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With awards season underway now and the winter meetings looming, it means that the free agent courting season is also underway. This season’s crop isn’t as deep with top-tier talent as many other years have been, but to say that this is a thin group is slight to what’s out there, in my opinion.


Cliff Lee is clearly on top of the list, and it seems the Yankees are ready to break the bank for him.


This is a big season for both quick fixes and role players being on the market, and if any season proved the value of such acquisitions, it was this year, with the San Francisco Giants strategically piecing together the right mix and adding some hardware because of it. While the mega rich will be chasing a very small handful of players this year, the pitching crop for #3 and #4 starters is tremendous. For the AL side, there are one to two-year DH candidates everywhere. The first base position is loaded and there’s a fine chance to upgrade at catcher as well.

This list is based on both the talent and value projection of the current market. It doesn’t factor in potential trades or foregone conclusions of some guys staying put. For now it is just a ranking of what’s out there, but soon a second edition will be coming with some projections and info on potential landing spots and best fit scenarios. Take a look and see what your club needs and could land.

1. Cliff Lee-LHP-2009: Seattle Mariners/Texas Rangers

2. Carl Crawford-LF-2009: Tampa Bay Rays


The game's greatest speedster is just entering his prime, and will have the world bidding for his services.


3. Jason Werth-RF/CF-2009: Philadelphia Phillies

4. Adrian Beltre-3B-2009: Boston Red Sox

5. Rafeal Soriano-RHP-2009: Tampa Bay Rays

6. Victor Martinez-C/1B-2009: Boston Red Sox

7. Adam Dunn-1B/DH-2009: Washington Nationals

8. Paul Konerko-1B-2009: Chicago White Sox

9. Derek Jeter-SS-2009: New York Yankees

10. Mariano Rivera-RHP-2009: New York Yankees

11. Jorge De La Rosa-RHP-2009: Colorado Rockies

12. Carl Pavano-RHP-2009: Minnesota Twins

13. Juan Uribe-SS/3B-2009: San Francisco Giants

14. Carlos Pena-1B/DH-2009: Tampa Bay Rays

15. Javier Vazquez-RHP-2009: New York Yankees

16. Jake Westbrook-RHP-2009: Cleveland Indians/St. Louis Cardinals (RESIGNED-ST. LOUIS, 2 yrs/ $16.5 million. Option on 3rd year)

Locking up Westbrook solidifies the Cardinals rotation and justifies trading Ryan Ludwick this past summer.


17. Vladimir Guerrero-DH-2009: Texas Rangers

18. Magglio Ordonez-OF-2009: Detroit Tigers

19. Bengie Molina-C-2009: San Francisco Giants/Texas Rangers

20. Aubrey Huff-1B/LF-2009: San Francisco Giants

21. Manny Ramirez-DH-2009: Los Angeles Dodgers/Chicago White Sox

22. Orlando Hudson-2B-2009: Minnesota Twins

23. A.J. Pierzynski-C-2009: Chicago White Sox

24. Brian Fuentes-LHP-2009: Los Angeles Angels/Minnesota Twins

25. Andy Pettitte-LHP-2009: New York Yankees

26. Jim Thome-DH-2009: Minnesota Twins

27. Derrek Lee-1B-2009: Chicago Cubs/Atlanta Braves

28. Kevin Gregg-RHP-2009: Toronto Blue Jays

29. Lance Berkman-1B/DH-2009: Houston Astros/New York Yankees

30. John Buck-C-2009: Toronto Blue Jays (SIGNED FLORIDA 3 yrs/$18 million)


The Marlins made a smart buy on an affordable All-Star talent in Buck that fits their price range perfectly.


31. Jon Garland-RHP-2009: San Diego Padres

32. Pat Burrell-LF/DH-2009: Tampa Bay Rays/San Francisco Giants

33. Ty Wigginton-3B/2B/1B-2009: Baltimore Orioles

34. Kevin Millwood-RHP-2009: Baltimore Orioles

35. Matt Guerrier-RHP-2009: Minnesota Twins

36. Miguel Olivo-C-2009: Colorado Rockies

37. Joaquin Benoit-RHP-2009: Tampa Bay Rays (SIGNED-DETROIT, 3 yrs/$16.5 million)

38. Arthur Rhodes-LHP-2009: Cincinnati Reds

39. JJ Putz-RHP-2009: Chicago White Sox

40. Adam LaRoche-1B-2009: Arizona Diamondbacks

41. Scott Downs-LHP-2009: Toronto Blue Jays

42. Scott Podsednik-OF-2009: Kansas City Royals/Los Angeles Dodgers

43. Hideki Matsui-DH/LF-2009: Los Angeles Angels

44. Kerry Wood-RHP-2009: Cleveland Indians/New York Yankees

45. Jon Rauch-RHP-2009: Minnesota Twins

46. Johnny Damon-LF-2009: Detroit Tigers

47. Kevin Correira-RHP-2009: San Diego Padres

48. Brandon Webb-RHP-2009: Arizona Diamondbacks

49. Miguel Tejada-3B/SS-2009: Baltimore Orioles/San Diego Padres

50. Hiroki Kuroda-RHP-2009: Los Angeles Dodgers (SIGNED DODGERS, 1 yr/$12 million)

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