DUNKS AND DRINKS: CPS’s March Madness Contest.

Posted: March 14, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in Gaming, NCAA
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I like basketball. I also like alcohol. The impact that each has had on my life are stories that are much better told by my friends and teammates over the years, but at any rate, they aren’t usually things that should be combined. However, when it was brought to me that I should host a bracket via the site, I finally saw the light and how to have one play with the other in a way where nobody is taking a drunken Manu Ginobili-style drive at the hoop and knocking themselves cold against a gym wall afterwards.

I believe that if you win something, you should get a prize that you can use. I don’t have the money to call up Jostens and have a ring made, nor do I want to insult anybody by buying a trophy to sit around in your house and give you something else to not dust. No, I took more interest in the champagne parties of the Bulls back in my youth (which should have been the ultimate in foreshadowing now that I think back on it), so I decided to incorporate such an event into my show I’m hosting here.

So to the spoils of the victor here, I’m sending a bottle of the best new-to-me drink I’ve had this year, Crown Royal Black. We drank half a bottle of this on accident about a month ago, and now I’m in love with it like when you land the number one player in the country (if your school/team is good enough, you recognize the joy of this moment…unless he plays like Harrison Barnes did for 3 months, but we’re cool again now).

Pick responsibly my friends....how you drink is at your discretion though.

In the process of intertwining the road to the Final Four with the road to the liquor store, I also decided to make this bracket an ongoing blog/diary type of thing as well, where I’ll be taking your picks and your takes on how your bracket is going, and making it into a really, really easy, yet entertaining way for me to a) cover the Tournament, b) give differing bracket insights and c) get a really easy column for the next two to three weeks, where the perils and struggles of all us can be easily relayed into some big time smack talk from everybody. Win/win scenario.

The link to the bracket is right here, and it is hosted through Yahoo! The password is “crownblack”. It’s their standard scoring and all that, so I can’t interfere or be held accountable for any shortcomings that may happen (like everybody else except for me having 16 seeds winning at least two games and me getting to get drunk by the end of this weekend off the winnings. Ooops!) The articles will continue on after each round of play, with the first one starting before the actual Field of 64 breaks into play on Thursday.

One bracket per player as well, can’t have anybody wearing two jerseys, but playing for one team. It’s open to any and everybody, so send em the link and let’s get ready for the best Playoffs in all of sports (and the number one reason to slack off at work annually).

Follow me on Twitter at @CheapSeatFan for more updates on everything I’m seeing from my view in the world of sports…and everything else.

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