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Due to some technology failures (a busted laptop screen to be exact), I haven’t been able to post recently. However, after watching 3 teams slide to 0-5 this weekend (Buffalo, Carolina and San Francisco), while also seeing 2 potential top 20 prospects lose their seasons to academic scandal at North Carolina (Robert Quinn, Marvin Austin), I felt the need to put my observations on the upcoming NFL Draft into play here.

It’s half way through the season, conference play is coming in full speed and the BCS is about to go into effect here soon, so now is the best time to start looking at the best prospects available in April’s NFL Draft. As always, these are who are the best prospects in professional systems AND are draft eligible. Underclassmen are noted by their standing, otherwise all are seniors.

Feel free the champion for and debate your guys. Tomorrow I may do an overall ranking of the players with round projections.


  1. Andrew Luck-Stanford-6’3/235 lbs (Junior)
  2. Ryan Mallett-Arkansas-6’6/240 lbs (Junior)
  3. Jake Locker-Washington-6’3/225 lbs
  4. Christian Ponder-Florida State-6’2/219 lbs
  5. Blaine Gabbert-Missouri-6’6/235 lbs (Junior)
  6. Nick Foyles-Arizona-6’5/245 lbs (Junior)
  7. Terrelle Pryor-Ohio State-6’6/ 230 lbs (Junior)


Luck is looking every bit the top potential top pick so far (16 TD/4 Int).


Running Back

  1. Mark Ingram-Alabama-5’10/ 215 lbs (Junior)
  2. David Thomas-Kansas State-6’2/228 lbs
  3. Ryan Williams-Virginia Tech-5’10/200 lbs (Junior)
  4. DeMarco Murray-Oklahoma-6’1/207 lbs
  5. LaMichael James-Oregon-5’9/185 lbs (Junior)
  6. Jacquiz Rodgers-Oregon State-5’7/190 lbs (Junior)
  7. Kendall Hunter-Oklahoma State-5’8/200 lbs


James has been running crazy and is showing he has NFL ability, despite his size (Sproles anybody?)


Wide Receiver

  1. A.J. Green-Georgia-6’4/210 lbs (Junior)
  2. Julio Jones-Alabama-6’4/220 lbs (Junior)
  3. Jon Baldwin-Pittsburgh-6’5/ 230 lbs (Junior)
  4. Michael Floyd-Notre Dame-6’3/ 227 lbs (Junior)
  5. Leonard Hankerson-Miami-6’3/205 lbs
  6. Ryan Broyles-Oklahoma-5’11/183 lbs (Junior)
  7. Niles Paul-Nebraska-6’1/224 lbs


Green has Andre/Calvin Johnson type playmaker written all over him.


Tight End

  1. Kyle Randolph-Notre Dame-6’6/265 lbs (Junior)
  2. Luke Stecker-Tennessee-6’6/250 lbs
  3. Lance Kendricks-Wisconsin-6’4/240 lbs
  4. George Bryan-North Carolina State-6’5/260 lbs (Junior)
  5. Anthony Miller-California-6’3/260 lbs
  6. D.J. Williams-Arkansas-6’2/240 lbs
  7. Wayne Saunders-South Carolina-6’5/270 lbs (Sr)


Rudolph is far and away the best tight end available. Think younger Todd Heap.


Offensive Tackle

  1. Anthony Castonzo-Boston College-6’7/270 lbs
  2. Nate Solder-Colorado-6’8/315 lbs
  3. Derek Sherrod-Mississippi State-6’6/305 lbs
  4. DeMarcus Lane-Arkansas-6’5/315 lbs
  5. Gabe Carimi-Wisconsin-6’7/325 lbs
  6. Matt Reynolds-BYU-6’6/322 lbs (Junior)
  7. Jason Pinkston-Pittsburgh-6’3/310 lbs


In a thin year for tackles, Solder is solid as the second best available, although he is a project.


Offensive Guard/Center

  1. Rodney Hudson-Florida State-6’2/280 lbs *Center/Guard
  2. Mike Pouncey-Florida-6’5/310 lbs *Center
  3. Clint Boling-Georgia-6’5/320 lbs *Guard
  4. Orlando Franklin-Miami-6’6/320 lbs *Guard
  5. Andrew Jackson-Fresno State-6’5/288 lbs *Guard
  6. Ben Ijalana-Villanova-6’4/320 lbs- *Guard/Tackle
  7. Stefan Wisniewski-Penn State-6’3/312 lbs *Guard/Center


Mike is following in his 1st round brother's footsteps as a versatile lineman able to play anywhere inside.


Defensive End

  1. Adrian Clayborn-Iowa-6’3/280 lbs
  2. Cameron Hayward-Ohio State-6’4/280 lbs
  3. Robert Quinn-North Carolina-6’3/280 lbs (Junior)
  4. Ryan Kerrigan-Purdue-6’4/260 lbs
  5. Allen Bailey-Miami-6’6/288 lbs
  6. Da’Quan Bowers-Clemson-6’4/280 lbs (Junior)
  7. J.J. Watt-Wisconsin-6’6/295 lbs (Junior)


Quinn has top overall pick talent, but character concerns could slide him down most boards.


Defensive Tackle

  1. Marcell Dareus-Alabama-6’3/303 lbs (Junior)
  2. Stephen Paea-Oregon State-6’1/285 lbs
  3. Jared Crick-Nebraska-6’6/285 lbs (Junior)
  4. Marvin Austin-North Carolina-6’3/305 lbs
  5. Nick Fairley-Auburn-6’4/300 lbs (Junior)
  6. Jurrell Casey-USC-6’5/288 lbs (Junior)
  7. Drake Nevis-LSU-6’2/285 lbs


A dream for the 3-4 scheme, Dareus is a 300 pounder that is as comfortable at tackle as he is at end.


Inside Linebacker

  1. Quan Sturdivant-North Carolina-6’2/227 lbs
  2. Don’t’a Hightower-Alabama-6’4/260 lbs (Sophomore)
  3. Greg Jones-Michigan State-6’0/235 lbs
  4. Kelvin Sheppard-LSU-6’2/244 lbs
  5. Nate Irving-North Carolina State-6’1/235 lbs
  6. Ross Homan-Ohio State-6’0/232 lbs
  7. Chris Galippo-USC-6’2/ 250 lbs (Junior)


A tackling machine, Jones has added size but kept all his speed this season.


Outside Linebacker

  1. Bruce Carter-North Carolina-6’3/230 lbs
  2. Akeem Ayers-UCLA-6’4/250 lbs (Junior)
  3. Von Miller-Texas A&M-6’3/240 lbs
  4. Travis Lewis-Oklahoma-6’2/230 lbs (Junior)
  5. Jeremy Beal-Oklahoma-6’3/260 lbs
  6. Mark Herzlich-Boston College-6’4/245 lbs
  7. Dontay Mach-Nevada-6’1/236 lbs


A tremendous playmaker, Ayers could move way up draft boards by Draft time.



  1. Patrick Peterson-LSU-6’1/22 2 lbs (Junior)
  2. Prince Amukamara-Nebraska-6’1/200 lbs
  3. Ras-I Dowling-Virginia-6’2/200 lbs
  4. Janoris Jenkins-Florida-5’11/190 lbs (Junior)
  5. Brandon Harris-Miami-5’11/190 lbs (Junior)
  6. Aaron Williams-Texas-6’1/192 lbs (Junior)
  7. Jimmy Smith-Colorado-6’2/205 lbs


Great combo of size and speed, Peterson can match up with any assignment.



  1. Rahim Moore-UCLA-6’1/195 lbs (Junior)
  2. DeAndre McDaniel-Clemson-6’1/210 lbs
  3. Quinton Carter-Oklahoma-6’1/200 lbs
  4. Deunta Williams-North Carolina-6’2/210 lbs
  5. Mark Barron-Alabama-6’2/210 lbs (Junior)
  6. Robert Sands-West Virginia-6’5/221 (Junior)
  7. Ahmad Black-Florida-5’9/190 lbs


McDaniel can play either safety position and can be a potential Week 1 starter in 2011.


Who do you like so far? Who’s missing? Who would you like to see on your team? Let me know and let’s hash out who’s gonna rise and fall by the time Roger Goodell takes to the podium in the spring.



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