playstation 1. Now, 14 years later, I’m playing for a bottle of Whiskey. Isn’t growing up fun?

Rampage (Terrell Whitener): That’s my Dad. He turned me on to sports at some point in the mid-80’s and It’s been distracting me from virtually every else (except way too many women and drinks) since. I returned the favor by turning him on Fantasy Sports and now he has the nerve to beat me sometimes in those. No more of that.

DQ (DeQuiency Dangerfield): Let me tell everyone a quick story about this guy. Back in 2006, I was on the way to another bracket win, and this guy comes from waaaaaaay behind, and beats me into the ground over the last 3 games. You know why? HE PICKED GEORGE MASON TO GO TO THE FINAL FOUR. Seriously. I’m convinced he knows Marty McFly, and was able to borrow his car for a while back then when the brackets were announced. I don’t care who else wins, except for him. He used up all of his mojo that year. And yes, I’m still mad.

I'm not sure who George Mason was, but he inspired some BS that I must avenge a few years back.

Baracka Flocka Flame (@BDuvall), Bewareofcrazythoughts (@weaver_robert), Lean Sipper (@KonseKWense), Dypset bYrdGang (@AsianMaven), Konz Donz (@NielsonJuan), @isaiditnowwhat & @milesfan79 (which is also his Twitter tag): These are my fellas that have the misfortune of sharing a fraternity with me, and by default will have by far the most vicious hate to spread at each other. There are no feelings on the line here, just pure and unfiltered gut punches…and maybe a whole lot of drinks in Indy in a few months. I’m doing my part now with this bracket, so I’ll be sliding that check down the bar.

Ronnie Fields is Somebody (@IDOKICKS) & I Squoze It Myself (@mikeb43): They’re Cubs fans, so this is pretty much it for them this spring. Everybody cheer for them, they’ll need it. In related news, I’m pretty sure they are going to jump into the mud hole stomping party that gets thrown at me by the third inning of my first Cardinals/Cubs game at Wrigley this summer….Benedict Arnolds.

Just because I can. Dammit.

Terrence Trent Darby All-Stars (@Blak2TheFuture), 40 Seconds of Hell (@DaRealMattOates), Bracket Madness (@FullofHonors): These are the unapologetic Mizzou fans, who will make the ride through tonight’s game vs. Cincy worth following them completely, win or lose. They’re not quite the chest painting, yelling maniacs, but….well, wait, no they would. Matter of fact I’m sure Travis has already.

Answer Key (Dan Clay), By Logo & Colors, I Picked This in the Dark, Guessing My Ass Off (@BakeShow: These are a mix of the funniest, and real to non-sense names in the pool. Figure out which applies to which by Monday morning.

The Regulators (@Diggame) & No Guts No Glory (@JTrueStayTrue): Two of my most consistent readers, who by default become absolutely tremendous role models that all people, regardless of race, sex, creed or side of the Union, should follow and emulate. I salute you gentlemen.

And last, but definitely not least…..the ladies:

#GirlSportsLogic (@CHELseeyaa), MZSDOT (@simply_shani), EKD (Erika), Do It Like A Dude (@Kells713): If anybody is going to win (besides I), I’m praying it’s one these brackets. This would be the queen of all upsets, and the rationale would be even greater. When Chelsea (#GirlSportsLogic) described here selection method as being based around 1) Texas (her home state), 2) the Big 12 (college conference) and “cute boys”, I immediately fell completely in love with this bracket’s potential to be written about, win or lose. (Even though I’m convinced Jay Williams picked his bracket on the same criteria. Yeah, I still don’t like him). At any rate, thanks for showing up ladies, and don’t play nice.

Well here it is, the inaugural “DRINKS AND DUNKS” Classic. Everyone have a “Happy Slacking off of Work Day”, and the first of my “DECENT TO MADNESS” diaries will be coming around the first set of games today. Drive responsibly….to the hole that is.

Follow me for this and much more on Twitter at @CheapSeatFan Fan


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