TODAY IN THE CHEAP SEATS: MLB Preview Season Starts!!!

Posted: March 1, 2011 by The Cheap Seat Fan in MLB
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That’s about the only way I can describe how I feel about what I start up again today. Today, March 1 of 2011, baseball season finally kicks off in my writing (and ranting) cycle. It is not coincidence that the sun is shining outside & went to sleep with the feeling that 8 year old me would only associate with Christmas Eve, last night.

So heres how were going to do this: I’ll be previewing each Major League team in sets of two leading up to Opening Day (a religious holiday as far as I’m concerned), in addition to a few more lists, debates & predictions on the year. I’ll do one National League team, and one team from the little sister American League (its my column I can say that if I want to. I can also say DH’s are cop outs too), per day.

Each team preview will go like this:

THREE UP, THREE DOWN: Two sets of three of topics, questions & discussions on issues surrounding both the good & bad topics for each team. On the field and off.

LINEUPS & ROTATIONS: A quick look at what each team’s starting lineup will look like, in addition to their starting pitchers & closers. If there is a position, I’ll talk about it here.

RUNDOWN: A brief summary of what to take from it all. Are they getting better or worse? What will be the deciding factors in where they end up in September.

So, buckle in & enjoy me enjoy the start of my favorite part of the year, baseball season (which is what I’m trying to get spring, summer & fall renamed on a worldwide level, I just need a few more readers to take to streets and protest for this to happen. Ask the NBA & NFL players on lockout this year if they’ll help). 

Details on the CHEAP SEATS forthcoming month-long Major League Baseball preview.


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