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This year in the  NFL has been quarterback driven more so than any other season in recent memory. There has been a mixture of the usual suspects pushing their teams along, young guns turning the fortunes of their ailing franchises and even veterans returning from seeming professional graves.

These impact seasons pushing, and sometimes just sustaining, their clubs is no surprise. The NFL is a quarterback driven league. This is nothing new, as it has been this way for over 20 years now. At this point in time, there are as many as seven QB’s that have a more than legit spot that should be awarded to them in Canton at the end of their on field days. A consistently exceptional QB can make all the difference between the darkness of the early draft, and the light of the playoffs. This is why so many clubs will gamble both draft picks and high salaries on the spot, because it is so invaluable to team success.

Here are the top 10 invaluable QB’s in the game this year. This isn’t a pure MVP ranking or stats countdown, rather it shows which players have meant the most to their team’s fortune, turnaround or plain survival during a terrible campaign. Lets go.

10. Kyle Orton-Denver Broncos

The Broncos have been bad this year, they have an almost non-existent defense and are the worst rushing team in the league, but without Orton this would be far worse. After being cast off from Chicago, Orton has been a steady hand leading an impressive passing game that has thrived regardless. What’s more is that this unlikely savior is still just a few wins away from staying in the West race in a wide open division.

9. Sam Bradford-St. Louis Rams

Bradford’s impact cannot be stressed enough in the Rams turnaround. In his first 9 weeks on the job he has landed more wins than club mustered in three years before making him the top pick in April’s draft. He’s been a controlling presence for a team that looked constantly lost for years. What’s most impressive is that the rookie tosser hasn’t thrown an interception since week 5.


Since leading the 2010 Draft class, Bradford has wasted little time in leading the Rams as well.


8. Drew Brees-New Orleans Saints

The Saints have had a shaky start the season after their march to the Super Bowl last year and their leader has been up and down, even losing 2 games to opponents in Arizona and Cleveland they should have handled. However, he has been just as important in keeping them in games and taking over games when they leaned on him in the national spotlight versus Pittsburgh and San Francisco. In the NFC’s best conference this season, he will have even more chances to be the hero.

7. Aaron Rodgers-Green Bay Packers

The Pack is moving long as expected, despite behind as damaged by injury by any team in the league. The defense is the walking wounded, and has had to lean on Rodgers even more than planned. This hasn’t detoured him one bit, despite losing his starting running back, tight end and right tackle. The weight of the world hasn’t been enough to slow down him down.


Despite constant injury setbacks, Rodgers has coolly kept the Pack amongst the NFC's best.


6. Josh Freeman-Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Coming off a rookie season where he had 24 turnovers despite not starting half the season, Freeman has broken out in a big way and led the surprising Bucs past being just a hot start team and turned them into a legit threat. He is everything to this young team and is already the best of the 3 first round QB’s from the 2009 draft.

5. Matt Ryan-Atlanta Falcons

After a second season where he struggled with injuries and was in and out the mix all year, Ryan has picked up right where it looked he was headed after his Rookie of the Year debut this season. Him and Roddy White have been the best QB/WR combo in the League, and he has the Falcons posed at the top of the tough NFC South.

4. Tom Brady-New England Patriots

Piloting the NFL’s most hated team has been made to look like business as usual by Brady, who has shown why he deserved awarded the huge contract he was given earlier this year. Despite losing the best deep threat in the history of the game and his favorite end zone target in Randy Moss, Brady has continued keep the Pats among the best in the game against all comers. Ask the Pittsburgh Steelers about how good he is.

3. Michael Vick-Philadelphia Eagles

To call Michael Vick’s season a rebirth or a return to who he was is a lie. He was one of the greatest playmakers in the game already, but the truth is that he has never been as good of a QB as he is now. It’s basically night and day for the Eagles when he’s on the field, and he takes the league’s fastest offense to another gear. Whats more is that Philly has not lost a game that he started and finished yet this year and he is still yet to throw his first interception.


While still having his amazing mobility, Vick has gone to another level as an overall QB this year.


2. Philip Rivers-San Diego Chargers

It has been a circus this season in San Diego, from holdouts to injuries to an everyman backfield. However, the one constant has been Rivers, who has been the only thing they can count on every week all season. He has guided a revolving door of receivers to the being the top passing offense in the league. Rivers greatness is measured in despite this being the worse team he has been charged with, he still having his finest season.

1. Peyton Manning-Indianapolis Colts

In a similar fashion to Rivers, Manning has had to overcome a torn down receiving corps and non-existent running game to keep the Colts in their customary spot atop the AFC South. Even with his favorite target Dallas Clark out for the year, top RB Joseph Addai out and the dependable Austin Collie sidelined by brutal concussion, Manning has proved why he has rights to be considered the best the game has ever seen at the position, by having the Colts offense still be the #4 unit in the game. This is all a credit to the greatness of #18.


The most consistent QB ever is well on his way to yet another 4,000 yard, AFC South winning season.



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