The Couch Life: My Week Out The Game

Posted: February 24, 2011 by mrwhitener in Uncategorized
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Hello there again,

I’m going to be off from new posts until Monday, February 28th. This was supposed to be a week off in full, but Carmelo Anthony’s nuptials on Monday forced my hand into posting similar to how he did the Nuggets all winter. Taking some time to align my March posts and get ready for baseball season, where there will be close to, at the least, one post a day for my Preview to MLB 2011. Also, I’ll be dropping my first entries in my take on the Top 60 players in NBA history, my disdain for NCAA basketball this year and why I haven’t put together one word about it this year and even some homage paid to WrestleMania (it was a sport to 7-year-old me, and dammit I’ll write about it at 27 briefly too!).

Coming up soon, I’m going to be looking for even more “Voices from the Stands”, as I’m looking to do an NBA Contraction Fantasy Draft, and I need a few visiting GMs to take part in it.

Also, I want to know what you want to know about the upcoming baseball season. From topics to info to rankings even to why I still believe in the Wainwright-less St. Louis Cardinals! Everything, so reply to this, email me (, tweet me (@CheapSeatFan and @Twit_Starter212), even call/text me (not happening here) or even clap pigeons. I don’t care how it happens, just let me know. Think of me as your sports blogging take out service, I’ll deliver whatever you want (as long as it doesn’t require me to pay homage to the Chicago Scrubs, Mike Krysthaothaiohski or the kansas jayhawks, we don’t do that around here).


So sit tight, take a look at old articles and I’ll be back on Monday with some info on Major League Baseball exhibition kickoff, and be followed quickly by 60-51 of the NBA greatest ever and why college basketball sucks worse than the Cardinals (and therefore all of St. Louis’) luck so far this year.

Also, I’m going to be writing a few more editorials than I before, so I’ll call this fair warning to the North Side of Chicago, Alex Smith’s family and the entire state of kansas as well. Alright? Alright.

Nobody better sit in my seat while I’m gone!

  1. Diggame says:

    Im definitely down bruh for the GM thang

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