BEST OF THE FIELD (Part 2): NFL Draft Rankings (Defense):

Posted: March 2, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in NFL
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I’m going to be honest. I don’t have a lot of high hopes for this offensive class. There’s only a few guys that I think will be able to make a long term impact. More on that at some other time.

That may seem odd to say due to the title of this post, but it ties together. It would seem with one side of an entire draft being questionable, it would deem this to be a bad draft class. Not true. Fear not, the NFL won’t suffer the same disservice that is on the way to the NBA now, because this class is going to be both one of the most one-sided, yet still most successful, classes in a while.

These defensive guys are going to dominate the early rounds of the draft, and will produce one of the deepest defensive line groups in recent memory. As many as nine defensive ends could be gone in the first 32 picks (Allen Bailey, Cameron Heyward & Muhammad Wilkerson won’t be mentioned here, but the playoff clubs know they are lurking still).

Without further delay, the real jewels of the 2011 Draft.


Robert Quinn of North Carolina
1. DaQuan Bowers-Clemson-6’4/280 lbs (Top 5)
2. Robert Quinn-North Carolina-6’5/250 lbs (Top 10)
3. Adrian Clayborn-Iowa-6’3/280 lbs (1st)
4. Aldon Smith-Missouri-6’5/270 lbs (1st)
5. J.J. Watt-Wisconsin-6’5/275 lbs (1st)
6. Ryan Kerrigan-Purdue-6’4/255 lbs (1st)
7. Cameron Jordan-Cal-6’4/290 lbs (1st)


Nick Fairley of Auburn
1. Nick Fairley-Auburn-6’4/300 lbs (Top 5)
2. Marcell Dareus-Alabama-6’2/303 lbs (Top 10)
3. Corey Liuget-Illinois-6’3/300 lbs (1st)
4. Stephen Paea-Oregon St.-6’1/295 lbs (1st/2nd)
5. Jurrell Casey-USC-6’0/300 lbs (1st/2nd)
6. Drake Nevis-LSU-6’0/290 lbs (2nd)
7. Phil Taylor-Baylor-6’3/340 lbs (2nd)

(Quick note here: Basically, this is just outside backers, because….um…nicely, nevermind, the inside linebackers suck this year. One one has chance to be taken in the first three rounds, and Quan Sturdivant getting a mention isn’t worth listing six more guys inside. So there you have it Quan, congrats from the CHEAP SEATS).
1. Von Miller-Texas A&M-6’2/240 lbs (1st)
2. Akeem Ayers-UCLA-6’3/250 lbs (1st)
3. Justin Houston-Georgia-6’3/255 lbs (1st/2nd)
4. Bruce Carter-North Carolina-6’3/225 lbs (2nd/3rd)
5. Kelvin Sheppard-LSU-6’2/250 lbs (2nd/3rd)
6. Jeremy Beal-Oklahoma-6’3/270 lbs (3rd)
7. Mason Foster-Washington-6’1/240 lbs (3rd)


Patrick Peterson of LSU
1. Patrick Peterson-LSU-6’1/211 lbs (Top 5)
2. Prince Amukamara-Nebraska-6’0/200 lbs (Top 10)
3. Jimmy Smith-Colorado-6’2/205 lbs (1st)
4. Aaron Williams-Texas-6’0/190 lbs (2nd)
5. Brandon Harris-Miami-5’10/190 lbs (2nd)
6. Brandon Burton-Utah-6’0/185 lbs (2nd)
7. Ras-I Dowling-Virginia-6’1/200 lbs (2nd/3rd)

1. Rahim Moore-UCLA-6’1/195 lbs (2nd)
2. Quinton Carter-Oklahoma-6’0/210 lbs (2nd)
3. DeAndre McDaniel-Clemson-6’1/215 lbs (3rd)
4. Deunta Williams-North Carolina-6’1/205 lbs (3rd/4th)
5. Ahmad Black-Florida-5’9/185 lbs (3rd/4th)
6. Robert Sands-West Virginia-6’4/220 lbs (3rd/4th)
7. Jaiquawn Jarrett-Temple-5’11/196 lbs (4th)

Same orders as before, got a gripe, see a rating off? Let me know, lets talk about it over drinks or comments. Either/or.A breakdown of the top defensive prospects in the upcoming NFL Draft.


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